Hornbills are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.  


In the Real World

Red-billed hornbills, the only species to have been featured in the show, usually have a white head and underparts. Their upperparts are varying shades of gray, and their wings are spotted with white. They sport large, curved red beaks.

In The Lion Guard

In The Lion Guard, the only known hornbill is a red-billed hornbill. He has blue feathers with darker tips, a very large red and golden break, dark reddish orange feet, and a white underbelly.


Red-billed hornbills are birds native to Africa. They feed off of insects, fruits, and seeds.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Rotr-hd (5)

Zazu guides Simba

Zazu the hornbill appears briefly, announcing that he has found Kion as he leads Simba to him. He then lands on a rock.

The Lion Guard

Zazu appears occasionally in The Lion Guard series. He appears as majordomo to Simba. He is the only hornbill to have appeared in The Lion Guard so far.

Notable Hornbills in The Lion Guard

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