Forest hogs are swines that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and the Theluji Mountains.


In the Real World

Giant forest hogs are the largest living members of the pig family. They have long, dark brown fur covering their bodies with dark orange covering those near their skin. The tusks of the males are larger than those of the females'.

In The Lion Guard

Forest hogs are dark brown in color with large tusks curving out from their jaws and shaggy mane running on their backs.


In the Real World

Forest hogs live in the tropical rainforests and mountains of Central and Eastern Africa, living in sounders up to 20 animals. Despite their large size, they sometimes fall prey to lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas.

In The Lion Guard

Forest hogs live in the Pride Lands and the Theluji Mountains. One is depicted to be highly territorial and can become aggressive if another forest hog intrudes its territory.


The Call of the Drongo

Tamaa rides on a forest hog whilst using his mimicry to copy their grunting noises.

The Lost Gorillas

The-lost-gorillas (268)

Kion releases the hog

When gorilla princes Hafifu and Majinuni start to imitate a forest hog whilst playing a game, they accidentally summon a real forest hog who believes they are encroaching on his territory. They immediately run away from him when he approaches, but Kion is the one who enters combat with him and manages to pin him down. When the rest of the Lion Guard arrive, he is let free on the condition that he leaves the gorillas alone.
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