The Mashindano is a traditional tournament that takes place in the Pride Lands between two crocodiles. It is used to determine the rightful leader of the crocodile float.


Two crocodiles fight in order to determine the leader, whilst many other animals watch as spectators. Once a crocodile has 'tapped out', they are the loser, and the winner of the tournament becomes the new leader of the crocodiles, whilst the former leader is banished from the float. Per tradition the event is always held in Lake Matope.


The Rise of Makuu

Tired of Pua always bowing down to Basi and the Circle of Life concept, Makuu challenges his leader to a Mashindano. Whilst hesitant at first, Pua chooses not to resignate and instead accepts his proposal, declaring that it will take place at Lake Matope per tradition.

Mashindano (31)

Makuu and Pua battle

That evening, many animals from the Pride Lands gather to watch the Mashindano. Makuu and Pua exchange words, with Makuu's cockiness showing. The battle begins, and, after a while, Pua taps out, leaving Makuu as the winner. Simba congratulates Makuu on his win, telling him that he has 'thick skin to fill'. He then walks over to Pua, and thanks him for his service. After thanking the King for his kind words, Pua leaves, only for Makuu to taunt him as he makes his exit. Kion worries about the win, concerned over the effect it might have in the Pride Lands.


  • Mashindano is the Swahili word for 'competition'.
    • As such, the Mashindano ritual is seen as a spectator sport among the other animals of the Pride Lands.

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