The Lion King feature came out in theaters when I was thirteen years old, and I remember loving-drawing the characters off my purchased VHS tape (no DVDs back then), 'studying' them constantly. So, this opportunity to 'professionally' draw Simba (and a host of both old, and new key characters) is a shock of a childhood-dream come true for me.

–Kaukab Basheer[1]

Kaukab Basheer is a storyboard revisionist for The Lion Guard.

Early Life

The first Lion King film was released to theaters when Basheer was thirteen years old. She remembers that she enjoyed drawing the characters and studying them.[2] Basheer later graduated in 2012, with honors, from the School of Visual Arts. She then taught a Character Designing for Animation course before moving to southern California.


Kaukab Basheer is a a character animator who has helped to create Indian cartoon characters. She has also animated many American cartoon characters, such as Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo. She was a character layout artist for the 2015 film Sponge Out of Water.[3] Basheer was hired by Disney to draw on The Lion Guard and work as a storyboard revisionist.[4]