That day at Misty Falls? I fell out of the sky. There's no Hadithi Spin. There never was.

Hadithi to Ono, Ono's Idol

Misty Falls is a location in The Lion Guard. It is the place where the legendary eagle, Hadithi, was said to have first used his Hadithi Spin against ten hungry crocodiles.


Misty Falls is a waterfall, though only the top portion has ever been seen via a flashback during Hadithi the Hero. There are large rocks of various sizes jutting out of the water, and a tall, rocky cliff either side.


Ono's Idol

When Hadithi comes to the Pride Lands, he tells everyone of his daring "Hadithi Spin" move against ten hungry crocodiles. Later, after seeing how selfless Ono is, he confesses to him that the day he performed the "Hadithi Spin" in Misty Falls wasn't entirely accurate. He actually fell through the sky, and there was no Hadithi Spin to begin with.


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