This page lists all notable mistakes in The Lion Guard episodes.

You are currently viewing mistakes from Season 2. To view mistakes for Season 1, please click here.

Babysitter Bunga

Image Description
When Ono goes to investigate the jackal claim, his Mark of the Guard appears on the underside of his wing instead of the front.
Babysitter-bunga (61)
As Kion runs to save the zebra herd, his underbelly lacks the cream color.
Babysitter-bunga (203)
When practicing in the Lair, Beshte is shown with a notch in his right ear.
Before Beshte rolls past them, Kion's Mark of the Guard briefly vanishes and his whiskers disappeared. 
As egrets fly over the relaxing mothers, Young Rhino's Mother's model is mistakenly placed on top of one egret's.
Babysitter-bunga (518)
When leaving Goigoi, Beshte's Mark of the Guard is seen on his right shoulder instead of his left shoulder.
Babysitter-bunga (542)
Babysitter-bunga (544)
When Juhudi kicks a jackal away, the next scene shows it as Reirei, even though Reirei is busy holding off Bunga.

The Savannah Summit

Image Description
The-savannah-summit (158)
During Welcome to the Summit, Simba's right foreleg disappears when he moves towards Makuu.
The-savannah-summit (263)
When Kion speaks to Twiga, Bunga's Mark of the Guard is shown on his right shoulder than his left shoulder.
When Kion pins Makuu down after fearing he was attacking Bupu again, his Mark of the Guard appears on the wrong side of his left shoulder.
After he realizes that Makuu is in trouble, Kion's Mark of the Guard is absent when he moves around.
The-savannah-summit (509)
When the Guard laughs at Fuli's joke, Bunga's Mark of the Guard is missing.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Image Description
The-traveling-baboon-show (48)
The-traveling-baboon-show (69)
During The Traveling Baboon Show, Twiga switches out for another giraffe for the majority of the show.

Similarly, Bupu is switched out for another sable antelope for the majority of the show.

The-traveling-baboon-show (76)
The-traveling-baboon-show (92)
The-traveling-baboon-show (104)
During The Traveling Baboon Show, Thurston is briefly switched out for another zebra during a close up with Ma Tembo.
Right after the song, Uroho's right leg merges through the vine he's hanging from.
The-traveling-baboon-show (220)
The-traveling-baboon-show (221)
After the Guard hear a cry for help from Ma Tembo, they race off towards them. When Fuli rushes past Beshte, his Mark of the Guard disappears.
The-traveling-baboon-show (331)
The-traveling-baboon-show (332)
When Ono flies in to inform the Guard who the thieves are, the Lion Guard stand next to a sable antelope. In the next scene, they are standing next to a zebra.
The-traveling-baboon-show (331)
The-traveling-baboon-show (364)
The-traveling-baboon-show (373)
During the second show, there are no buffaloes in the audience. Vuruga Vuruga appears in one close up, but when the full shot is shown again, there aren't any buffaloes anywhere.

Ono and the Egg

Image Description
Ono-and-the-egg (197)
When Kion speaks with the hare, the brown border of his ear is missing.
When Kion pops out of the mud, his Mark of the Guard is on the underside of his left forearm.
Ono-and-the-egg (306)
After the storm, Beshte is shown with a notch in his right ear.
When Mwoga tells Mpishi that he prefers carrion, part of his neck becomes detached for a short while.
Just before Ona hears her mother and takes off after her, a small light gray dot appears on Ona's left wing.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Image Description
When saving the hares, Beshte has a notch in his right ear. In addition, in the same scene, one of the hares has a black dot on its backside.
After helping out the giraffe, Beshte is seen with a notch in his left ear.
When the Guard orders the hyenas to leave, one of Fuli's eyes turns pure black.
The-rise-of-scar (132)
When Beshte runs into the hyenas, his Mark of the Guard is on the wrong side. In addition, Janja's ear notch is placed on the opposite ear.
When Simba walks up a hill during The Path of Honor, his front right foot and back right foot merge through the ground.
After Bunga suggests roaring at the hyenas, Beshte's underbelly coloring is placed too low on his face. As he moves his head, the coloring of the light gray moves higher up on his face.
The-rise-of-scar (1126)
After Kion roars, his Mark of the Guard is missing.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Image Description
Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (60)
When Kion steps in to defend Ono from Kiburi, his Mark of the Guard appears on the inside of his limb instead of the front of the front of hist shoulder.
When fighting against Kiburi, Kion's Mark of the Guard overlaps his ear breifly.
When the Lion Guard leaves Pride Rock to take care of the crocodile problem, not only is Ono missing his Mark of the Guard, but an additional Mark appears on the underside of Kion's right forearm.
Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (210)
Some of Kiburi's teeth are missing at one point while arguing with Makuu.
Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (271)
Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (402)
When Mashindano starts, one buffalo disappears, then reappears in front of the herd.

When Simba banished Kiburi and his followers, one of the Crocodile's tooth though on his upper jaw.

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (403)
Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (440)
When Hyrax runs, he appears behind the female hyrax instead of in front of her. In addition to this, their leaves vanish.

During I Have A Plan since Kiburi's eyes has a long eyelashes.

Swept Away

Image Description
Swept-away (68)
When Kion orders the Lion Guard to help the zebras, he lacks the brown border on his ears. Additionally, Kion's mane isn't wet although the rest of his fur is during the rainstorm.
Swept-away (100)
As Beshte is swept down the river, a notch appears in his right ear.
Swept-away (113)
When Beshte starts to walk back through the riverbed, his Mark of the Guard is on the wrong shoulder.
Swept-away (115)
In the next scene, Kion's Mark of the Guard is also on the wrong shoulder.
During Look on the Bright Side, Beshte has a dark gray marking over and under one of his eyes. A little later, another dark grey marking appears on his snout.
When Kion leads the Guard away to save Beshte, his Mark of the Guard and whiskers both disappear.
Swept-away (558)
When Bunga pats Beshte's back, not only is Ono's Mark on the wrong wing, but Beshte's toes are extended to the ground.
Swept-away (562)
When Beshte leaps into the mud, an extra row of toes appears under his feet.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Image Description
When Ono flies up to see the damage done by the fire, his Mark of the Guard appears under his left wing.
Rafikis-new-neighbors (35)
When the Lion Guard rush to stop Thurston's herd from stampeding, Beshte is shown with a notch in his right ear.
When leaving Zito and the other animals, Kion's Mark appears under his left forelimb.
When Ono swoops down to stop the fire, his Mark of the Guard is missing.

Rescue in the Outlands

Image Description
As Janja blows Kion away during The Worst Hyena We Know, his Mark of the Guard disappears briefly.
When Jasiri tries to calm Tunu and Wema, her mouth opens but her chin extends instead.
Rescue-in-the-outlands (386)
When Beshte ventures further into the Outlands, a notch appears in his right ear.
After Kion pushes Janja away from him, an additional Mark of the Guard appears under his other forelimb.

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