Ono and the Egg

"You just wait, my little itsy-bitsyboo! This will be the best nest in the whole... Oh! A hawk? Here in the Pride Lands? Gracious... Oh! That was Ono of the Lion Guard! Did you see him? No, I guess you didn't. Go, Ono, go!"

"That Ono is a true hero. Which makes him the perfect bird to watch you while I build us a new nest. With hawks around here, this place will never do!"

"I needed a safe place to keep my little wudgie-cakes while I built this nest! But now I can't wait to bring my egg back home. There's nothing wrong with my egg, is there? Is that why you came? Because something's wrong?"

"Well, we wouldn't be if it weren't for all of you. Especially you, Ono. And that's why I want to thank you with something special. I want to name my baby after you."

"You're welcome anytime. But we consider you family now, so when you do visit, you know what you have to do."

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