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He's right. Look.

–Gumba's Mother to Big Baboon, Bunga the Wise

Gumba's Mother is a baboon that resides in the Pride Lands. She is the mother of Gumba and a member of Big Baboon's Troop.


Gumba's Mother has reddish-brown fur, which is darker on her head. Her face is a pale, dark pink, with her nose being darker than that of her skin. Her eyes are green. She has a dull brown-grey underbelly and five fingers of the same color, tipped with dull brown fingernails. Her tail is long and fairly slender.


Although her personality is not explored, it can be seen that Gumba's Mother is reasonable, as she is able to see the truth in Ono's words, and tries to help convince her leader of the dangers. She is also seen as an affectionate, kind, and caring mother.


Bunga the Wise

Bunga-the-wise-hd (13)

Concerned mother

During a rainstorm, the members of the Lion Guard attempt to coax Big Baboon's Troop out of a tree since it will soon topple over a cliff. Despite Big Baboon's protests, Ono tells him of the danger that they are in, and Gumba's mother backs up his words.

When the tree breaks, Ono rescues her son, and returns him safely to his mother.

Ono the Tickbird

When Kifaru the rhino loses his tickbird, Mwenzi, his poor eyesight drives him straight into Big Baboon Tree. In the commotion, Gumba's Mother makes a hasty escape into Nyani Grove.


Gumba: Son

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