The Kupatana Celebration

"Thanks, you guys! You were awesome! You were like 'Let that jackal go!' And they did!"

"And you guys must be the Lion Guard! You're the coolest! You just looked at the hyenas and they ran away!"

"I've heard about Kupatana. But I've never seen it! I can't wait!"

"It was just a misunderstanding!"                              

"But, Mom, won't Kion and the Lion Guard get mad and kick us out?"

Babysitter Bunga

"You mean, luring the little one away from the herd."

"Hey, wait up, wait for me"   

"It's the last game you'll ever play, Zebra!"

"We're gonna save some for Dad. Right, Mom?"

"You can't get away from us that easy. We've been practicing."