The Lion Guard Mega Colouring is a coloring and story book inspired by The Lion Guard.[1] It contains a condensed version of The Rise of Makuu.

Author's Description

This is the ultimate colouring book for the ultimate Disney Junior The Lion Guard fan! Join Kion, Bunga and the rest of The Lion Guard in tons of pages of Mega Colouring! Grab your favourite colouring pencils and add colour to every page, and bring their adventures to life!


The Rise of Makuu

Bunga needs a bath, so he is taken to Big Springs. He jumps in along with Beshte, but soon, Pua's Float arrive and ask Beshte's father, Basi, if the fish are ready. Basi tells Pua to wait, but another crocodile, Makuu, becomes angry and challenges Pua to a fight, to which he agrees.

Kion speaks with his father, Simba and his mother, Nala. He believes Makuu to be nothing more than a bully. Meanwhile, Ono still beleives Bunga to be smelly, and tries to freshen him up. His efforts instead attract a series of insects. Shortly after, the fight takes place, and Makuu wins. Simba congratulates him on his victory.

Kiara approaches the Guard and explains that something strange is going on. They find out that Makuu has pushed the hippos out of Big Springs, and all of the animals shift around as a result. Kion tries to reason with Makuu, but does not wish to fight him in fear that he will be like Scar. Kion returns to Pride Rock, only to find it overrun with baboons. He asks for help from his grandfather, Mufasa, who gives him the advice to stand his ground.

Kion returns and, when Makuu still won't listen, he uses the Roar of the Elders to demonstrate his power. Makuu then leaves, fearful of his strength.


  • When Kiara tells her brother of the problem, her appearance is that of Tiifu's.

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