Chakula Plains is a large plains region in the Pride Lands. It was first seen in the episode Eye of the Beholder and is the primary grazing location for the zebra herds.


The area is a vast open space filled with acacia trees, lush green grass and bountiful bushes. A clean dirt path leads the way from the nearby cliffs.


Eye of the Beholder

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (357)

The zebras graze

A herd of zebra are seen peacefully grazing in Chakula Plains. After hearing that the hyenas are about to ambush them, Ono attempts to move the zebra out through much persuading, but is unsuccessful. After scaring the zebras, Ono causes them to stampede, which allows time for Kion to roar and defeat Janja and his clan. The hyenas scamper back into the Outlands, and the zebras are saved.



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