Hamerkops, also known as umbretta or umberbirds, are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


In the Real World 

The Hamerkop is a distinctive medium sized wading bird, with brown plumage and small hints of iridescent purple on its back

The Hamerkop’s bill is long and flat and slightly hooked at the tip and their is a square, blunt crest on its nape. Compared to other wading birds, its legs and neck are shorter in length. The Hamerkop’s feet are partially webbed and its middle toe is comb-like (pectinated), similar to that of a Herons, and is used to groom its feathers.

In The Lion Guard 

Hamerkops are medium sized birds who vary based on age. The adults are brown with a large beak, and the hatchlings are grey with a small beak.


In the Real World 

Hamerkops are wading birds that live in pairs or flocks. They feed mostly on fish and frogs by stalking shallow water. Hamerkops often build their nests in the forks of trees, collecting thousands of sticks, leaves and grasses for their materials.

In The Lion Guard 

Hamerkops live in the Pride Lands, and appear to be rare in some other locations.


Ono and the Egg

A hamerkop named Kulinda leaves her egg with Ono while she builds another nest. When she returns, the egg has hatched, and after the pair save her from Mpishi and Mwoga, she names her after Ono - Ona.

Notable Hamerkops

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