My dad says we should only take what the pride needs, to keep the Circle of Life in balance. If we took down gazelles just to learn how to do it, pretty soon there wouldn't be any left. Then we'd be as bad as the hyenas.

Kiara on the Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is an ideology that is held by the all creatures of the Pride Lands and some in the Outlands.

It teaches all that everything exists in a delicate balance. All animals are a part of it, and must respect it in order to maintain that balance.


The Circle of Life concept is first introduced in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and is strongly emphasized throughout the TV series. The goal of the Lion Guard is to protect the Circle of Life, and ensure that all animals live in harmony, not taking more than is necessary for survival. Thus greed, gluttony, poaching, and thievery are looked down on. The Circle of Life also requires larger predators to stay in their own territories, preventing conflict and disorder.

Animals who do not respect or ignore the Circle of Life are usually considered to be rogues and forbidden from entering the Pride Lands. Those who do enter will be driven out again by the Lion Guard.

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