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But they're fighting near our nests! If they're not stopped, they'll trample our eggs!

–Female Duck to Fuli, The Search for Utamu

Female Duck is a duck who lives in the Pride Lands. She appears in The Search for Utamu.


Female Duck is a small, pudgy duck with dark teal feathers and a small glow of white feathers cover her belly. She has two browny orange webbed feet, and her long beak is also this color. Her eyes are black. Her tail is tipped with a very dark navy point, and her wings go from navy, pale blue, blue, white to dark teal from the ends. Inside her wings are white tips and dark blue feathers.


The Female Duck is shown to be a caring mother, taking the initiative to seek out help when her eggs are in danger. She is grateful to those who assist her in her times of need.


The Search for Utamu

The-search-for-utamu (185)

Telling Fuli of the situation

The Female Duck approaches Fuli as she is resting. Female Duck is frantic, and explains that oryxes are fighting. Although Fuli initially believes it to be no big deal, the Female Duck forwards her concerns that they'll trample their eggs. Fuli then asks her to take her there. Although the Female Duck questions where the rest of the Guard is, Fuli reminds her that she is the fastest. Female Duck agrees, and starts to fly ahead.

Despite her fatigue, Fuli follows Female Duck through Ukuni Woods and to the ground where the oryxes are still engaged in battle. Fuli swiftly chases them away, and the Female Duck thanks her before returning to her nest along with the other ducks.

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