Grey-headed bushshrikes are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and the Back Lands.


Grey-headed bushshrikes are medium-sized birds with green upperparts, a yellow belly, an orange breast, and, as the name suggests, a gray head. Their bills are robust and recurved.


Grey-headed bushshrikes inhabit wooded areas and savannahs. Their diet consists of insects, snakes, lizards, frogs, and the eggs and chicks of other birds. The females lays and incubates 2-4 eggs, while the male brings her food.


Can't Wait to be Queen

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (64)

A grey-headed bushshrike flies by Simba

Grey-headed bushshrikes appear twice during the song Duties of the King. When Zazu sings about welcoming birds from all around, a flock of birds, including some grey-headed bushshrikes, fly by. Slightly later on, when Simba sings about assigning songbirds to their trees, a bushshrike flies from a tree.

Follow That Hippo!


Mtoto helps a baby Bushshrike

A baby grey-headed bushshrike is shown during the song Hero Inside. It is rescued from a puddle by Mtoto and lifted back to its nest with another bushshrike, presumably its mother.

The Imaginary Okapi

The-imaginary-okapi (97)

Relaxing in a tree

After several hyraxes climb the tree they were perched on, a flock of grey-headed bushshrikes take flight and swoop downward. They fly above a zebra herd. They are then shown swaying gently in a tree along with a pair of yellow wagtails.

Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (156)

"Hadithi the Hero!"

When the legendary eagle Hadithi comes back to the Pride Lands, some Grey-Headed Bushshrikes are among the plethora of birds waiting to see him.

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