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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the comic.

Hippo Springs is a location in the Pride Lands, found on a mountain. It is the source of the water found in Big Springs.


Hippo Springs is a rocky area with very minor amounts of vegetation growing nearby. A large rock wall is also nearby, helping to guide the stream of water through to the rest of the Pride Lands.


Hippo Springs

The Lion Guard hear how Hippo Springs has dried up. After asking Rafiki for directions, the Guard head out, with Fuli guiding them to the mountain base. Bunga uses some stones given to him by Rafiki to work out the correct path, and they head up to find a rock slide has stunted the springs. Beshte uses his immense strength to push the rocks away, which in turn allows the water to burst free and restore Big Springs.

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