Can't Wait to be Queen

"And now, His Majesty the King will say a few words about my father."

"It's true. He always did have poop on him. And it always made us laugh. He always made us laugh. It's nice to remember the good times. Thank you, Your Highness."

"He did. He truly had good on him. But more poop."

The Kupatana Celebration

"Happy Kupatana, Beshte!"

Bunga and the King

"Thank you, thank you. We're so glad to have all of you here to take part in our tradition. We're especially honored to have members of the royal family in attendance."

"Animals plan, and the savannah laughs."

"Your Majesty. Kion. And, uh. . .?

"We would be honored to hear your song, Your Majesty."

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