Chameleons are lizards that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands, the Outlands, and the Theluji Mountains.


In the Real World

Flap-necked chameleons are typically green, but have the ability to shift their color. Their heads have a bony casque, and their tails are prehensile. Their eyes are large and round, and have the ability to move independently. They have flat bodies and long limbs. A chameleon's tongue is long, with a sticky, mucus-coated tip.

In The Lion Guard

Chameleons are usually green with pale yellow spots and darker green stripes on their tail. They have long pink tongues and gray-green eyes. Like real chameleons, they have a casque on their head and a long prehensile tail.


In the Real World

Chameleons live in dry savannas and forests, and are often found on low branches or plants. Just like frogs and toads, they use their long sticky tongue to catch large insects to eat, and may also eat other small animals such as fellow lizards. Females lay up to seventy eggs at a time and then bury them underground, and the juveniles reach maturity after around a year. The chameleon's ability to change color is used for camouflage, social displays, and to indicate breeding status.

In The Lion Guard

Chameleons on the show are pretty much similar to their real life counterparts.


Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (303)

As Kion and Jasiri travel through the Outlands to Flat Ridge Rock, they notice a chameleon capturing and eating a cockroach. Kion remarks that this is an example of the Circle of Life.

The Mbali Fields Migration

The-mbali-fields-migration (237)

Chameleon in the rain

A chameleon is present as Swala's herd and Muhimu's herd migrate through a canyon on the way to Mbali Fields.

Too Many Termites

Too-many-termites (180)

A chameleon appears climbing onto a rock. It walks across the rock, climbs down, turns around, and walks onto a ledge as the Lion Guard walks by.

The Lost Gorillas

The-lost-gorillas (192)

While guiding two gorilla princes home to the Theluji Mountains, Beshte suggests asking a nearby chameleon the way to their home after Majinuni and Hafifu get lost. The chameleon changes color and Ono comments that it's a talent chameleons have. The two gorillas then lunge at the chameleon to play chameleon hide-and-seek.

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