Disney Junior Appisodes is an app featuring The Lion Guard.

Users can purchase individual episodes and interact with the episode as it plays. Currently, two episodes of The Lion Guard are available.

Bunga the Wise


  • Clear the clouds for Ono
  • Make a bridge for Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri
  • Make and stop the rain
  • Roll Tiifu and Zuri to help them smell good
  • Find Kiara and her friends
  • Get Baby Baboon on Fuli's head
  • Guide Fuli and Baby Baboon to Nyani Grove
  • Find the hiding baboons
  • Smash the fruit before it hits Fuli
  • Clean Kiara
  • Move the tree
  • Find Fuli
  • Feed the baboons
  • Help Kiara save Tiifu and Zuri
  • Help the Lion Guard push the tree over
  • Help Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri push the tree over
  • Help the baboons cheer in unison
  • Spot the difference

Author's Description

Interactive episodes you watch AND play! Disney Junior Appisodes allow preschoolers to experience the magic of watching, playing, and interacting directly with their favorite Disney Junior TV shows in a whole new way.

They will touch, tap, swipe, tilt, shake, and talk their way through a fully immersive interactive TV episode that reinforces developmental values.[1]



Baboons! Appisode08:48

Baboons! Appisode


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