Finches are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands


In the Real World 

Finches are orange birds with a black mask and black chest feathers. The upper part of their wing feathers and the bottom of their tails are light brown, with a dark brown on the upper part of their tail feathers and just below the brown feathers on their wing feathers. Their primary and secondary feathers are yellow. Their beak and talons are grey.


In the Real World 

Finches make their nests on trees or bushes. They feed on seeds, fruits, and insects.

In The Lion Guard 

Finches appear to live on or around cliffs.


Ono's Idol

During the song Hadithi the Hero, Hadithi mentions freeing some finches from a hyena.


  • The finches that are shown are actually the Southern red bishop, a member of the weaver family.

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