Good Roar, Kion! (Gut gebrüllt, Kion! in German, Goed Gebruld, Kion! in Dutch, Bien joué, Kion ! / Well Done, Kion! in France or In Viaggio Verso Kion/Travel to Kion in Italy)[1] is a game inspired by The Lion Guard.


The youngest play starts first, and characters may not land on the same space. Roll the dice, and move the number of spaces indicated on the die. If you land on a space with the Mark of the Guard, the hyenas are nearby. Take 3 of the chips (that should be face down), and what happens next depends on the outcome of the chips.

  • 2 Hyenas, 1 Mark - Go back two spaces
  • 1 Hyena, 2 Marks - Go back a space
  • 1 Hyena, 1 Mark, 1 Kion - Move to another player on the field
  • 2 Hyenas, 1 Kion - Push two players back one space each, or push one player back 2 spaces
  • 1 Kion, 2 Marks - Go forward two spaces
  • 3 Marks - Go forward two spaces

The winner is the player who reaches Kion first by exact number.

Company Description

Der kleine Löwe Kion ist Anführer der „Garde der Löwen“, sie beschützen das geweihte Land. Von seinem Aussichtspunkt auf dem Königsfelsen entdeckt Kion einige herumstreunende Hyänen, die immer wieder Unruhe stiften. Mit lautem Gebrüll ruft er seine Freunde um Hilfe! Wer wird den spannenden Wettlauf gewinnen und als Erster bei Kion sein?

(Translation: The small lion Kion is leader of the "Lion Guard", who protect the Pride Lands. From his vantage point on the Pride Rock, Kion discovers some wandering hyenas, which always cause trouble. With a loud roar he calls his friends for help! Who will win the exciting race and be the first at Kion?)




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