Till the Pride Lands End, Lion Guard Defend!

–The Lion Guard's catchphrase

The Lion Guard is a group of animals who defend the Circle of Life, and protect the Pride Lands.



The Lion Guard is the team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life.

Kion, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

The Lion Guard is the team tasked with the job of defending the Pride Lands from danger, traditionally led by the second-born cub of the monarch. The leader of the Guard is bestowed with the Roar of the Elders, which helps them in battle. Each member is bestowed a marking upon their shoulder in the shape of a lion's head. This marking may be different colors, and the color seemingly depends on the fur, skin, or feather color of the animal with the mark.

The-legend-of-scar (85)

Scar destroys his Guard with the Roar


The Lion Guard is a tradition within the Pride Lands, especially for the second born child of the reigning monarchy. Scar led the Lion Guard before Kion, but he was irresponsible with his duties and abused his powers, using the Roar of the Elders to destroy the other members of the Guard. However, very little has been revealed of past Lion Guard's.

In "Paintings and Predictions", Rafiki shows a painting of Nala's Father being saved by the Lion Guard of his time.

In "The Ancient Outpost", Rafiki reveals that the past Lion Guards used an old shelter as a lookout point for observing the Pride Lands.

In "The Ukumbusho Tradition", it revealed that a male lion named Askari was the leader of the first Lion Guard and made peace between the lions and elephants.

Kion's Lion Guard

Image Name Role
Kion The Fiercest (leader)
Bunga The Bravest
Fuli The Fastest
Beshte The Strongest
Ono The Keenest of Sight
Simba Reserve

Scar's Lion Guard

Image Name Role
Scar The Fiercest (leader)
 ???? The Keenest of Sight
 ???? The Bravest
 ???? The Fastest
 ???? The Strongest

Askari's Lion Guard

Name Role
Askari The Fiercest (leader)
 ???? The Keenest of Sight
 ???? The Bravest
 ???? The Fastest
 ???? The Strongest


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Returnoftheroar-0 (202)

Kion roars

When Janja's minions Cheezi and Chungu threaten to kill Bunga, Kion steps in, roaring so loudly that the hyenas drop Bunga, who climbs to safety. Rafiki and Simba overhear Kion's roar, and the two come to realize that it is time for him to lead the Lion Guard. When Bunga and Kion return to Pride Rock, Rafiki leads them to The Lair of the Lion Guard, where he explains that Scar used to lead the Lion Guard until he lost his powers. Simba then tasks Kion with gathering a new Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands.

Bunga and Kion set out right away, and Kion asks the honey badger if he will join the team. Bunga accepts, and his adopted uncles, Timon and Pumbaa, offer him enthusiastic congratulations. Unbeknownst to the friends, they are being spied on by Mzingo, a vulture minion of Janja's, who reports back to his leader about the newly formed Guard. When Janja hears the news, he announces to the clan that they will strike that very night.

Lion-guard-assemble (32)

Kion assembles his team

On the other side of the savanna, Kion has appointed Beshte, Fuli, and Ono to positions on the Guard. He gathers the team together and attempts to show them his Roar, but all that comes out is a squeak. Just then, Simba arrives and reacts in horror to Kion's choice of teammates. He insists that the Guard must be made of lions and then berates Kion for treating his role as leader like a game.

Wanting to be alone, Kion isolates himself from his friends, where he encounters the ghost of his grandfather Mufasa. The wise king tells Kion to trust his instincts and promises that he will always be there to guide him. No sooner has he faded from the sky when Kion hears Bunga calling for him, shouting that the hyenas are attacking a herd of gazelles. With no time to lose, Kion assembles the Lion Guard, using his paw to gift them each with a special shoulder marking.

The-final-battle (172)

The Guard is victorious

Together, the five friends attack the hyenas, driving them back into the Outlands. Kion finishes the fight with the powerful Roar of the Elders, and even Janja flees in terror. Simba, Nala, and Rafiki watch from a nearby ridge and realizes that his son was wise to have chosen who he chose. He congratulates his son on the victory and accepts this new, brilliant assembling of loyal animals.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

The Lion Guard becomes separated when Kion is swept into the Outlands. With the help of Mbeya the rhino and Jasiri the hyena, the Guard is able to reunite with their leader at Flat Ridge Rock, with Kion learning along the way that he and Jasiri are not as different as he initially believed. Though they are at first distrustful of the hyena, Kion convinces them that not all hyenas are bad.

The Rise of Makuu

When a new crocodile leader, Makuu, begins to cause trouble in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard uses a demonstration of the Roar of the Elders to show Makuu what he's up against if he chooses to fight them.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (421)

The Lion Guard sans Ono, trapped in a canyon

Bunga the Wise

The bravest member of the Guard, Bunga, begins giving bad advice to Pridelanders. The rest of the Lion Guard helps the animals he administered the bad advice to. They later protect the Pridelanders from the flooding waters of Lake Kaziwa.

Can't Wait to be Queen

When Kiara becomes queen of the Pride Lands, she agrees to meet Janja in the Outlands for a "peace meeting". The Lion Guard saves her from the attacking hyenas after the meeting turns out to be a trap.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (414)

The Guard admires Rafiki's painting

Ono, the keenest of sight in the Guard, temporarily loses the sight from one of his eyes. Despite his injury, he goes to help the rest of the Lion Guard stop Janja from attacking the zebras. At the end of the episode, Rafiki completes his painting of the Guard, and they all admire it.

The Kupatana Celebration

Kion accidentally allows a family of jackals at Kupatana. The Lion Guard drives these attackers away so that the Pridelanders can celebrate Kupatana.

Fuli's New Family

Fulisnewfamily-p2 (210)

Group hug!

The Lion Guard begins to question how good of friends they are to their fastest member, Fuli. They make an effort to include her more, but end up failing to please her. They eventually rescue her and Bunga from the Outlands, and she says that while she prefers to hunt alone, she considers them her family. They then get together in a big group hug.

The Search for Utamu

Fuli overexerts herself when she tries to use her speed too much, leaving her as easy prey for Mzingo's Committee. The Lion Guard drives the vultures away from their friend.

Follow-that-hippo (11)

"Everybody calm down!"

Follow That Hippo!

After mistaking some small animals as being hyenas, Beshte invites Mtoto back to train with the Guard. He doesn't do so well, but Beshte encourages him to keep trying. A little bit later, the hyenas are lurking in the Pride Lands, and the Lion Guard is on the lookout. When they chase Beshte and his little elephant friend Mtoto down a river, the Lion Guard arrives in time to stop them.

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (114)

Drongo Discovery

The Call of the Drongo

The Lion Guard is called by some animals who believe they have heard Janja, Makuu and Goigoi in the vicinity. They soon learn that it was just a drongo bird named Tamaa imitating their voices, and Kion orders him to stop. However, Tamaa is kidnapped by Janja's Clan, and forced to use it again, this time impersonating the Guard. The Guard soon hear about this, and venture to the Outlands to ward of Janja's Clan and free the impalas that had been lured there. They return to the Pride Lands, and Tamaa agrees not to use his voice for anything other than helping others in the future.

Paintings and Predictions

Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (421)

Trying to 'save' their friend

The Lion Guard comes to the rescue of a young gazelle with his hoof stuck under a rock. They save him successfully and retire to the Lair.

Later, they are alerted to herd of stampeding zebras, and manage to save them from a rock that is about to fall on them. Having seen one of Rafiki's paintings depicting the same sequence of events, Bunga believes that the paintings tell the future. Upon seeing a painting of Kion falling from a tree, Bunga becomes concerned for his friend. However, Kion doesn't believe him, and the Guard soon must go to help the zebras again, as they are being attacked by the hyenas. They successfully drive the hyenas out of the Pride Lands, but three zebras are missing. The Guard travels to Maji Baridi Falls to find the zebras, and along the way, Bunga enlists the rest of the Guard to help him protect Kion. When the Guard reaches the zebras, a rolling boulder causes the zebras to panic and run into a river, headed straight for the Falls. However, Kion is able to use his roar to save them. The group returns to their lair, where Rafiki reveals that his paintings tell the past, not the future.

The Mbali Fields Migration

The-mbali-fields-migration (162)

Journeying to Mbali Fields

The Lion Guard is tasked with guiding Muhimu's Herd and Swala's Herd to the Mbali Fields. They guide the animals along during the song Trail to Hope, but later on there is trouble when the zebras start to stampede. The gazelles follow them, and the Lion Guard tries to stop the running animals. Before they are successful, large rocks fall and block the path the Mbali Fields. Ono scouts out a new path, but it cuts through the Outlands. Kion is unhappy about this development, but accepts it.

Shortly after, a storm begins, which leads to a flash flood. The Guard works together to help the zebras and gazelles to safety. However, shortly after the animals begin making derogatory remarks about Kion's leadership. After receiving advice from Mufasa, Kion talks to the herds and receives support from Muhimu. They enter the Outlands, but before they arrive at Mbali Fields, Muhimu announces she is having a baby.

The-mbali-fields-migration (479)

"We even added one."

The Guard splits up, with Ono, Beshte, and Fuli leading the herds to Mbali Fields while Kion and Bunga stay with Muhimu, Swala, and some other zebras and gazelles. Soon, Muhimu gives birth, to the awe of Kion and Bunga. However, Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu hear Muhimu's Son neighing and attack. The Lion Guard, with some help from the herd animals, fight them off. They catch up to the others at Mbali Fields, and Ono declares that the migration was a success.

Bunga and the King

Bunga-and-the-king (64)

Helping out

The Lion Guard helps out a group of sable antelopes who are stuck in the mud near Chekundu Cliffs. As they work, they hear a loud crash, and Ono reports that Simba fell into a sinkhole. He and Kion go to check things out, and once the rest of the Guard is finished freeing the antelopes, they go after their friends, and Bunga dives into the sinkhole.

The Guard first attempts to rescue Simba and Bunga by pushing a log into the sinkhole for the pair of them to use to climb out. However, the log shatters upon hitting the ground, and the plan fails, so the Lion Guard arranges to meet up with Simba and Bunga in Nandembo Caverns. This plan is successful, and Simba and the Guard join Nala and Kiara, who are attending a concert performed by Ma Tembo's Herd. Though they are too late to hear the elephants' songs, they perform "Hakuna Matata" for the herd.

The Imaginary Okapi

The-imaginary-okapi (163)

The Guard confronts Makucha

The Lion Guard practice their tracking skills with a game of hide-and-seek, but the game gets cut short when Fuli notices some leopard tracks. The Lion Guard (minus Beshte) find the leopard, named Makucha, but he manages to escape. The Lion Guard soon discover that Beshte's new friend (which Bunga and Ono believe to be imaginary) is actually an okapi named Ajabu.

The Lion Guard vow to keep Beshte's new friend safe, and do so by eventually scaring Makucha away. Afterwards, they bring Ajabu to Simba and Nala, where he is granted their blessing to stay in the Pride Lands.

Too Many Termites

Too-many-termites (101)

Trying to help the bats

The Lion Guard are on a night patrol, when Muhanga and Muhangus call them over to deal with some hyenas. After Kion uses his roar to throw them out of the Pride Lands, it is later revealed that Kion actually sent the aardwolves away by mistake. When they rush to the aid of the Mekundu Bats, who are sleeping in a falling tree, they realize that there are too many termites in the Pride Lands.

Too-many-termites (180)

The Guard travels through the Outlands

The Lion Guard travel to the Outlands, where the pack of aardwolves flee from them in fear. They soon notice one aardwolf, Mjomba, running towards the edge of a cliff and Bunga manages to save him. They explain that it was a mistake, and manage to persuade Mjomba over by mentioning a termite problem that has taken over the Pride Lands.

Too-many-termites (499)

Entering the den

They find the rest of the aardwolves in a den, and Kion asks Mjomba to enter and persuade the rest of the aardwolves to return home. Inside, Reirei and Goigoi are planning to eat the pack, and seal up the den with a large boulder when Mjomba enters and the aardwolves are ready to go home. Beshte knocks down the boulder and the Guard are able to seal Reirei and Goigoi back in their own den next door, before leading the aardwolves home.

Back home, the Lion Guard attempt to cheer up an upset Bunga. It only succeeds when Ono arrives to dump off a selection of termites which were a thank you gift from the aardwolves.

The Trouble With Galagos

The-trouble-with-galagos (255)

Intimidating Mapigano

The Lion Guard are called to the galagos' tree after helping out a giraffe named Shingo, where a leopard named Badili is sleeping. They force him back to his home in Mirihi Forest situated in the Back Lands, only to discover that he was bullied out of his home. They stand up for him and the offending leopard, Mapigano, flees, leaving Badili alone.

The-trouble-with-galagos (395)

Badili's training is complete

They continue their patrol, but are soon informed of Badili's return. He explains that Mapigano came back and kicked him out again, and this time the Lion Guard decide to teach Badili to stand up for himself. After some extensive training, Badili returns to the tree with the Lion Guard watching nearby. Although he falters, Badili ultimately scares Mapigano away. He expresses his gratitude to the Lion Guard, who are able to return home.

Janja's New Crew

Janjas-new-crew (6)

Patrolling the muddy Pride Lands

The Lion Guard is patrolling the Pride Lands after a rainstorm in order to make sure that all of the trails are safe to use. They find some hyenas sneaking around and are quick to send them back to the Outlands. As they continue on their way, a mudslide ravages the trail they are traveling on, and Kion realizes that they must clear it. They split up, with Bunga and Ono keeping animals off of the trail as Beshte, Kion, and Fuli move the debris. The duo are mostly successful, though Thurston gets by them and falls into the mud.

Janjas-new-crew (456)

Kion roars to drive off Nne and Tano

Soon, Ono sights two animals caught in another mudslide. The Guard saves them, only to discover them to be Cheezi and Chungu. After much talk, they allow the hyenas to stay in the Pride Lands. However, Kion soon comes to regret this when the Guard rushes to halt a stampeding antelope herd, believing the pair of them to be the cause. However, the Guard finds them sleeping peacefully. They hear Janja's voice and locate him stuck on a ledge, where he reports that the stampede was Nne and Tano's fault, and that they are currently going after some oryxes. The Lion Guard arrives in time and stops the two hyenas before returning and ensuring that Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu make their way back to the Outlands.


Baboons (49)

Saving the baby

The Lion Guard is out on patrol. Ono sees Mzingo and his vultures chasing Baby Baboon, and they interfere, driving the vultures away. A small rapid sweeps the little baboon into the river, so Fuli rushes by the side of the river and lifts the infant out. With the baboon safe, the only thing left to do is to return him home. The rest of the Guard catches up and finds Kiara stranded on an island with her friends. Kion resolutely resolves to save her.

Baboons (113)

Splitting up

With the baboon safe, the only thing left to do is to return him home. Kion believes that Baby Baboon belongs to the baboon troop in Nyani Grove and assigns Fuli the task of getting him. She reluctantly agrees too, and sets off with Baby Baboon on her back. She discovers that Baby Baboon is actually from Mapango Cliffs, and must return him there. Back by the island, the Guard debates how to save Kiara. Kion decides to create a bridge, dismissing Bunga's suggestion to use the Roar of the Elders. Meanwhile, Fuli travels with Baby Baboon. After losing him briefly and finding him again, she sings " Baboons!" to express her frustration, and they continue on their way.</p>

Baboons (493)


Acting on Kion's plan, Beshte pushes a tree into the water, but it is swept away. Kiara tries her own plan, but it, too, fails, and Ono flies back to Kion to report this. As Fuli makes her journey, she must evade Mzingo's vultures along the way, as the Guard resolves on how to save the princess and her friends. By working together, they are able to build a bridge for the lionesses to cross. Eventually, Fuli reaches the Cliffs. However, the vultures attack, and Fuli must fend them off with Baby Baboon's Troop. She defeats Mzingo and orders his vultures away. He complies, and the troop gathers gratefully around Fuli. She returns to her friends, who are amused by the length of her adventure.

Beware the Zimwi

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (130)

Ready to turn in for the night

The Lion Guard listen to a story about a creature known as The Zimwi before heading off home for the night. Since a group of youngsters are frightened, Kion recommends they sleep together that night, and Beshte suggests that they do the same thing for fun. They agree, and head back to Hakuna Matata Falls. <p>
Beware-the-zimwi-hd (421)


The youngsters wake them up, claiming to have seen the Zimwi. The Lion Guard scour the Pride Lands to find the so-called Zimwi, but wind up finding the Porcupine Brothers there instead, solving the mystery after a long trek. Later, Beshte auditions for The Bellow Fellows and is successful, joining their ranks.

Lions of the Outlands

Lions-of-the-outlands (74)

Ready to race

Jasiri asks for Kion's help in getting her watering hole back after some lions take over it. He ventures there alone, leaving Bunga to tell the rest of the Guard his whereabouts.

After meeting Jasiri's Clan, Kion then meets Zira and her children, Vitani, Nuka and Kovu, but it soon becomes apparent that Zira is not quite as hospitable as she first seems when the pair have a disagreement over how lions should rule the land. She lures Kion to a dead end, and traps him in the area with other lionesses, trying to force Kion into siding with her.

Lions-of-the-outlands (335)

Hearing about the Outsiders

The rest of the Guard watch Ono try to race Fuli, but when Fuli wins multiple times, he gives in. Rafiki asks where Kion is, and Bunga finally remembers to tell them where he is. This worries Rafiki, who explains that they are the Outsiders, a group of lionesses banished from the Pride Lands before any of them were born. They head out to save Kion.
Lions-of-the-outlands (530)

The Guard ward off the Outsiders

They arrive just in time, and, along with Jasiri, quickly defend Kion from the lionesses. When Kion is hesitant to use the Roar having had his mind poisoned by Zira's lies, Bunga reminds him that Scar lost his Roar for using it for evil, not for using it on lions like Zira told him. He remembers, and uses the Roar to blast the Outsiders far away. The Lion Guard then join Jasiri's Clan back in her true home, where she is glad to have the entire Lion Guard as her friends, as are they.

Never Roar Again

Never-roar-again-hd (109)

The Roar strikes back

The Lion Guard drive Janja's clan out of the Pride Lands. Kion congratulates his team and they make their way back. However, Ono is quick to spy Janja's clan trespassing again. Kion has his Guard surround the hyenas, but finds them surrounding his mother Nala. Furiously, he uses the Roar of the Elders to send the hyenas flying back to the Outlands. However, the Roar rebounds, sending the Guard sliding about as they try to hold on. When it's over, Kion is devastated by the amount of destruction he has caused, including the loss of Ono's crest feathers.


Never-roar-again-hd (183)

Trying to cheer up Ono

Back in The Lair of the Lion Guard, Bunga performs "Stand Up, Stand Out" with Fuli and Beshte to convince Ono to be proud of his new difference as Kion muses over paintings of Scar killing his Guard. The group is summoned to help some giraffes whose watering hole has been blocked. Beshte is able to successfully shift the boulders. The Guard then must save a klipspringer who is stuck in a river. They use a log as a bridge, but it shatters under their weight, frightening the klipspringer so that it leaps safely to the other side. <p>
Never-roar-again-hd (541)

Kion takes action

Their work done, Kion seeks advice from his grandfather as Bunga fashions a headdress for Ono and Fuli hears news from Male Mongoose that Makuu has taken over The Flood Plains. She relays this to Beshte, Bunga, and Ono, and Ono leaves to tell Kion as the rest take on the crocodiles. Fuli battles Makuu himself as Beshte and Bunga handle the rest, but they end up surrounded in the water. Kion arrives with Nala, who is pulled into the water by two crocodiles. Kion almost uses the Roar out of anger once more, but instead trusts himself and finds a new way to use it, blasting the crocodiles away but leaving Nala safe. The Guard is impressed and awestruck, and Ono is pleased to discover his missing feathers have started a trend among his flock.

The Lost Gorillas

The-lost-gorillas (68)

Meeting the princes

The Lion Guard help out Zazu, who is trapped in a beehive. After helping him, he tells them that the pangolins have been spraying. Curious, the Lion Guard locate the pangolins and find two gorillas, Hafifu and Majinuni, messing with them. After they get them to drop the pangolins they find out that they are carrying a message for Simba. The Lion Guard escort them back to Pride Rock and it turns out that they have forgotten the all important message, which is actually confirmation of whether or not a peace treaty still stands.

The Lion Guard escort them home, even though the gorillas are reluctant to return since it will mean disappointing their father. They only admit to this once they are saved by Kion and the Guard when a forest

The-lost-gorillas (468)

Meeting King Sokwe

hog tries to attack. When the Lion Guard reach snow they start to play, until Kion slides down the ice. The rest of the Lion Guard are unable to help him when that happens but he is saved by Hafifu and Majinuni. Once home, King Sokwe forgives his children for all of their wrongdoings, since they saved Kion. He then relays the message onto the Lion Guard, who deliver it to Simba by means of a snowball thrown on his head. Simba realises that the peace treaty is still on, and the Lion Guard laugh together as Simba shakes the snow away.

The Trail to Udugu

The-trail-to-udugu (532)

While Kion takes a trip to Udugu, he leaves his father in charge of the Lion Guard. However, Simba's way is very different to Kion's, and he doesn't use each member of the Guard to their fullest when some ostrich eggs are endangered by some mud sliding down a cliff. Although everything works out in the end, the other Lion Guard members are less than impressed with his actions.

The-trail-to-udugu (588)

A bit later, Simba notices a herd of gazelles trying to leap up some loose rocks. Ignoring their easily startled nature, Simba runs towards them with the Lion Guard, causing them to run up the rocks. Simba rushes on ahead of the other members and his tail becomes trapped by one of the falling rocks. When more falling rocks plummet to the ground, he witnesses Fuli save Bunga thanks to Ono's keen eyes, and sees that they do things differently. The gazelles start to stampede towards the ostrich eggs and this time, Simba orders them to do things the way Kion would.

They do as instructed, and Fuli and Ono save the eggs while Bunga and Beshte save Simba. He admits that Kion would be proud, as is he.

Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (76)

At Hadithi's welcome ceremony

Kion and his friends see all the birds in the Pridelands heading somewhere special and when they arrive on the scene the guard discovered that Ono is already there. Ono explains that all the birds are gathering because Hadithi the legendary eagle is returning to the Pride Lands. Later, Ono is appointed as Hadithi's partner for the day, as per the tradition following the Royal Mud Print Ceremony which is being held in Hadithi's honor. While the rest of the Guard create The Traditional Ceremonial Nest, Ono and Hadithi tour the Pride Lands.

However, Hadithi abandons Ono when Janja's Clan sneak up on some klipspringers. Although Hadithi tries to go through with the ceremony, he cannot contain his guilt and leads the Lion Guard to Ono. Together, the Lion Guard defeat the hyenas (particularly thanks to Ono) and return to the Pride Lands to finish the ceremony, which is held in Ono's honor instead of Hadithi.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (71)

Listening to Basi

Beshte, along with his father, help Young Rhino out of the reeds when he gets trapped due to his impatience, then as Kion and the others arrive on the scene Beshte says everything is taken care of. But, just as the hippos were getting back to work, Basi reveals that he was injured while helping Young Rhino. With no other alternative, he passes on the job of making the Hippo Lanes to Beshte while his friends escort Basi to a place to rest. As Beshte was making the Hippo Lanes, Kion and the rest of the Guard find some complications transporting a herd of Sable Antelopes to Flood Plains. Once they finally make it there, Ono discovers something wrong with the lanes and goes to talk to Beshte. When the hippo looks back at work he discovers the lanes aren't straight and true at all, he is greatly upset. <p>
Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (445)

The Guard watch the herd move across

So he tells Ono to go back to Kion and tells them not to let anyone in while Beshte talks to his father as the two hippos admit their mistakes. They make a new hippo lane that everyone can use. Meanwhile, Ono makes it to Kion saying the lanes aren't done, but it's too late as two Sable Antelopes already went in. Kion and Ono venture in after them leaving Fuli and Bunga to watch the herd. When a new and correct lane was completed and the two Sable Antelopes were found, Beshte returns to find his father. Then, Bunga tells the herd to move but they refuse. Fuli, at the end of her wits, finally apologizes and asks politely for the herd to move to which they do. With herd finally moving things are looking up, Beshte sees Makuu heading for his father and with Beshte's quick thinking, they trick the crocodiles into moving right into the path of the antelope herd. Makuu then slinks away in pain with his float. Then, the friends admires Beshte's work believing he does have a knack for making them with Basi agreeing on the complement.

Ono the Tickbird

Kion and the others arrive in Nyani Grove to discover it's a mess, Fuli rushes ahead to find the cause of it but is stopped by a group of fleeing of baboons. The reason why they were so spooked was because of a poor sighted rhino named Kifaru that lost his tickbird.

So the guard has Ono act as the rhino's temporary tickbird while Kion and the others look for Mwenzi. As Ono convinces Mwenzi to make amends with Kifaru, Makuu attacks and Ono places the tickbird up high until he comes back with help. Kifaru is the first one to arrive on the scene but thanks to his poor eyesight he charges into a tree; seeing the rhino trapped Makuu calls for his float but the guard intervenes.

While the guard is fighting against Makuu's Float, Mwenzi helps Kifaru get free but with the trunk still on his horn using that Kifaru drives Makuu and his float away. The pair along with the guard make it to Tamasha happy that Mwenzi and Kifaru are back together.

Babysitter Bunga

When the Lion Guard save Muhimu's Herd from Reirei's Pack the zebra ask Bunga if he could watch over her son Hamu and he agrees too. As they have a fun at Hakuna Matata Falls the rest of the guard tries to practice their climbing skills with little success and Muhimu is seen relaxing at the watering hole with some of her friends seeing that Hamu is with Bunga. Twiga and the other mothers ask the honey badger if he could watch their young ones too and he gladly accepts while the mothers are relaxing Reirei and her pack hear from them that their kids are with Bunga and think they'll be easy pickings.

As for the rest guard they see that everything is quiet until they catch Goigoi who unveils Reirei's plan realizing that Bunga and Hamu are in danger they rush off to the rescue. In the midst of their fun the jackals but thanks to the kids bravery and Bunga's quicking thinking they were able to beat the whole jackal pack just as Kion and the others arrive.

Muhimu and her friends return to pick up their kids, and Bunga tells them how the kids fought against the jackals. At first, they were shocked but when Muhimu was told that the kids learned how to defend themselves, she calls Bunga the best babysitter ever, and the kids gather around Bunga for a group hug.

The Savannah Summit

The guard is seen playing Baobab Ball with Mtoto until the young elephant hears various animals heading towards Pride Rock for the Savannah Summit including Makuu. Believing that Makuu is coming to ruin the summit Kion leads the guard away, once they get there they are confirmed by Simba that he invitied Makuu in himself. Kion wants to talk to his father, the young cub is still convinced that the crocodile is up to no good; however Simba wishes to give Makuu a chance since he is the leader of the crocodiles.

He does give Kion and the guard an important job to keep an eye on the other animals in case they aren't ready to accept Makuu. At Mizimu Grove the guard compliments that everything is going well and even that Makuu is behaving himself. But they are alerted by Mtoto that Makuu is causing trouble and accusing Makuu of making a plot against the other leaders causes him to start to lose faith in trusting others. With Simba disappointed Kion goes to talk to his grandfather about what happened, Mufasa reminds him about jumping to conclusions too quickly with that in his mind. Kion is alerted that there's another problem and Bunga quickly believes that it's Makuu but the lion cub tells Mtoto to listen again, all Mtoto can make out is that someone is plotting something but he doesn't know who. Piecing the information Kion figures out that Makuu is the target of a plot and leads the guard away to save him.

Once they find Makuu the guard tries to tell him that he is in danger, Makuu points out that he is a crocodile and what kind of danger could he get into. Then, he falls into a pitfall trap but is quickly rescued by the guard and he thanks them for save but now came the tricky part finding who plotted against him. To do so, Kion falsely tells the others animals of Makuu's 'demise' and that's when Twiga and Vuruga Vuruga confessed that it was them that plotted against Makuu but they didn't want to hurt him.

Makuu arrives safe and sound saying that he came to the summit to prove that he is a good leader and wanted to help the Pride Lands. But all he got was distrust and a plot to take him out then, everyone begins to think that Makuu wasn't going to trust anyone but the crocodile's anger turns to joy when he finds there's plot worthy of a crocodile and he allows the summit to continue. Simba praises his son for a good job and Simba leaves to handle a dispute while Mtoto heads home with Bunga being glad he doesn't have ears like Mtoto's and Fuli compliments that with guard  sharing a laugh.

The Traveling Baboon Show

The guard is enjoying a peaceful morning on patrol but then they begin to notice several animals in a hurry including Ma Tembo. They try to ask her what she's in a hurry for but when she doesn't have the time to talk the guard follows the elephant to discover a crowd of Pride Landers waiting for The Traveling Baboon Show (group) to perform. Everyone is impressed with their tricks except for Fuli Ono when gets tossed around by the baboons the show, after the performance Bunga ask Uroho if he could be apart of their next show but the baboon says their are no openings. Anyway, Kion welcomes the troop to the Pride Lands giving them a chance to perform for the cub's parents the King and Queen but seemingly turns down the offer

Then, they alerted to a cry for help and from Ma Tembo, Kion and his friends see the food that Ma Tembo and the other pride landers were eating was gone stripped down to the ground. Through deductive reasoning Ono figures out there's more than one food thief in the Pride Lands but they begin to hear another show Bunga suggest the culprit is there and they leave to check out while Ono looks from above. But then, the egrets sees that the theives are the baboons when Ono tries to tell Kion the troop tosses him around until he breaks and tells his leader. Bunga was distraught that they would do such a thing and if they did take the food where did it go; Kion having an idea of where it asks Beshte to shake the tree revealing their trickery.

With the troop's plot revealed they try to make a run for it with the guard chasing after them but during the pursuit the baboons cause a herd of sable antelope to stampede and two of them fall into the river. Kion calls off the pursuit to rescue them while Ono keeps an eye on the baboons after the rescue the egret informs them that the baboons are heading for the Outlands.

Later, Ono notices them being chased by Janja. Feeling guilty they decide that, since they were the reason for their 'exile', they will save them from the hyenas. The Lion Guard track down Janja, Cheezi and Chungu and force them away, leaving the baboons feeling indebted to the Lion Guard.

They return to the Pride Lands, where the Traveling Baboons put on a show for the Pride Landers, and hand them back their food. Fuli gets into the show, and the baboons 'borrow' Ono again to take part in the show itself.

Ono and the Egg

During Morning Patrol, the guard discovers that a harrier hawk named Mpishi has entered the Pride Lands after dealing with the hawk. Ono discovers a hammerkop egg in his nest while he watches over it the rest of the guard search for the egg's mother.

The search for the egg's mother continues until the guard notices a mudslide heading for some red rock hares and rush off to help. Meanwhile, back at Ono's nest the egg hatches and the young chick tries to do the hammerkop family bonding dance until Ono corrects her but he doesn't find his job any easier with the young chick constantly running off and getting into trouble. But the pair manage to make it safely into the tall grass and the rest of the guard discover that the egg belongs to Kulinda she put her egg in Ono's Nest so she could fix up her own nest.

Kion and the others offer to take Kulinda back to her chick, meanwhile Mpishi comes across Mwoga wko become interested in the scraps hawks leave behind and work together in hunting. When Kion and the others arrive at Ono's nest they find out that Kulinda's egg has hatched but the baby is gone she begins to cry out which is heard by the baby and the two finally do their family bonding dance. But trouble arise again when the chick runs off and gets caught by Mpishi but thanks to Ono's quick thinking and Bunga's help the chick is safely returned to her mother.

As a thanks for Ono's hardwork and bravery Kulinda decides to name her chick after the egret calling her Ona. Kulinda says that Ono is welcomed back anytime since they consider him part of the family and does the family bonding dance with Ona and her mother as the guard watches happily.

The Rise of Scar

The-rise-of-scar (7)

The Lion Guard observing the dry season.

The dry season is finally here and the guard is busier than ever, saving animals from rock slides, trapped in rock piles, falling branches, directing Makuu and his float to their hibernation cave and more. Then, they are alerted by Ono that Janja and the hyenas are attacking Ma Tembo's Herd and once the guard arrives the group sees the chaos and are completely astonished that the hyenas would do something like this. So instead of using the roar Kion suggest that they flush the hyenas out of the herd and Beshte sends them flying and the plan works.

After the plan works Ma Tembo thanks the guard for the help but understands why the hyenas would do this because there's less food in the Outlands especially during the dry season. Since it is the dry season Ma Tembo's first responsibility as leader is to find water and Kion compliments on knowing the feeling. But unknown to them Ushari secretly plans his revenge against the Lion Guard. As Ono watches over the elephants and the remaining guard members return to the lair; Kion consults to his grandfather about concerns of the Dry Season (at first unknown to him that Makini was watching). After talking to Mufasa, Makini makes her presence known to the young prince who is amazed at his ability; Kion tries to keep quiet about the ability and tells Kion that she is Rafiki's new apprentice. But unknown to them is that Ushari was listening, then Ono appears to inform his leader that the hyenas are back and this time they're going after the baboons who following the elephants. Once reunited with the rest of the guard, Kion forms up a plan to drive the hyenas away but just before he uses the roar he notices the dark clouds behind him and calms down. With everyone safe Kion and the guard leave but the cub is still disppointed that there was nothing they could do to help and goes off to his father Simba.

During The Path of Honor, Simba and Kion know and understand what it's like taking on the joys and hardships of being leaders. At the meantime, Makini arrives at Rafiki's Tree eagerly awaiting her first lesson but Rafiki finds a bit difficult to calm her until he suggest that Makini searches for her own bakora staff. Then, Ushari makes his way to the Outlands and informs the hyenas about Kion's gift and the cobra suggest that they seek their own spirit guide reminding them of Scar. But Janja reminds him that Scar died long ago in the fire of Pride Rock however, the cobra believes that their is a way to bring him back and leaves to gather more information.

He comes across Makini again while she is searching for her Bakora Staff and Ushari asks her if it's possibly to talk to the bad lions of the past but Makini didn't know for sure and had to ask Rafiki. In an effort to follow Makini and Rafiki, Ushari introduces the hyenas to his friends the skinks and says he has mission for them. Once Makini returns to Rafiki's with her bakora staff, she attempts to ask her mentor about summoning the lions of past but Rafiki quickly brushes it off as the two head to Pride Rock unknown that the skinks are following them. The two mandrills head for the lair of the lion guard where Ushari secretly follows them and Makini is extremely excited to be in the presence of the lion guard especially Fuli to whom Rafiki confirms as the first female to ever join the guard.

While Kion gets the rest of the pride ready to meet Makini the young mandrill tests staff and it works. Referring to Makini's earlier question Rafiki's explains through a painting that the good lions of the past are seen in the sky everytime Kion roars and that their voices are in the wind. But the bad lions of the past are summoned through fire and when the royal mjuzi's staff (whether full fledged or apprentice) is thrown into the fire it will allow anyone to talk to any of the bad lions of the past including Scar. After hearing all he needs to know Ushari leaves and Makini thanks her mentor for telling her. As the pride, waits for Makini Kiara hears from Kion that Ma Tembo is still searching for water and wishes to help and the future queen receives her parents blessings to go with Makini after introductions are done.

Back in the Outlands, Ushari informs the hyenas of what he knows Janja understands that they have the fire and that all they need is to make Kion roar Cheezi and Chungu tell Janja that Kion's roars are at there most powerful when loved ones are in danger with that in mind through Bring Back a Legend Ushari and the hyenas commence plan. When Makini and Kiara try to search for water they ambushed by Janja and his clan and they kidnap Kiara along with Makini's staff seeing the danger the young mandrill informs the guard and they rush to the rescue and when Ono sees that Kiara is being taken into the Outlands Kion quickly figures out that Janja want something him or his dad.

While Kion distracts the hyenas he has the rest of the guard rescue Kiara but they see that their leader's plan only lured Janja away having a change of plans. Fuli and the others manage to complete the rescue but just before the guard leaves the hyena taunts Kion by saying that they get rid of everyone that the cub cares about which causes Kion to use the roar in anger making the volcano erupt but everyone manages to escape. Near the volcano Janja asks Ushari if the plan worked but briefly believing that it didn't the hyena tosses Makini's staff into the volcano making Scar rise. Returning to Ma Tembo's search Makini uses what she learned from Rafiki about being quiet and Ma Tembo finds water and the pride landers happily drink unaware of the danger from the Outlands.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

In the midst of trying to calm a herd of Sable Antelope the guard accidently wakes up Makuu and his float in the cave they were sleeping in. When the crocodile leader and Kiburi make themselves known, Ono announces that it was his idea to lead the herd near the crocodile's cave and hearing that Kiburi thought of dealing with the egret 'the crocodile way until he was stopped by Kion and Makuu. 

Makuu goes to talk to Simba while he tells everyone to wait until he gets back. But the rebellious Kiburi rallies the whole float to search for water on their own which doesn't go unnoticed by Shupavu who informs Scar on what has happened. Meanwhile Makuu talks to Simba about their water situation at the same time Ono mulls over the concern of a possible punishment for waking the crocodiles. The egret informs everyone that there are crocodiles all over and Simba becomes angry with Makuu believing that he wanted to solve the problem peacefully was false. Makuu points out he did want to make peace and figures that someone was defying his orders while he and Simba come to a solution they let the guard round up the float.

Makuu finds out it was Kiburi that defied his order and Simba says that they have a solution to their problem; when Kiburi sees the result he becomes dissatifsied and Makuu tries to reason with him to no avail and the rebellious crocodile calls for a mashindiao. Shupavu informs Scar what as happened and remembering crocodile traditions he has Ushari implant a scheme into Kiburi's head about taking down King Simba. Everyone watches the duel except for Ono but thanks to his sight he notices crocodiles leaving the event and tells the others. Understanding what's going on the guard quietly sneaks around the crowd to stop Kiburi's friends, Simba hearing the commotion behind him asks Kion what's going on and seeing the beaten crocodiles the king quickly figures out they were trying to ambush him and that Kiburi was behind this.

Believing that his plan has worked Kiburi forefits and proudly boasts about it. But hearing everything that transpired Makuu has Kiburi and his followers banished from the float and Simba banishes them from the Pride Lands. Now in the Outlands Kiburi plans to eat Ushari but the cobra shows him Scar and through I Have A Plan Scar plans to takeover the Pride Lands once again. In the crocodiles new home Ono apologizes to Makuu to which the crocodile forgives him with everyone liking a new change to the crocodile way.

Swept Away

When Thurston's Herd gets stuck in the mud Kion uses the roar to make rain but it accidently turns into a flood flash although the herd is saved Beshte ends up in the Outlands. As his friends try to look for him Beshte does his best to cope with the heat but his presence doesn't unnoticed the skinks who inform Scar of the transcations. Understanding that Beshte has a trusting personality Scar has the skinks lure the hippo into a trap that leads to the hyenas to crush Beshte with rocks in an attempt to weaken the guard.

Kion and the others arrive just in time before Janja and his friends crush Beshte with a big rock. As Fuli tries to steady the rock Kion uses the roar to send the hyenas flying but Bunga accidently pushes the rock and it rolls down the cliff. At first, everyone is upset about Beshte but he shows beside the guard completely fine and they all head back to the Pride Lands with Beshte doing a belly flop into the mud sharing a laugh with the guard.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Thanks to the Dry Season the Lion Guard has to deal with wildfires popping up all over the Pride Lands, meanwhile Rafiki has problems of his own. While trying to teach Makini her next lesson of painting the Pride Lands history he gets interupted by Chama and his friends who want to be his new neighbors but Rafiki reconsiders the idea due to their loudness. Rafiki tells the guard of his predicament and they offer to escort the three friends to their herds but the reunions don't go so well; the friends realize they don't fit in with their herds and the friends end up back together.

After that the guard meet up at Pride Rock, Ono begins to see thunderstorm clouds a distance away and leave to help any animals. Once arriving the guard warns Zito and a few hippos of the dry lighting but it causes a fire that leaves them all trapped to make matters worse the fire spreads to Rafiki's Tree causing the mandrills to be trapped inside. Makini calls out for help and sees Chama and others coming to rescue getting Rafiki and Makini out just in time. Meanwhile, as the guard tries to figure a way out, they discover Rafiki's Tree on fire and thanks to Beshte's strength and Kion's roar the fire is put out.

The guard rush off to help Rafiki but discover "the other Bungas" are already there and help finish the job thus saving Rafiki's home and he is extremely greatful. He offers to let the three friends live near his tree as long as they can be quiet but they turn down the offer saying they found another home and accept each other as their family. All the animals come to Pride Rock to watch Makini's first painting presentation with the three friends, royal family and the guard having a front row seat after the young mandrill is done everyone is amazed at her work.

Rescue in the Outlands

Janja and his crew continue to look for recruits to have in Scar's Outland army and they come across Jasiri who informs the trio that with the change of the seasons their leader forgot to remark their turf and she already claimed it. But Jasiri allows them to pass through however, the four get into a fight and it ends with Jasiri driving them away with Janja declaring their fight wasn't over.

The hyena reports what happened back to Scar and he becomes impressed by Jasiri's skill and considers adding her to their ranks. But Janja points out that Jasiri is bad news and friends with Lion Guard seeing as a threat Scar orders Janja to take his whole clan to get rid of her. While Jasiri was playing with Wema and Tunu the trio gets attacked by Janja's Clan she tries to fend them off and protect the cubs but the trio get pushed into lava vent; Madoa who has seen everything leaves to retrieve the lion guard.

However, they have problems of their own flies have infested the Pride Lands making their rescues a little difficult but they manage. After getting to the river Madoa informs them to what has happended to her sister Jasiri and the cubs so they rush off to the rescue but the flies bother them again until Thurston drives them away. Kion asks Thurston comes with them to the Outlands and make it to the vent where Jasiri is being held the guard and Thurston hold off the hyenas until Jasiri and the pups are safe and Janja retreats. 

With everyone safe Jasiri shows concerns over Janja's attack seeing that he was really out to get her. Kion comforts her by saying that the dry seasons makes those do crazy things and Jasiri thanks the guard for the rescue and return home while the guard and Thurston return to the Pride Lands. After Kion thanks the zebra for his bravery he mistakely assumes he's apart of the guard and runs off to tell his herd; soon the guard pestered with flies begging the zebras if they could hang out except for Bunga to takes pleasure in eating them.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

The guard watches Ma Tembo's Herd prepare for the Ukumbusho a celebration that brought peace between the lions and elephants during the time of the first Lion Guard led by Askari. With help from Timon and Pumba, the current guard begins to practice their lines while looking like lions as well for Makini the herd has gathered lots of fruit for her so she could paint the sumburst on the elephants for the celebration. As the mandrill continues her work she discovers that she is out of paint and leaves to find more fruit but instead she finds yellow flowers and uses them to finish painting the elephants.

Night time approaches and the ukumbusho starts off without a hinch until a swarm of  bees come down and startles Ma Tembo and the herd into a stampede and guard rushes off to calm them down. Ono explains that elephants are afraid of bees and the reason why the bees were attracted to the elephants is because their paint markings were made out of the pollen from the flowers Makini found. They manage to calm most of the herd down except for Mtoto's Mom who heading for a cliff but Bunga climbs up and calms her. The guard and the herd return safely to celebration and Makini apologizes for her mistake and Ma Tembo accepts her apology then, the celebration has resumed ending with a complete success.

The Bite of Kenge

Kion and the guard come across a monitor lizard named Kenge a friend of Ushari's who's working with Janja and the hyenas to steal melons meant for the elephants. In an effort to stop the Lion Guard Janja has Kenge lure the guard to him in a fight against the monitor lizard Kion, Fuli and Beshte get bitten and can't move but Bunga uses his stink to scare the lizard away. Ono informs his fallen members that Kenge is a monitor lizard and that his bite can cause parlysis but only temporarly and Kion asked Ono to see if Rafiki has something that can heal their legs faster.

Once Ono makes to Rafiki's Tree he discovers from Makini that he's gone for the day. When Ono informs that the rest of the guard has been biten by Kenge. The mandrill mentions that all she needs is ponya flowers and Ono spots them easily but also spots the hyenas and the monitor lizard again. Kion asks Ono and Bunga to take care of it the honey badger is easily eager to do the job but Ono not so sure until Bunga assures him.

More Coming Soon...

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