Mbali Fields. That's where the zebras and gazelles can find their grass.

Simba, The Mbali Fields Migration

Mbali Fields is a grassy field located at the edge of the Pride Lands. It is first seen in The Mbali Fields Migration and is the home of Swala's Herd and Muhimu's Herd.


The Mbali Fields is an area of land mostly covered with lush green grass, with patches of soil and tussocks dotting the landscape. The land is strewn with pale gray-brown boulders and trees.


The Mbali Fields Migration

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Simba reveals the fields

When the zebras and gazelles outgrow their grazing grounds, Kion turns to his father, Simba, hoping that he will have a solution. The King points out the Mbali Fields to his son and tells them that Mbali Fields is where the zebras and gazelles can find their grass.

Bunga races back to the small patch of grass, announcing to the herds that the Lion Guard will be taking them across the Pride Lands to a new grazing ground, Mbali Fields. After a minor confrontation with Muhimu, Kion leads a migration to the Mbali Fields, after asking Ono to scout out a route for them.

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The herds' new grounds

However, upon seeing the new grazing grounds at the top of Rocky Ridge, Muhimu becomes over excited and starts a stampede through a canyon, which ultimately results in their path becoming blocked. Ono is able to locate another path to Mbali Fields, though caution is required since it involves trespassing into the Outlands. Along the way, Muhimu enters labor, causing Fuli, Ono and Beshte to continue with the bulk of the herds while Bunga, Kion, Swala and some zebras wait with Muhimu.

Later, they finally arrive at Mbali Fields, with a new addition, Hamu, joining the herds.

The Imaginary Okapi

As Beshte gives Ajabu a tour of the Pride Lands, he points out Mbali Fields through Embaba Canyon.



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