Giraffe Watering Hole is a location in the Pride Lands.


Giraffe Watering Hole is a vast enclosed area with crystal clear water, surrounded by small cliffs and one entrance in. A few rocks, generally small and medium are also jutting out from the water.


Never Roar Again

After the Majordomo to his father informs him that a rockslide had isolated Twiga's Herd from their watering hole, Kion leads his friends to deal with the situation, pausing briefly to watch Zazu forcibly usher Ono out.

When the Guard reaches the watering hole, Twiga and Shingo notice Ono's predicament, and tease him about it, Fuli and Bunga defend Ono, and whilst Fuli's statements are genuine, Bunga's unintentionally worsen the situation.

Kion hesitates whilst assessing the situation, which prompts Bunga to urge him to use the Roar, a statement met by Kion refusing, still traumatized by an earlier occurrence involving someone he loved. He orders Beshte to use his strength to move the rocks, and Beshte complies.

Once the watering hole is clear, Shingo leads the giraffes to drink.


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