The Dry Season is a seasonal event that occurs in the Pride Lands and the Outlands.


During the Dry Season, conditions become difficult for the animals of the savannah, often leading to tensions and arguments.

Before the season begins, the King of the Pride Lands and his majordomo will gather key animal leaders for a Savannah Summit, in order to negotiate peacefully.

It's also an easier time for fires to start namely caused by dry lightning.

Many dry seasons ago, Askari made peace between the lions and elephants. This time is celebrated with an Ukumbusho.


The Savannah Summit

While the Lion Guard plays Baobab Ball in the Pride Lands, a dry hillside collapses due to the weight of Kion and Bunga. Fuli comments that it's likely due to the beginning of the Dry Season. After that, they continue to play.

After Mtoto discovers animals headed to Pride Rock, Kion realizes that they're headed to the Savannah Summit and explains that it's a meeting with animal leaders to discuss important matters of the dry season.

Later on, as Simba sings about the Savannah Summit, he mentions that there's much to discuss as the dry season is approaching.

As Makuu argues with Bupu about where the crocodiles will hibernate, he mentions that all crocodiles do during the dry season is sleep. Then, after arguing, Bupu tells Makuu that the crocodile will say the dry season is wet, which confuses Makuu.

At the very end, Vuruga Vuruga and Bupu fight over whose territory the crocodiles will sleep near.

The Traveling Baboon Show

After the Pride Landers discover that food is missing from the Pride Lands, Bunga asks why it matters and Ono replies, saying that animals now have to eat more in order to survive when there's less food around.

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