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Hey! Our flowers!

–Male Bushbuck, Bunga the Wise

Male Bushbuck is a bushbuck who lives in the Pride Lands. He appears in "Bunga the Wise".


Male Bushbuck bears the resemblance of a typical Bushbuck in the series. He has a light brown coat with a grey-brown hair on the back of his neck and back. Along his back are white stripes, and his body has several other white markings and spots. Under his tail is also white, as is his underbelly. Near the end of his legs is a faded black marking, and a faded white marking just before his black hooves. He has a black nose and a dark grey pattern goes along his muzzle. Two white spots are present at the side of this. His eyes are black and his inner ears are pink. He also has two long grey horns.


Male Bushbuck is very firm, yet gullible as he believes anything that he hears. He is quick to disbelieve the rest of the Lion Guard, having heard that Bunga is the smartest animal.


Bunga the Wise

Bunga-the-wise-hd (302)

Eating the flowers

When Bunga is told by Rafiki of how he is the smartest animal in all of the Pride Lands, he sets up an advice booth in Hakuna Matata Falls. When Male Bushbuck and his herd hear that the pink flowers are the tastiest, they locate a patch for themselves. But before they can tuck in, Beshte arrives and stomps them flat. Kion then explains that they are poisonous, to which the Male Bushbuck explains how Bunga the Wise told them that they were the tastiest, and that he's the smartest animal there is.
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