Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

"Let's go?" Maybe we don't want to go. Maybe we're fine right here."

"We don't take orders from you."

"What a surprise. The Lion Guard is telling us what to do."

"Here we go again. Go on. Yell at us. Just like you've been doing all day."

"It never hurts to be polite."

The Savannah Summit

"Good faith? With a croc? Next you'll tell me the dry season's wet."

"He'll think twice before tangling with an antelope."

"With all due respect, your highness, I don't see the point. I've done my best. But negotiating is obviously not the crocodile way."

"And we were so close to a deal..."

"Enough with the gasping."

Rafiki's New Neighbors

"I don't care what the Lion Guard wants us to do. We aren't taking Mzaha back."

"And he was sent away for a good reason"

"Don't feel like it."

"Ah yes it never hurts to be polite" 

"Mzaha you are back with the herd"

"Mzaha! Enough! You're disturbing everyone's grazing!"

"Antelopes are not... silly creatures!"

"Silly creature."

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