KION: Lion Guard! Ono's found dry ground. We gotta round up the buffalo and guide them over there fast!

FULI: Nobody does fast better than me. Huwezi! This way, everybody! Follow me! This way! That's it.



KION: Beshte! Bunga! That last one's yours!

BESHTE: You got it, Kion!



BUNGA: Come on! Let's go, buffalo!

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!




KION: Bunga, are you okay?

BUNGA: Something bit me. And it was him.

ONO: We did it, Kion! The buffalo are all safe and... sound? Hapana! Egyptian Cobra! Whatever you do, don't let him bite you.

BUNGA: He already did.


ONO: Oh, no!

BESHTE: Hey, Ushari? Why did you do that?

USHARI: He landed on my head, Beshte. (HISSES) He's lucky I only bit him once!

BUNGA: He's got a point. Wonder if he left a mark.

ONO: Bunga! Bunga! You don't understand! That snake, his bite is venomous.

BUNGA: You mean it did leave a mark?

ONO: I mean, his bite is poison!


BUNGA: Poison? That's not good. That's bad. That means... That means I'm a goner! (MOANING)

ONO: The venom's hit his system! We need to suck the poison out!

BUNGA: Okay, if you think it'll help!

FULI: Really?

ONO: Maybe not.

KION: I have a better idea. We'll take him to Rafiki. Ono, have Timon and Pumbaa meet us at Rafiki's tree.

ONO: Affirmative!

KION: Hang in there, Bunga. Rafiki will know what to do.



TIMON: Bunga! The bird said a snake bit ya on the bottom.

PUMBAA: Oh! Say it ain't so!

BUNGA: (MOANS) It's so.


KION: Timon, Pumbaa, calm down. I'm sure Rafiki...

TIMON: Rafiki? What's he gonna do?

RAFIKI: Who, me? (LAUGHS) Nothing!

PUMBAA: (CHUCKLES) Thanks, Rafiki! That's great. Uh, nothing?

KION: Rafiki, Bunga was bitten by a poisonous snake.

BUNGA: (GROANS) You gotta help me. I can't have much time left. I think this is the end. Goodbye, everyone. Hello, Circle of Life.

KION: Bunga! Bunga!



RAFIKI: Eh, Bunga? Honey badgers like you, you're immune to snakebites.

BUNGA: What? "Immune"?



BUNGA: I thought I was a goner, but this is even worse. I'm immune! What's immune?

ONO: If you're immune to something, it can't hurt you.

BUNGA: So if I'm immune to snakebites, they can't hurt me? Great! Let's go, guys!

FULI: Are you kidding me? We were worried about you and you were faking it?

BUNGA: Uh, not exactly.

FULI: I should bite you myself.

KION: Easy, Fuli. Bunga, we just thought you were really hurt.

BUNGA: Me, too.

TIMON: But he's not. He's fine. So let's celebrate!

PUMBAA: Yeah! A feast at Hakuna Matata Falls. And everyone's invited!

KION: Thanks, Pumbaa. Sounds great, but I have to meet my family for dinner.

BESHTE: Me, too.

ONO: Uh, the flock gets jittery when I don't show up for mealtime.

PUMBAA: How 'bout you, Fuli? Are you meeting your cheetah family?

FULI: Nah. I'll just go hunt by myself.

PUMBAA: By yourself? All alone? That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?

TIMON: You're right, Pumbaa. It is! Friends don't let friends eat alone.

FULI: It's not like that. Girl cheetahs hunt alone. It's what we do.

TIMON: Not this girl cheetah. Not today. You're eating with us, and I'm not taking no for an answer.

FULI: But I...

TIMON: Ah, ah, ah. Not another word. I insist. After you.


ONO: Is what Timon said true? Do friends not let friends eat alone?

BESHTE: If it is true, we haven't been very good friends to Fuli.

KION: We need to be sure Fuli knows we're here for her.

ONO: How do we do that?

KION: From now on, if any of us sees Fuli all alone, we'll invite her to join us in whatever we're doing.

BESHTE: Oh. Good idea, Kion. Then Fuli will know we're her friends.

TIMON: Dinner is served.

PUMBAA: Oh, they're slimy, yet satisfying.


FULI: Ugh!

BUNGA: Mmm! The slime helps them go down smooth!

FULI: Uh, thanks, but I'm not really hungry.

TIMON: Of course. How rude of me. How can you dive into a meal without a little dinner conversation?


TIMON: So, how are things on your end of the food chain?

FULI: Um... Good?

TIMON: Good, good. Oh, wow. You are so soft. Do you know how soft you are?

FULI: I, uh, don't really love having my fur touched.

TIMON: Pumbaa. Feel this fur. You could drown in fur like this.

PUMBAA: Oh, oh, I wanna feel! Mmm. Cuddly! Oh. (MUTTERS) Bunga, you try. Uh, where'd he go?

TIMON: Oh, I'm sure he's around somewhere.

BUNGA: Right here! Check it out! Open wide!


BUNGA: (GRUNTS) Look at me! I'm immune! Whoo!

FULI: Bunga!

BUNGA: What ya doing, Fuli?

FULI: (ANGRILY) Saving your life.

BUNGA: But you heard Rafiki. I'm immune. I can't be hurt. I could've stayed in that croc's mouth all day. (GROANS)

FULI: Gah! Fine. Go get eaten if you want to. I'm out of here.

TIMON: Bunga! Bubby! Want some more bugs? They're delicious.

BUNGA: Are they poisonous?

PUMBAA: Of course not!

BUNGA: Where's the fun in that?



ONO: Hapana! Fuli's all alone. Hey, Fuli! Fuli!

FULI: (GASPS) Ono! What's up? Is there trouble?

ONO: Trouble? Oh. Uh, no.

FULI: Ono, I was hunting.

ONO: Hunting? That's perfect. I was on my way to hunt with the other egrets. You should join us.

FULI: Okay. Nothing like a good hunt.



FULI: And this is nothing like a good hunt.

ONO: What? A good hunt? Yeah, it's great.

FULI: Ugh, what are we doing here, Ono? Do egrets eat elephants?

ONO: No! We eat the bugs kicked up by the elephants' feet. (CHUCKLES)

FULI: Bugs? Again? What is with everyone eating bugs (GRUNTS) Ugh.

ONO: What's wrong, Fuli: Why'd you stop?

FULI: Ono, I'm covered in mud!

ONO: (SNIFFS) Oh, that's not mud. Come on!

FULI: (GASPS) Ugh. Gross.

BESHTE Fuli! Jambo!

FULI: (GROANS) Beshte?

BESHTE: Hey! I couldn't help but notice you're all by yourself.


BESHTE: So, I thought you might want to join me for a swim. You can meet my whole hippo pod.

FULI: (GROANING) It's okay. I'm not a real fan of water.

BESHTE: It's not that bad once you get used to it. What do you say?

FULI: (SIGHS) Well, maybe just my paws.

BESHTE: That's the way! Yeah!

FULI: Whoa!

BESHTE: (GASPS) Whoops! Fuli? Fuli?



FULI: Okay. So I'm in the water. Just like a hippo.

BESHTE: Well, uh, how do you like it?

FULI: It's great. (CHUCKLES) Maybe we can do it again. Some other time.

BESHTE: Uh, okay, Fuli. (SIGHS) Some other time.

BUNGA: But I gotta tell you, being immune? It's un-Bunga-lievable! Nothing hurts! Not even bouncing a porcupine on my head.

KION: Wow. I guess you can do that with thick skin like yours.

BUNGA: Pfft! Kion! Skin has nothing to do with it. I'm immune! 98, 99...

KION: There she is!


BUNGA: Ah. Sorry, guy.

KION: Fuli!

FULI: (GROANS) Hi, guys.

KION: Hey! Sorry about the gazelle. But if you're up for a hunt, you could hunt with me and my family.

FULI: Hunting? With the Royal Family? Yeah! Thanks, Kion. Asante!

KION: Hakuna Matata! You in, Bunga?

BUNGA: Nah, I'm gonna stay here and enjoy bein' immune.

KION: Okay. See you later.

FULI: Bye, Bunga.

BUNGA: Yeah, later. Now, back to bouncing.

PORCUPINE: Huh-uh! Ninety-nine bounces is enough for me. Why don't you go play in a volcano?

BUNGA: Play in a volcano? That's a great idea!

PORCUPINE: No! It's a bad idea! I was kidding!

NALA: Okay Kiara, you lead the hunt.

KIARA: You girls ready?

TIIFU: I'm ready if you are, Kiara. You're our leader. (GIGGLES)

ZURI: (SIGHS) Can we just get this over with?

KIARA: Come on, Zuri. Focus.

TIIFU: Ooh, Kiara's gonna be so impressed with how I hunt those gazelles.


TIIFU: Just wait till she sees what a tracky tracker and pouncy pouncer I can be.

ZURI: Yeah, that ought to wow her. (LAUGHING) Ooh, Queen Nala's looking. Act all excited and hunterish.


FULI: Ugh. Do I seriously have to hunt with those two?

KION: Tiifu and Zuri? Sure. They're my sister's best friends. They're like family.

KIARA: Ladies, follow me.


TIIFU: (GASPS) Who does she think she is? Hunting right beside the future queen.

ZURI: (SCOFFS) Who cares? Hunting is so overrated. Let the cheetah hunt for us.

TIIFU: Don't cheetahs like to hunt alone? Why is Fuli all like, (MIMICKING) "Look at me, I'm Kiara's new bestie."

ZURI: (SCOFFS) I don't even like gazelle. Hyena food.



NALA: And stop!


NALA: Excellent tracking skills, Kiara! Really fantastic!

KIARA: Thanks, Mom.

FULI: But the gazelle got away!

NALA: Of course it did. We're still training for Kiara's first hunt. Come on, girls.

TIIFU: Bye, Fuli!

FULI: Hold up. You mean I don't get to eat? What's the point of hunting if I don't get to eat?

KION: You got to hang out with us. Isn't that better than hunting alone?

FULI: When I hunt alone I get to eat. Except for today, when someone in the Guard keeps stopping me! What's going on with you guys?

KION: We just thought you'd be happier with company.

FULI: Do I look happier?

KION: Not really.

FULI:  (SIGHS) I like being alone, Kion. I enjoy it. And you know what? I've never wanted to be more alone than I do right now!

KION: Fuli! (SIGHS) Sorry.


Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, zoom, zoom, zoom Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, zoom, zoom, zoom ♪ Ta-ta-ta Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, zoom, zoom, zoom


CHUNGU: Scritchy-scratchy, scritchy-scratchy...

JANJA: Up a little. Oh, yeah, to the right. Your other right, fur brain.

CHUNGU: Oh. Scritchy, scritchy...

JANJA: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's the stuff.

CHEEZI: Janja, Janja! You're not gonna believe this!

JANJA: What are you lookin' at?

CHEEZI: Dinner! And it's being delivered. (LAUGHS)

BUNGA: Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, Zoom, zoom, zoom

(GROANS) Good thing I'm immune, or this would be a really bad idea. (GRUNTS) Oh, that's warm. Mmm. (GIGGLES)

CHUNGU:I don't understand. That stuff is hot. Even I know not to do that.

CHEEZI: (SCREECHING LAUGH) Yeah! What's that honey badger thinking, huh?

JANJA: Who cares? Our dinner is cooking itself.

FULI: (SIGHS) The Guard always used to let me be by myself. What's gotten into them?

♪ Don't know why my friends don't understand

♪ They can't deny that I know who I am

♪ I love the hunt and the chase

♪ The thrill of the race

♪ Doin' it on my own

♪ Nothin' wrong with bein' alone

♪ I thought my friends already knew

♪ To myself I must be true

♪ Be true, be true

♪ I go my own way

♪ My call, every single day

♪ No matter what they say

♪ Yeah, I go my own way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ My way

♪ You can try to run from me, yeah, go

♪ But catch my eye

♪ I'm faster than you know

♪ Don't need to run with the pack

♪ I got my own back

♪ My life is what I make it

♪ And I know where to take it

♪ I thought my friends already knew

♪ To myself I must be true

♪ Be true, be true

♪ I go my own way

♪ My call, every single day

♪ No matter what they say

♪ Yeah, I go my own way

♪ My way,

"♪ My way,

♪ My way

♪ My way,

"♪ My way,

"♪ My way

♪ I thought my friends already knew

♪ Bein' myself is what I do

♪ I do, I do, I do

♪ I go my own way

♪ My call, every single day

♪ No matter what they say

♪ Yeah, I go my own way

♪ My way,

"♪ My way,

"♪ My way

♪ My way,

"♪ My way,

"♪ My way

♪ My way,

"♪ My way,

"♪ My way

♪ I go my own way ♪

KION: Hey, guys, have you seen Fuli?

BESHTE: Uh, not since I accidentally knocked her into the lake. She was kind of upset after that.

ONO: She didn't seem happy hunting with my flock either.

KION: I asked her to hunt with my family, too. But it didn't go so well.

BESHE: Maybe we shouldn't have tried to stop her from being alone.

KION: Yeah. She said she likes it. Guess we were being better friends when we just let Fuli be Fuli.

ONO: Hey! Let's find Fuli and tell her from now on, we'll leave her alone!

BESHTE: Poa! Great idea!

KION: Lead the way, Ono.

BUNGA: Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, zoom, zoom, zoom Zuka Zama, I'm immune Zuka Zama, zoom, zoom, zoom

JANJA: Hello, morsel.

BUNGA: Move it, Janja! See that volcano up there? I'm gonna go play in it!

JANJA: I don't think you get it. We're going to eat you.

BUNGA: (CHUCKLING) You couldn't eat me if you tried. You know why? 'Cause I'm immune! That's right! Immune! (ECHOING) Immune!

FULI: Bunga? In the Outlands? Oh. This can't be good.

JANJA: You're what?

BUNGA: Immune.

CHUNGU: What's immune?

CHEEZI:I hope it's not contagious!

JANJA: Stuff it, fur brains! It doesn't matter. Let's just eat him!

FULI: Huwezi! (GROANS)

BUNGA: Again? You always jump in just when things are getting fun.

FULI: "Fun"?

BOTH: Whoa!

JANJA: Come on, boys! Follow that rock!

CHUNGU: Why do we always have to work for our food?

CHEEZI: Ain't no such thing as a free meal.

BUNGA: I take it back. This is even more fun. Whoa! Hey, Timon was right. You really are soft.


KION: Any sign of Fuli?

ONO: Not yet! Hapana! Fuli and Bunga are in trouble! We have to hurry!

BUNGA: (SNIFFS) Do you smell something burning? Ow.

FULI: (GASPS) I got it.

BUNGA: That lava's hot. And it hurts!

FULI: Calm down. It's gone now.

BUNGA: But... But... This means I'm not immune! Whoa!

JANJA: A little bit further and they're ours for the eatin'. Honey badger, with a side of cheetah.

KION: Till the Pride Land's end...

KION, BESHTE & ONO: Lion Guard defend!


FULI: (SIGHS) Are we glad to see you guys!

BUNGA: Yeah! You won't believe it, but I'm not immune to lava! Or fire!

ONO: I believe it.

KION: Beshte! The dead tree!

BESHTE: You got it, Kion. Twende Kiboko!

CHUNGU: Aw, there goes dinner.

JANJA: Oh, they're not gone yet. After them! (SNARLING)



FULI: Can't catch me! (BITES)



CHUNGU: Something smells delicious!

JANJA: That's us, fur brains!


JANJA: Get off me!

FULI: Thanks, guys. I don't know what we would have done without you.

KION: We're the Lion Guard. We come through for each other. Always.

FULI: Uh, Bunga? You can get off me now. We're safe.

BUNGA: Yeah, I know. You're just so soft. Whoa! (GRUNTS) On the outside, at least. Hey, anyone else want to cool off at the watering hole?

BESHTE: For sure!

ONO: I'm in!

KION: Let's go! But if you'd rather be alone, Fuli, that's okay too.

FULI: Thanks, Kion. I do like being alone, especially when I'm hunting. But I really like hanging out with you guys, too.

KION: You do?

FULI: Well, yeah. It's like you're my... My family.

BESHTE: (SNIFFLES) That's a beautiful thing to say, Fuli.

FULI: Uh, you all want a hug, don't you? (SIGHS) All right. This once.



FULI: (CHUCKLES) Yeah, you too.

KION: Hmm.

BESHTE: You were right, Little B! She is really soft.

BUNGA: Told you.

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