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Dhahabu is an upcoming character in season 2 of The Lion Guard. [1] She is the leader of a group of zebras. She will make her debut in The Golden Zebra.

The Lion Guard will approach her to ask if she will share her watering hole after a severe drought hits the Pride Lands. She will accept, though only if they complete her wily request.


Dhahabu is a peach-tan and white striped zebra. Her eyes are bright sky blue, with black eyebrows. She has a striped golden and white mane that curves to one side and rises above her face. Her inner ears are pink.


Dhahabu has been described as charismatic and wily. She is likely not very generous, as she chooses to ask for something in return for the use of her water hole despite the Pride Lands undergoing a drought.


  • Dhahabu is going to sing at some point.[2]
  • Dhahabu's design may be based on a viral photograph depicting a rare white zebra with exaggerated golden fur. [3]
  • She was the first new character to be revealed in Season 2 of The Lion Guard.[4]


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