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––Female Monkey, Babysitter Bunga

Female Monkey is a Monkey, who lives in the Pride Lands. She appears in Babysitter Bunga.


Female Monkey is a slender creature with red fur, a pink underbelly and a long, red tail. Her inner ears and face are also pink, with her muzzle a lighter pink. Her eyes are purple.


Not much is currently known about Female Monkey, but it is known that she is calm and compassionate towards her son.


Babysitter Bunga

Babysitter-bunga (268)

The request

Female Monkey is resting at the Watering Hole with her son when she overhears Muhimu mention that her son, Hamu, is being taken care of by Bunga while she relaxes. Along with some other parents, Female Monkey decides to see if Bunga can take her son on as well. She and the other parents meet him at Hakuna Matata Falls, and drop their children off with him after he accepts.

Later, she returns to find that her son has fought against some jackals in her absence. Whilst shocked, she is pleased to hear that Bunga has taught all of his young charges how to fight back, and that they were the ones who defeated Reirei's Pack with minimal help from Bunga himself.



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