Kiburi's Float is a float of three crocodiles led by Kiburi that live in the Outlands.

Originally members of Makuu's Float, Kiburi and his followers were banished from the Pride Lands after attempting to attack King Simba.

Named Members


Main article: Kiburi

Kiburi is the leader of the float. Arrogant and overconfident, Kiburi was banished from both his previous float and the Pride Lands after a plan to take down King Simba backfired on him. He has teamed up with several other Outlanders in an attempt to claim the Pride Lands for his group.


Main article: Tamka

Tamka is a member of the float. Although loyal, like Kiburi, he is overconfident. He admits that he isn't smart, and is willing to take on challengers that are above him in skill and strength.

Unnamed Members


  • This is the second group of animals banished from the Pride Lands by Simba, the first being the Outsiders.
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