The Lion Guard: Kion and Friends Play-Doh is a Play-Doh set featuring the entire Lion Guard.[1]


Play-Doh fun is a roaring good time with Kion and Friends! This toolset inspired by Disney's The Lion Guard was designed for little hands. Stamp adorable pawprints with the Kion roller, then create Fuli and Beshte with the stampers. Grow silly hair for Bunga, then cut it all off with the Ono scissors. With 5 Play-Doh cans, there are lots of ways to let creativity go wild!

Includes Kion roller, Ono scissors, Beshte stamper, Fuli stamper, Bunga tool, and 5 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

• Fun Play-Doh tools featuring characters from Disney's The Lion Guard
• Stamp pawprints into Play-Doh compound with the Kion roller
• Create Fuli and Beshte with the stampers
• Grow hair for Bunga and cut it with the Ono scissors



  • Although Janja and Cheezi are seen on the box, a stamper for them is not included.
  • Kion's Mark is on the wrong shoulder on the front of the box.

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