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The Pride Lands will never know what bit 'em.

–Janja, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Janja is a teenage hyena and the leader of a small clan of hyenas that live in the Outlands. He is the main antagonist of The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a major antagonist of The Lion Guard, serving as one of the main antagonists of Season 1 and, alongside Ushari, the secondary antagonist of Season 2 (behind Scar). Janja is also the sworn enemy of Kion, leader of The Lion Guard.


Janja is a smoky gray spotted hyena with a grayish-beige underbelly. He has large ears that curve to a sharp point, with his left ear bearing a visible notch. His nose, paws, and the upper side of his tail are black. The underside of his tail, as well as his muzzle, are gray. He also has dark gray spots across his back and a ridge of black fur running along his head and upper neck that juts back in sharp spikes. Janja's eyes are black, with thick eyebrows and a ring of darker gray fur around them.


Janja is a cruel, greedy, arrogant and villainous hyena who has no interest in protecting the Circle of Life. He is shown to care only for himself, always ordering others around to do his work for him. He thinks only about getting food for himself and couldn't care less if the rest of his clan starves, though he does allow them to eat. Janja frequently refers to the other members of his clan as "fur-brains", showing that he does not respect them. He insults and mocks them frequently, but does not like being laughed at himself. He is ruthless and determined to eat as much food as he can.

Janja's intelligence is undeniable. He is a devious and manipulative planner who is always hatching new plots to defeat the Lion Guard or take over the Pride Lands. He is notably the only hyena in his clan who uses cunning to obtain what he wants. True to his name, Janja is very crafty and sly, though he sometimes has difficulty grasping simple concepts.[1] However, his plots have yet to entirely succeed, due to the interference of the Guard and overlooked details. Janja also has a sense of humor and a fondness of witticism; he will occasionally make jokes and clever remarks.

Despite his ferocity and sharp intellect, Janja is somewhat of a coward, usually only choosing to fight when the odds are in his favor (when his clan has an advantage in numbers)[2]. He is also something of a sore loser in the face of defeat.[3] Protective of his territory, he does not tolerate intruders and will attack those who invade his land.[4] As shown in many episodes, Janja harbors a deep hatred for the Lion Guard, especially Kion and his Roar. He also has a strong dislike and disdain for jackals, believing them to be "annoyances" and regarding their intelligence as inferior to that of his own species.

Since the beginning of the series, Janja has been shown to have deep admiration and respect for Scar. When a snake named Ushari informs him that it is possible to contact Scar, Janja immediately agrees to work together with Ushari to figure out how to do it, which they ultimately succeed in doing. Ever since Scar's return, Janja is shown to be respectful, but also highly fearful of Scar. He also appears somewhat threatened by Scar's new leadership over him and his clan, and asserts to his minions that they still have to listen to him, but still acknowledges Scar as their true boss for fear of stirring his wrath.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Returnoftheroar-0 (177)

Hungry Hyenas

Janja and his clan are starving in the Outlands. Cheezi notices a baobab fruit nearby and wants to eat it, but Janja is disgusted at the idea, and instead starts to chomp at a passing butterfly. He fails to catch it, and the other hyenas start to laugh as it lands on his ear. Janja snaps at them for this, though soon notices Bunga looking for his ball. Flicking the bone away, he orders Chungu and Cheezi to bring the honey badger over to him for his lunch.
Tonight-we-strike (16)


Later, Mzingo hears of the new Lion Guard being formed and immediately alerts Janja, who shows great concern over this news as he remembers what the original Lion Guard stood for. He then comes up with a plan (after a brief interruption as he attempts to eat a nearby caterpillar) - to get rid of as many animals as they can to stop the new Lion Guard from being created. He leads his clan in the singing of the song Tonight We Strike to explain his plan to them.
The-final-battle (142)

Wounded Janja

At sunset, Janja and the rest of his clan then start an attack on the gazelles in their grazing spot, to which Kion is alerted to. Janja then fights the Lion Guard and sustains an injury, though eventually he comes face to face with Kion himself. After taunting the lion cub, Kion lets loose the Roar of the Elders, and he and the other hyenas scatter back to the Outlands.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (9)

Trying to get a meal.

Janja, along with Cheezi and Chungu are seen attacking a herd of oryx, but shortly thereafter The Lion Guard arrive on the scene. Kion orders the rest of the Lion Guard to calm the herd while he goes after Janja's clan. However during the pursuit, a log snaps under Kion's feet and he falls into a river, which sweeps him into the Outlands.

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (426)

Janja vs Jasiri

Later on, Janja and his clan confront a female hyena named Jasiri, who helped Kion escape the Outlands. She is able to easily fight off Cheezi and Chungu, but is pinned down by Janja. Luckily, Kion returns and saves Jasiri by using the Roar of the Elders, which causes Janja to retreat, and both he and the rest of his clan scamper farther into the Outlands.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (233)

Receiving the news

Mzingo arrives in the Outlands to inform Janja that Simba and Nala have left the Pride Lands and left their daughter, Kiara in charge during their absence. Janja soon realizes that he can use this to his advantage, and sends Mzingo to Pride Rock in order to offer a peace proposal on his behalf.

Mzingo does so, and although Kiara questions why Janja himself does not deliver the message personally, the vulture cooks up an excuse on his part, asking her to meet them at Broken Rock.

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (336)

Approaching the queen

After a fall out with her brother over Mzingo's proposal, Kiara makes her way to the Outlands, hoping to finally make peace with Janja. However, she soon realizes that something is wrong, and that she's made a mistake. As Janja, Cheezi and Chungu approach the queen, Janja announces his plan. With Kiara in his grasp, Simba will have no choice but to hand the Pride Lands over to them. The hyenas circle around Kiara, and a couple of them leap at her. Kiara's agility secures her victory, though this is short lived as Janja pins her down. Before he can do anything, Kion arrives, much to Kiara's surprise. This doesn't phase Janja, as his clan is up 6-2. Suddenly, the rest of the Lion Guard join Kion and Kiara, evening the odds. Janja makes a quick retreat, and his clan flees back into the depths of the Outlands. Kiara apologizes to her brother for not listening to him about trusting Janja. Janja overhears this and replies that he can hear them, just before he makes his leave.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (34)

Janja sneaks up on Kion

Janja and his clan cause a wildebeest stampede at the beginning of the episode, causing dust to cloud the air as the Lion Guard tries to restore order and stop the hyenas. Janja sneaks up on Kion and prepares to take him down, but is quickly foiled by Ono, who alerts Kion of the hyena's presence. Janja and his clan are chased back into the Outlands.

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (175)

Janja forms the plan

Janja learns of Ono's injured eye by word of Mwoga, one of Mzingo's affiliates. He plans to trap the Lion Guard in a rock slide and tells of his brilliant plan through the song Outta the Way. Much to his dismay, Cheezi and Chungu still don't understand the plan, but they decide to go along with it anyway.

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (308)

Janja taunts Kion

The hyenas form two rock piles to unleash on The Lion Guard, and after trapping them, are sure of their victory. However, Ono alerts the nearby zebra herd that Janja plans to attack to move away from the valley in which they are grazing. With the area clear, Kion is able to use the Roar of the Elders without hurting the herd, blasting the rocks out of the way and freeing the Guard. Janja is stunned to see that the Guard has escaped, and orders Cheezi and Chungu to flee.

The Kupatana Celebration

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (72)

Janja tells Kion that he is welcome to the jackal

Janja and his clan are seen chasing the young jackal pup, Dogo, who had trespassed into their den. Janja chases Dogo and prepares to pounce on him when he is stopped by Kion. Janja learns that the Pride Landers are celebrating Kupatana, so he lets Kion leave with Dogo, laughing and saying that "If you want the jackal, he's all yours." Janja and the hyenas then run further into the Outlands.

Fuli's New Family

Fulisnewfamily-p2 (147)

Janja's clan surrounds Bunga

Janja is in the Outlands with the rest of his clan. He is being groomed by Chungu when Cheezi enters, bearing news of a new meal in the Outlands. Janja and the rest of the hyenas head out at once to capture Bunga, who has wandered into the Outlands. After surrounding the honey badger, the hyenas prepare to strike at him but are promptly stopped by Fuli. Fuli and Bunga begin floating downstream in the lava atop a piece of broken rock. The hyenas pursue them but are eventually stopped by the Lion Guard, who appear to save Fuli and Bunga. Janja, Cheezi and Chungu find themselves trapped atop a burning log with no food at all.

Follow That Hippo!

Follow-that-hippo (162)

Janja shouts angrily at Cheezi

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu sneak into the Pride Lands. As Ono swoops over the Pride Lands, searching for them, they hide in a bush until he is gone. Janja steps out, noting that he doesn't think Ono saw them. When Chungu loudly complains to Cheezi, Janja warns him that Ono may be able to hear them. He corrects Cheezi's assumption that they call Ono the "Ears in the Sky" before sneaking away, Cheezi and Chungu following.

Follow-that-hippo (232)

"Hey, boys. Look what we have here."

Later, as Shauku, Mtoto, Kwato, Kambuni, and Gumba chase hyraxes, Janja overhears one of the five shouting his name. He points out the young animals to Cheezi and Chungu, and the two make comments about eating them, laughing after they speak. Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu follow the kids as they play. When they call the hyenas' names, Chungu wonders if they are actually chasing them. Janja contradicts him, telling him that they're playing pretend, but that it is "about to get real". 
Follow-that-hippo (326)

Janja and Cheezi colliding with each other

The hyraxes eventually flee to safety, and Mtoto wonders what they should chase now. Janja answers him, suggesting they the hyenas chase them. The five friends flee in terror, and Janja chases after Mtoto. Mtoto manages to evade him by turning sharply as he nears a boulder, causing Janja to crash into it. Cheezi and Chungu approach him, they too having failed to catch one of the animals. Janja decides to pursue Mtoto, seeing as he is the slowest.
Follow-that-hippo (354)

Waiting on the shore

He, Cheezi, and Chungu corner Mtoto next to a wide river. Beshte suddenly jumps out of the water, scaring the hyena trio away. He swims down the river with Mtoto now on his back, and Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu follow. Cheezi and Janja wait for Mtoto to pass beneath them, but Mtoto ducks, and they end up knocking into each other. Janja continues to try and chase Beshte and Mtoto, but the rest of the Lion Guard arrives. Bunga knocks Janja into the water, and the crocodiles begin to chase him. 

The Call of the Drongo

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (227)

Janja silents Cheezi

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu attack a herd of impalas. Janja calls out that they only want to invite them to dinner and adds that they'll be the main course, to the amusement of his companions. However, the Lion Guard arrives to stop them. Beshte stands in front of them, causing them to crash into his rear end. Chungu begins to tell the Guard about Janja's joke, but Janja silences him. Kion orders the hyenas to leave, and they run away, but soon pause to catch their breath.
The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (267)

Janja threatens Tamaa

They hear Janja's voice telling someone that they look tasty, and that he is going to eat them. Cheezi and Chungu at first think that it was Janja saying that he was going to eat one of them, but Janja corrects them. He explains that he didn't say anything, but that somebody did. He approaches the area from where he heard the sound of his voice and discovers Tamaa the drongo mimicking his voice to scare a four-striped grass mouse. He orders Cheezi and Chungu to grab Tamaa, and decides that if Tamaa helps him with his new plan, the hyenas may not eat him at all.

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (342)

Janja's plan succeeds

Janja later instructs Tamaa to say what he told him to say, but to sound as though he were Kion. Tamaa at first protests, but when Janja threatens him, he obliges, and orders the impalas into the Outlands through Kion's voice. The impalas eventually flee, and the trio of hyenas give chase. When they reach the Outlands, Janja pauses to laugh and declare that their dinner is being delivered, and Tamaa takes his chance to ask if he can go now. Janja denies his request, pointing out that Tamaa still could be useful to him. He, Cheezi, and Chungu resume pursuit of the impala herd, who soon reach a dead end. Janja marvels at how easy his plan worked and announces that they're never going to let Tamaa go before beginning to stalk the impalas.
The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (418)


However, he soon hears the voices of the Lion Guard, telling them that they're surrounded, and that they should leave and let the impalas go. Janja is at first terrified, but when Cheezi speaks, he realizes that Cheezi is no longer holding Tamaa. He finds the drongo and says that he knows the Guard isn't there, but Kion arrives and pounces on him, pinning him to the ground. Janja tries to make an excuse for his actions before fleeing with Cheezi and Chungu further into the Outlands.

Paintings and Predictions

Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (161)

Eyeing the herd

Janja's clan has once again snuck into the Pride Lands, this time to take down a herd of zebras. Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu watch from a hidden location as Ono leads the zebra herd to a safe grazing spot in the Pride Lands. Cheezi and Chungu ask Janja what they are going to do, and Janja replies that after Ono leaves, they will spook the zebras and then they will be theirs for the taking. They then proceed to the song Panic and Run.

Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (284)

Janja chomps at a zebra

After trailing Ono to the grazing ground, Cheezi and Chungu begin to grow impatient. Janja tells them to wait until he says go, but after much confusion, Chungu eventually darts out from behind the rock to chase the zebras and Cheezi follows him. Not wanting to be left by himself, Janja follows after them. Ono spots the hyenas and rushes back to tell the Guard.

Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (319)

Trapped by Kion

When the Lion Guard arrives, Kion tells the members to go after Cheezi and Chungu and leave Janja to him. Kion pursues Janja as he chases a zebra. Kion climbs up on a tree to get a better view on how to best defeat Janja, when suddenly Bunga tackles him, making him fall off the tree directly on top of Janja. Meanwhile, the rest of the Guard has managed to stop Cheezi and Chungu who are now ready to retreat. Janja agrees, and the hyenas scamper away.

The Mbali Fields Migration

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are in the Outlands when they hear the sound of a young zebra braying, which got
The-mbali-fields-migration (426)

Spotting the herd

raws their attention at once. The trio sight a herd of zebras and a gazelle as well as the young zebra, and Janja notes that they're a "snack pack". Cheezi points out that Bunga and Kion are with them, but Janja dismisses this, telling him that the Guard members will protect the baby while the older zebras merely panic and run, which will allow them to hunt them easily. The three hyenas dash towards the zebras, and Janja calls out that the zebras had better run. However,
The-mbali-fields-migration (464)

Defeated hyenas

they all circle around Muhimu and the baby zebra, and Kion declares that they won't make it easy for Janja. This doesn't phase the hyena leader, and he attacks. Kion tackles him and pins him to the ground, but Chungu, sent flying by one of the zebras, collides with him and knocks Kion away, freeing Janja. He approaches the herd, but as he makes his way through, the baby zebra kicks away and sends him flying into Cheezi and Chungu. The hyenas flee, and Janja remarks that he doesn't like zebra anyway.

Janja's New Crew

Janjas-new-crew (38)
Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne and Tano are near the Lion Guard, with Janja plotting to use the sticky mud to their advantage whilst they feast on some nearby Wildebeests. Janja, however, slips on the mud himself and comes face to face with the Lion Guard. His other clan members soon join him. Cheezi and Chungu start to embarrass Janja in front of the Guard, inadvertently explaining his plan to them instead of leaving with Janja. Kion sees through Janja's lies and uses the Roar of the Elders to blast them away back into the Outlands and Janja leaves annoyed. Soon after, he 'fires' Cheezi and Chungu. He promotes Nne and Tano to be his new crew members, banishing Cheezi and Chungu. Nne and Tano join in on Janja's command, scaring the two away.

Janjas-new-crew (130)

Nne and Tano explain their plan to Janja.

They return to the Outlands, Janja explains the rules to his new henchman. He misses out rule number two, which slightly agitates Nne and Tano, forcing Janja to keep the rules short and simple - that he is the one who comes up with the plans. However, this time, Nne and Tano are able to concoct a brilliant scheme, whilst Janja is left confused. They plan to divert the Lion Guard by frightening away some antelopes one way and, whilst the Guard are busy dealing with them, feasting on some Oryxes the opposite way. Janja remains confused by the end of their explanation, but decides to go along with it. <p>
Janjas-new-crew (315)
They put the plan in action, with the antelope herd continuing to move in the direction of Rocky Plains with Janja, Nne and Tano chasing them. They stop Janja after a while and hide him from the passing Lion Guard. When Janja questions their actions, Nne and Tano become annoyed at how poorly he listened to their plan. Janja wishes to eat the antelope, but Nne reminds them of their true goal - the oryxes. Nne and Tano run off, mocking Janja. Janja swiftly chases after them. <p>
Janjas-new-crew (388)

Janja in the mud.

Meanwhile, the three hyenas continue their chase, but Janja runs into a slumbering Cheezi and Chungu by mistake. They are overjoyed to see their leader, but Janja refuses to pay them attention and continues chasing after Nne and Tano instead. The three hyenas continue their chase, but Janja runs into a slumbering Cheezi and Chungu by mistake. They are overjoyed to see their leader, but Janja refuses to pay them attention and continues chasing after Nne and Tano instead. Cheezi and Chungu decide that it must have been a dream, and they quickly go back to sleep to dream about Janja again, whilst the real Janja catches up to his new crew. Nne and Tano are disappointed to see him, and Janja is shocked when they announce that they were trying to ditch him. Tano then pushes Janja over a nearby cliff, where he falls on a mud covered rock. The two hyenas race away to the oryxes, abandoning their former leader.

Janjas-new-crew (435)
Janja calls up from his location, but the Lion Guard manage to find Janja before anyone else, along with Cheezi and Chungu who had followed them. He is furious at the betrayal of his new team members, but equally disappointed to see the Lion Guard. He gladly spills the beans and explains what they were up to, and the Lion Guard rush off. Soon after, Cheezi and Chungu leap down to keep Janja company, much to his annoyance.

Janjas-new-crew (479)

When Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to defeat his former henchmen, Janja comments that, for the first time ever, he is glad to hear the roar. The rock then breaks away, causing the hyena trio to fall all the way down. The Lion Guard decide to help the hyenas, only to find them on the ground with a clear pathway back to the Outlands. Kion calls for them to leave, and Janja does so, calling for Cheezi and Chungu to join them. With elation, they race after their leader.

Lions of the Outlands

Janja is mentioned by Kion when Jasiri arrives in the Pride Lands with a problem. He asks her if it's Janja and his hyenas, but she replies that it's actually lions causing the problem.

Never Roar Again

Never-roar-again-hd (38)

"So if I wanna go into the Pride Lands, we go into the Pride Lands!"

Janja and his clan are driven out of the Pride Lands for what Janja claims was "just one gazelle." They flee back to the Outlands, but Janja is quick to head back into the Pride Lands, wanting to get the gazelle. He dismisses Cheezi and Chungu's worries, reminding them that they don't listen to the Lion Guard. As they make their way into the forbidden territory, Janja declares that he'll go into the Pride Lands if he wants to. Nala appears and inquires what he's doing in the Pride Lands, causing Janja to mockingly fake innocence.

Never-roar-again-hd (63)

Janja attacks Nala

Nala gestures in the direction of the Outlands and orders them to go, but Janja does not back down, instead telling his clan that Nala isn't so tough alone and outnumbered. Though she is not afraid, he attacks her. He's advancing on her when Kion finds out what is going on. In a fury, the cub releases the Roar of the Elders, forcefully sweeping the hyenas back into the Outlands, dazed.

Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (384)

Hyenasapproach the klipspringers

Janja, Cheezi and Chungu approach a cliff-side where a group of Klipspringers are stranded. As they get close, Ono calls out to them. Upon noticing the egret is alone, Janja merely snickers, telling his henchmen to ignore them due to this fact. Ono warns them that he'll be performing the 'Hadithi Spin' which confuses Janja. After a few loops, the egret crashes into another part of the cliff. While Cheezi and Chungu run after him, Janja decides to round up the main course.

Onos-idol (497)

Janja can reach the Klipspringers

Before Janja can reach the klipspringers, Kion and Bunga appear behind him, warning him away from them. When they point out that they're behind him and the only way out, he tells him that he doesn't care, since there's so much to eat just in front of him. Kion then calls to Beshte, who pushes a large boulder across the chasm, while Fuli arrives to guide them across. Janja rushes forward but his two henchmen fall onto him from above. He ignores their excuses and calls for them to follow.

Onos-idol (511)

Swooping around

When they start to cross the chasm, Ono and an eagle appear, swooping around them. When Janja hears Ono refer to the eagle as Hadithi, Janja stutters worriedly. While Ono continues swooping around, Cheezi comments that he's going to lose his lunch, and Janja angrily admits that they all are before falling into the water below. When Cheezi questions who the eagle was, Janja becomes annoyed at his henchmen for not knowing who Hadithi the legendary eagle is. When they become excited at being beaten by a legend, Janja grunts irritably as the current takes them downstream.

The Traveling Baboon Show

The-traveling-baboon-show (440)

Janja discovers Mwevi and Mwizi

Janja discovers Mwevi and Mwizi in his den, trying to steal food from him. He chases them out, only to find Cheezi and Chungu getting entertained by their leader, Uroho. He orders them to catch it, but the two hyenas are too amused by his jokes. After Janja reminds them that he's food, they soon comply, and the six wind up in a large open space. Despite his best attempts, Janja is unable to capture any of the baboons, and his cohorts end up dizzy.

The-traveling-baboon-show (579)

Hyenas seal in the baboons

But when Uroho accidentally guides his friends into a dead end cave, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu seal them in. Before they can attack, the Lion Guard arrive, demanding that they step away from them. Janja protests, explaining how he caught them stealing food from the den, but the Guard attack regardless. The hyenas try to fight back but are quickly defeated by the Lion Guard. Janja then retreats, warning the baboons to stay out of his den in the future.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

The-rise-of-scar (320)

Janja and his clan being blown away by Kion's roar (again)

During the song Fujo, Janja is attacking Laini and her group until he is stopped by Kion. Then, he leads his clan in an attack on Ma Tembo's Herd. Nne asks Janja if he's sure about this and he replies with a positive answer, since elephants are nice and tender this time of year, especially young ones. He and Nne close in on Mtoto, but one of the herd's members send them flying. Janja and his clan continues the attack until the Lion Guard arrives. He keeps running until Kion jumps right in front of him freezing the hyena in his tracks. Janja introduces Nne to Kion so he can make his getaway and meets up with the rest of his clan after the guard chases them out of the herd, and then Beshte sends them flying.

Janja ends up landing on Ushari and retreats with his clan. He then rallies up another attack against the elephants and this time including the baboons too; they chase the baboons and elephants to a dead end (which is actually the Lion Guard's plan) and are driven away by Kion's roar and retreat to the Outlands.

The-rise-of-scar (496)

The hyena's questioning Ushari

Back in the Outlands, the hyenas notice Ushari slithering around. When Chungu asks his leader if they can eat it, Janja replies unenthusiastically that they can, still disappointed with their earlier fails. Before they feast, Ushari starts to talk about how Kion gets his advice from Mufasa. Although hesitant to believe him, Janja starts to warm up to the snake after he mentions the possibility of speaking with Scar. Janja agrees to let him gather information, but they will be following him, just in case.

Janja watches Ushari speak with Rafiki's apprentice, Makini, who confirms the ability to speak with Mufasa. After planting the idea of speaking with Scar in her head, Ushari returns to Janja, who heard everything. Stunned, he agrees to seek out more information. With Janja Still wary of Ushari, the snake brings him some friends of his, a group of skinks. Shupavu sends out Nyeusi to see where they're going. He follows them to the entrance of the Lair of the Lion Guard and slithers back to tell the others of his findings.

Back at the Outlands Volcano, Ushari discusses the latest information with Janja's Clan and continues to explain how
The-rise-of-scar (839)

"Let's bring back a legend, a legend of darkness tonight"

they need a Bakora Staff and for Kion to use his Roar of the Elders. They eventually decide that Kion roars best when his loved ones are in danger, and, with their goal in sight, they decide to Bring Back a Legend. Ushari waits in the volcano, while the hyenas get a staff and a loved one to lure Kion in. As they leave, the hyenas trample Ushari.

The hyenas enter the Pride Lands and ambush Makini and Kiara, grabbing Kiara and the mandrill's staff and taking them back to the Outlands, where Kiara is thrown into an area full of geysers. Janja waits until he hears Kion, ordering his hyenas to entertain their guests while he deals with the cub.

The-rise-of-scar (1109)

"There ain't nothing you can do to stop us."

Janja tries to get Kion to Roar, but the cub refuses. Janja then states that they have demands, trying to keep the cub's attention. After exchanging some words, Ono swoops down to Kion and informs him that Kiara has been saved. With Kion about to leave, Janja taunts Kion, saying that they'll keep coming back again and again to harm Kion's family and that there's nothing he can do to stop them. In a fit of anger, Kion unleashes the Roar of the Elders, causing the volcano to erupt.
The-rise-of-scar (1200)


With the volcano erupting, Janja returns to the volcano, where Ushari is not having any luck in summoning Scar. In a fit of fury, the hyena grabs the staff from the cobra and throws it into the lava below. Suddenly, an entity rises from the volcano, laughing menacingly. Janja draws back and stutters and, before he can ask, the entity confirms that he is indeed Scar.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

When Kiburi and his float are exiled to the Outlands, they are taken to Scar. Janja also welcomes Kiburi, and starts to ask Scar more about his plan, eager to learn more.

Swept Away

Swept-away (267)

"Who cares about a hippo?"

In the volcano, Janja reminds Cheezi and Chungu that even though Scar is their boss, they are to listen to what he says over anyone else, whilst. Whilst Cheezi understands Chungu fails to grasp it. Just then, Njano arrives and informs him that Beshte is alone in the Outlands. Janja dismisses it, then Scar appears and states that it's the perfect time to eliminate him. Suddenly, Janja's becomes interested in the situation. When Chungu asks his boss how they're going to take out Beshte, Janja warns him against being called 'boss' in front of their current boss, Scar. He then orders his hyenas to listen to Scar, who has a plan.

When the plan begins, Janja watches the skinks lure Beshte into a canyon below Rocky Plateau. Cheezi comments that his plans don't usually work out and Janja reminds him that this is Scar's plan. Cheezi cheers up, believing that the plan might work this time around. Janja agrees but soon becomes angry at what his clan member is saying about his own plans.

They reach the top and start to push rocks onto the ground, trapping Beshte in a small area. They continue pushing
Swept-away (474)

"One smushed hippo, comin' up"

rocks, trying to squash the hippo. When he's almost out of room to dodge, Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu start to push a very large boulder that they had been saving for last. But the Lion Guard arrive just in time to save their team member, with Fuli stopping the rock from falling. Kion orders Janja to back away, and Janja claims not to have known the hippo was a member of the Lion Guard and that they were just having some fun, but Kion sees through his thinly veiled lie. When Janja gets close to the edge, Kion uses his Roar of the Elders to send the hyenas flying.

When they fall, the hyenas know that Scar will be mad with them. Janja suggests that they don't have to return right away, but Ushari is waiting nearby, telling them that Scar wishes to see him. And he's not happy to which Janja responds "Oh boy..."

Rescue in the Outlands

Rescue-in-the-outlands (66)

Janja pins Jasiri

Janja, Cheezi and Chungu are looking for the jackals with hopes of persuading to join Scar's side. Jasiri stops them and mocks Janja for not marking his turf for the dry season. This angers Janja, causing him to attack Jasiri. She successfully fends off the attack, forcing Janja and his henchmen to retreat. Janja, Cheezi and Chungu return to the volcano, and after Ushari asks how it went, they tell Ushari of the fight with Jasiri. Ushari is surprised to hear that only one hyena was able to defeat all three of them, but Janja states Jasiri is not ordinary hyena and that "She's fearless or something". Suddenly Scar appears, and suggests adding her to their "Collective". Janja argues, telling him that she's The Worst Hyena We Know, and of her friendship with the Lion Guard, and love for the Circle of Life. Scar now sees Jasiri as a threat, and tasks Janja to use all of his clan to remove her from the Outlands.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (255)

Janja's clan

Later, Janja observes Jasiri playing with Wema and Tunu. He orders his clan to get into position, and launches his attack. Jasiri manages to fight off several hyenas, and reunites with the two cubs just as Janja knocks her and them into a large steam vent. A delighted Janja then explains to his clan that the rising steam indicates that the vent will soon explode. Janja decides to stay and watch Jasitri die, mocking her the whole time. However, the Lion Guard later arrives to stop them. Janja taunts the Lion Guard, bragging about his clans' strength in numbers. Janja and Kion charge at each other as a large battle ensues. One by one, all of Janja's clan are defeated by Lion Guard.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (472)

Janja with a burning tail

As Janja and Kion fight, Janja's tail is burnt by the steam vent. He then drags his tail across the ground in a humorous attempt to stop the pain. Soon Janja and his clan regroup for a counter-attack, but are again defeated. Fuli knocks Janja back as the rest of his clan retreats, leaving him alone (Except for Cheezi, and Chungu who are still distracted by Thurston). Despite this, Janja considers himself victorious, as Jasiri is nowhere in sight. However, she then appears safe and sound riding a large slab rock to top of the steam vent with Wema and Tunu. He is taunted one final time by Jasiri before he himself retreats along with Cheezi and Chungu.

The Bite of Kenge

The-bite-of-kenge (17)

Janja speaks to Kion

Having found a patch of Tikiti Melons, Janja orders Cheezi and Chungu to steal them. However, the Lion Guard arrive, causing Janja to sarcastically tell them that they'll return them once they've drank the water from them. The Guard leap into action, with Kion reclaiming the melon from Janja. Defeated, they return to the Outlands.

At the volcano, they trip over Ushari, and their arguing awakens Scar. When Janja explains what they were trying to do, Scar has a plan to steal the melons. Janja reminds him of the Lion Guard, and Ushari tells them about his friend, "Big Bad Kenge". He warns them not to call him little.

The-bite-of-kenge (167)

Janja meets Kenge

Back in the Pride Lands, the hyenas meet up with Kenge, and Janja announces that he's definitely not little. The word "little" grabs Kenge's attention, and Janja assures him that he's a big lizard. With hostility, Kenge tells them not to forget it. When they ask how they're going to find the Guard, Kenge announces that he'll let them find him instead.

He causes a scuffle with the hyenas watching nearby. Sure enough, the Lion Guard arrive and engage in combat with Kenge. The monitor lizard bites Kion, Fuli and Beshte, before being scared away by Bunga's flatulence. The hyenas chase after him.

The-bite-of-kenge (358)

"I'm in charge! I'm in charge!"

With most of the Guard down, they return to the patch, where the hyenas gather up the melons. Janja turns to Kenge, asking for a "little" help. He quickly changes his wording to some "big" help, before Kenge asks him if he thinks Janja's in charge. Although Cheezi and Chungu say that he is, Kenge asserts his role as leader. But before they leave, Bunga and Ono arrive. Kenge orders the hyenas to return with the melons, but Ono and Bunga stop them from doing so. After Kenge bites both Bunga and Ono, they continue with their theft, with Janja commenting on how the plan worked out. Kenge merely replies that it was the plan.

The-bite-of-kenge (566)

Janja is bitten

As they move through Embamba Canyon, they halt movement when Bunga arrives. Confused as to why he isn't paralysed, they abandon the melons to confront him, not noticing Makini behind them. They grow worried when Bunga starts to taunt Kenge on his size, eventually forcing him into a rage filled frenzy. After luring Kenge into biting Cheezi and Chungu, Bunga circles around Janja, worrying him. Janja picks Bunga up in his mouth, but as Kenge lures in to eat him, Makini throws a melon at his head, causing Kenge to bite Janja's leg instead.

With all three hyenas paralysed, they are unable to move when the Lion Guard arrive. When asked if he's going to tell them to run, Janja states that if he could, he would. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders, and the hyenas, plus Kenge, are sent back to the Outlands.

The Morning Report

The-morning-report (256)

Janja wonders why they kidnapped Zazu

Janja, Cheezi and Chungu are lurking in a bush, waiting for Zazu to arrive. Having been told by Scar to grab him, they wait for the bird to swoop down in a clearing before pouncing. Chungu grabs the bird in his mouth, and takes him back to the Outlands. In the Outlands, Cheezi and Chungu keep watch on Zazu, while Janja speaks with Scar in the volcano, asking what to do next. Scar orders Janja to interrogate Zazu, who will have all the information on Simba, including his strengths, his weaknesses and his allies. Janja is confident that he can get Zazu to talk, and leaves the volcano to proceed with the plan.

The-morning-report (320)

Janja interrogates Zazu

Zazu tries to persuade Cheezi and Chungu into letting him free, but Janja arrives to put a stop to his plan. He orders Zazu to talk, but the hornbill is left unintimidated by the trio. When the rest of Janja's clan arrive, Zazu feigns defeat, before crying out at the top of his voice for help. Annoyed, Janja rolls the cage to the steam vent, prompting Zazu to finally give in. He opens up to them about Simba, but none of the information is helpful to the hyenas. But in the distance, his singing is overheard by the Lion Guard.

The-morning-report (457)

Fighting Kion

When he finishes, the information is of no use to the hyenas and they decide to eat him instead, letting the steam warm him up. But the Lion Guard arrive just in time and start to fight Janja's Clan, with Janja taking on Kion. He is quickly pushed aside when Kion notices Zazu in danger. When the hornbill is saved, Janja calls for his clan to retreat, angry that they received no important information.

Divide and Conquer

Divide-and-conquer (50)

Chasing the giraffes

Janja's clan are in the Pride Lands, chasing Twiga and Juhudi with the Lion Guard hot on their trail. He shows no concern, and the Lion Guard soon split up to stop Reirei's Pack elsewhere, while Kion and Beshte continuing chasing Janja and his clan. Janja notices the pair gaining on them and orders Nne and Tano to deal with them. They are effortlessly knocked over by Kion and Beshte, prompting Janja to send out Cheezi and Chungu as well, just as Nne and Tano get back up. With Janja getting closer to the giraffes, Twiga takes action and kicks him away. Despite outnumbering Kion and Beshte, Janja picks himself up and calls for his clan to retreat.

Divide-and-conquer (257)

Reporting to Scar

They meet up with Reirei's pack in the Outlands and return to Scar, explaining how their plan to split up the Lion Guard worked so well. Scar reveals that their first mission was merely a test, and that their main objective would be in the next mission - eliminating Rafiki. When Janja and Reirei show confusion at this plan, Scar continues to inform them that Rafiki can sense all the Lions of the Past, including himself, something he does not want the Pride Landers to discover yet. Janja and Reirei start to squabble over who will take out Rafiki and who will cause a distraction, but Scar grows tired of their pettiness, and sends Janja's clan out to take down Rafiki, who he informs them is meditating at Mapango Cliffs.

Outside, Janja taunts Reirei over Scar's decision. When Reirei states that jackals are the smartest, Janja argues with her over that statement.

Divide-and-conquer (451)

Rafiki attacks Janja

As Rafiki meditates on a rock, Janja's clan start to move in. When a fireball starts a blaze nearby, Cheezi begins to panic, only for Janja to tell him that it's all part of Scar's plan. When the hyenas surround the mandrill and Janja calls for them to attack, however, Rafiki performs some unexpected martial art tricks on the hyenas, defeating them with ease. In the distance, Janja notices the entire Lion Guard approaching, and comments on how their mission is not going as planned.

Divide-and-conquer (521)

Scar surprises Janja

The Lion Guard take over from Rafiki, continuing to defeat the hyenas with little effort. Janja retreats into the growing fire, but before he can leave, Scar appears in the fire, ordering Janja to finish the job. Janja expresses his concerns over being outnumbered, but Scar responds with 'not for long'. Janja exits the flames to see Reirei's pack have arrived, and gladly joins up with everyone. The hyenas and jackals fight together, and Janja comes very close to defeating Kion, but the distraction of Tamaa the Drongo allows Kion to overpower Janja. The hyenas and jackals surrender and are still sent home by the Lion Guard.


Which Way Out?

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are in the Pride Lands. When the Lion Guard spot them, Janja announces that they should scram. They run into a large canyon, where they fool the Lion Guard into getting lost inside. The Lion Guard are able to escape the maze though, and Janja orders his henchmen to go after them. They all go different ways and soon realize that they have gotten themselves lost in their own trap.

Janja's Prisoners

Janja, Cheezi and Chungu kidnap Timon and Pumbaa when they wander too close to the Outlands. Although Chungu is worried that they are friends with the Lion Guard, Janja does not care.

If the Guard choose Bunga's route, they find Janja, Cheezi and Chungu fast asleep having taken a nap along the way back home. The Guard use Termites to break open a thorn cage that they have placed the duo in and, when they awake, the bugs bite Janja's nose.

If the Guard choose Ono's route, Janja leaves his prisoners on a rock surrounded by lava in the Outlands. The Guard are able to save Timon and Pumbaa by getting Beshte to push some rocks into the lava, redirecting the flow. Janja arrives to discover that the lava flow has been redirected to his own lair.

The Night Mission

Janja and his crew go on a night hunt in the Pride Lands until the lion guard enters the scene thanks to a little bat alerting them. During the chase, Janja is alerted by one of his clan members that Cheezi and Chungu ended separated from them and decided to use that to their advantage. While the guard was chasing them, Cheezi and Chungu would bring something back. As Janja waits for them at the border between the Pride Lands and the Outlands, he begins to get annoyed that his two members haven't arrived yet. Until, the two come sliding down from the cliffs right into him; upset at another failed plan Janja calls them useless and returns to the Outlands. 


English Andrew Kishino
French Xavier Fagnon


Ntínos Soútis (speaking)

Leftéris Lámprou (singing)

Polish Waldemar Barwiński


Gonçalo Carvalho
Spanish Lorenzo Beteta





  • Janja and his clan are descendants of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, as stated in a promotional Disney Junior video.[5]
  • Janja and Cheezi are the only members of their clan that resemble the main hyenas in the Lion King. Janja looks like Banzai and Cheezi looks like Ed.


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  2. Can't Wait to be Queen
  3. The Mbali Fields Migration
  4. Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots
  5. TLK descendants
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