Chekundu Cliffs is a place in the Pride Lands.


Chekundu Cliffs is a series of large, imposing cliffs that overlook several acacia trees below. Mud gathers at the bottom, making it a rather dangerous spot for animals to be after a rainstorm.


Bunga and the King

Ono alerts Kion to some Sable Antelopes which have gotten stuck in the mud at the bottom of the cliffs. Kion reluctantly breaks away from his family, choosing to put his duties as the leader of the Lion Guard before the elephant concert.

As Kion and the Lion Guard are assisting the antelopes that were stuck in the mud, the tremendous rumble of the sinkhole alerts them to a new problem. Ono flies ahead, seeing the new sinkhole as well as Nala and Kiara beside it. Kion asks if his father is okay, but Ono reports that he can't actually see from there. Fuli insists that Kion go ahead whilst they clean up, and Ono leads the way over.


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