Please. I don't like high places.

–Male Oryx, Bunga the Wise

Male Oryx is an oryx who lives in the Pride Lands. He appears in "Bunga the Wise".


Male Oryx bears the typical resemblance to an Oryx in the show. He has brown fur and ears, with brown tips at the bottom of his legs. His underbelly is white, as is his muzzle and the lower part of his legs. He has black markings on his face, which also run along his back and extend underneath his chin. The black markings continue along the rim of his underbelly to the top of his legs. His inner ears are grey with dark brown markings. He has a black nose and brown eyes. Finally, he has two long, thin grey-brown horns. 


Oryx is a friendly, albeit gullible antelope. He is quite easily worried, though is quick to express his gratitude when saved.


Bunga the Wise

Bunga-the-wise-hd (311)


When Bunga is told by Rafiki of how he is the smartest animal in all of the Pride Lands, he sets up an advice booth in Hakuna Matata Falls. Oryx hears that the best way for him to get back to his herd on the other side of the canyon was to jump across. But when he attempts it, he winds up falling just underneath on a narrow ledge. The Lion Guard arrive and Ono swoops down to him while Kion and Fuli grab an antler each. Ono assures them that they hardly ever drop anyone, which causes Oryx some discomfort. Despite his fears, the Guard successful bring him back to higher ground. When asked what he was doing, Oryx explains his plans to them. When asked if Bunga was behind the advice, he confirms it. He then watches the Lion Guard leave to speak with the honey badger himself.



  • Male Oryx uses the basic oryx model and as such is frequently reused in the series, and he can appear multiple times in one image.
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