Mizimu Grove is located in the Pride Lands, and is the location of the yearly Kupatana celebration. It is also where the Savannah Summit happens.


Mizimu Grove is a grove of baobab trees. The trees are wide-spaced, and are parted to create a wide path between them. At one end of the grove, there is a large, sloping rock.


The Kupatana Celebration

In the beginning of the episode, animals are shown practicing the song Our Kupatana Community in Mizimu Grove. Later on, Dogo is brought to Mizimu Grove after being saved by the Lion Guard. When Reirei sings Jackal Style, she looks at Mizimu Grove from a cliff.
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Gathering together

At the Kupatana event, everything starts off wonderfully, with a team of animals singing as the other animals of the Pride Lands gather in the center of the grove. Towards the end of their song, Bunga asks Ono if Dogo and his family came, and Ono replies that he can't see them. Fuli tells them to be quiet as the event starts, and Simba takes the stage, reminding them why they're gathered together, as well as to watch the Baobab fruit blossom. Rafiki shows that the time has come, and the animals watch with awe as the event begins. Nearby, Reirei and Goigoi watch, with Reirei's emotions hitting their peak. Although her mate questions it, it turns out she's happy over all the food choices. They disappear and, just as Simba announces the celebrations beginning, the jackal family arrive, making a racket and attacking the animals. Simba asks what's going on, and Kion admits that he's to blame. He calls for the other animals to help him and the Lion Guard, and Simba backs his son up, asking everyone to unite.

Kion joins the Guard, and Ono immediately scouts out Goigoi behind the elephants. Fuli corners him, and Goigoi winds up hitting his face on a tree as he tries to escape. Ono calls for Beshte next, where the jackal pups are around the giraffes. As the pups run into him, Beshte uses his snout to catapult them in a neat pile, whilst the other animals glare down at them.
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Working together

Kion is searching for Reirei, whilst Bunga grabs Dogo by the tail. Kion soon finds Reirei, who has grabbed a hyrax with the intention of eating it quickly. Kion pushes her aside, causing her to drop her meal, though soon feigns innocence, pretending she has no idea what's caused his upset. This time, Kion is aware that she is lying, and tells her and her family to leave. She begs for another chance, but Simba approaches and backs his son up, telling her to leave. She begins to plea with Simba, who lets loose a loud roar. Reirei orders her family to return to the Outlands, and they scatter away.

Kion apologizes to his father, but it turns out that Simba is very understanding of the mistake, especially since he did it in the spirit of Kupatana. Kion laments about the celebration being over, though Bunga disagrees. Normally, the animals only got to view the fruit, but the commotion caused all of the fruit to drop. Bunga is enjoying eating them, and even Ono starts munching away. Soon, all the animals are eating the fallen fruits. Simba is happy with the outcome, and father and son wish each other a Happy Kupatana as the animals feast.

Bunga and the King

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Hakuna Matata!

Ma Tembo's Herd perform their rainy season concert here, with Nala and Kiara watching with joy. After they finish, Nala applauds them, apologizing that Simba was not able to attend. Shortly after, Simba makes his presence known, with the Lion Guard, Timon and Pumbaa all joining him. He apologizes for missing the concert, and, along with his family, sings a song to the elephants which means a lot to them - Hakuna Matata.

The Imaginary Okapi

As Beshte offers Ajabu a tour of the Pride Lands they pass by Mizimu Grove, where a troop of monkeys are beating on baobabs to create music.

Never Roar Again

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Kion speaks with Nala

When Kion nearly endangers his mother's life by using the Roar of the Elders in anger by mistake, he approaches her after being given advice by Mufasa. He explains why he did what he did and asks for her forgiveness in Mizimu Grove, but she is adamant that there's nothing to forgive since he saved her life. Kion is still worried about becoming like Scar, but Nala tells him that the Roar is a part of who he is, and that she knows he won't. Just then, Ono arrives wearing a 'Bunga Original' headpiece. Kion questions it, but Ono informs him of something much more dangerous. Makuu has taken over The Flood Plains, and he, Kion and Nala rush off to sort out the problem.

The Savannah Summit

Simba and Zazu gather the animal leaders together for a summit in Mizimu Grove.

Ono and the Egg

Ono flies over Mizimu Grove whilst patrolling the Pride Lands.


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