KION: Baboons, you gotta come down. It's not safe up there.

BIG BABOON: We're dry up here. (WHOOPS) We'll come down when the rain stops.

BUNGA: This guy's un-Bunga-lievable.

FULI: Oh, baboons.



BESHTE: Kion. The tree's gonna go. And I don't wanna go with it.



BIG BABOON: Calm down! As long as we stay dry, whoo-whoo, everything will be fine.

ONO: No, it won't. Your tree's about to fall off a cliff.

FEMALE BABOON: (GASPS) He's right. Look.


KION: No! Stay on this side of the tree!


BESHTE: Can't hold it much longer.


ONO: Hapana!


KION: I got to get him out of that tree. Beshte! Think you can take a little more weight?


BESHTE: Sure. But whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.

KION: Bunga, climb up there and scare those baboons down.

BUNGA: With pleasure! Zuka zama!


BUNGA: Okay, baboonies, you can thank me later. Ah.



KION: I got you.



BUNGA: Come on outta there, baboonie.



FULI: Oh. You can get off now.

BIG BABOON: We'll get down... (WHOOPS) when the rain stops.

FULI: Ugh. Baboons.

BUNGA: Whew. I'm beat.

ONO: Oh. Don't get too comfortable. There's bound to be another storm.

FULI: Ohh, another one? We're still cleaning up from the last one.

BESHTE: Hmm. Who knew a tree full of baboons would be so heavy? (GROANS)

KION: Okay, everyone take a breather. You've earned it.There you go, little guy. (CHUCKLES) You're welcome.


KION: Hevi kabisa! Storm's caused so much destruction. Grandpa?

MUFASA: Yes, Kion. I'm here.

KION: I was thinking.The rains cause so many problems for the Pride Lands. What if I used the Roar to blow the big rain storms away?


MUFASA: The rains are part of the Circle of Life, Kion. The Pride Lands will need that water for the dry season.

KION: I guess. But it'd be a lot easier...

MUFASA: Kion. The easy solution is not always the best solution.

KION: Yes, Grandpa


KION: Oh, no.


ONO: (MUFFLED) Beshte! Let me out!


ONO: (GASPING) (SIGHS) It smells like fish in there.

KION: Guys, get up! Break's over!

BESHTE: What's the kerbubble, Kion? Oh.




FULI: What's going on? There's never been a river here before.

KION: Ono! Take a look!

ONO: Affirmative. (GASPS) Hapana! Lake Kiziwa! It's too full. The water's pouring out!

KION: (GRUNTS) That last rainstorm's still causing trouble.

ONO: It's getting worse, Kion!

KION: Lion Guard! We need to do something before all that water floods the valley.

BUNGA: Hey, I've got an idea.


BUNGA: Push, Beshte! We gotta block it out!

BESHTE: Twende kiboko!



ONO: (SIGHS) We did it!

FULI: Nice!

THURSTON: (CHUCKLING) Oh, my! Whose idea was this?

BUNGA: Mine. Pretty awesome, huh?

SHINGO: Impressive. What a great idea.

BUNGA: And you know what makes this a great idea? It was so simple to do. Quick and easy. That's the way to do it.

KION: I don't know, Bunga. The easy solution's not always the best solution.

SHINGO: Well, it sure worked with this dam.

KION: Uh-oh. Now look at it. What do we do about that?

BUNGA: Hmm. Put a stick in it. That's my advice.

THURSTON: Hey, it worked. What a good idea.

SHINGO: He gives great advice.

FULI: Good idea? Great advice? You know you're talking about Bunga, right?

RAFIKI: Don't be so surprised. Honey badgers, they are the Pride Lands' smartest animals when... Oh, oh, oh. Wait a minute.

BUNGA: You hear that, everyone? I'm the Pride Lands' smartest animal. Rafiki said so. I'm smart and I give good advice. Say, wait till my uncles hear about this.

KION: Hey, Bunga! Wait up!

RAFIKI:Yes, yes. Honey badgers are the smartest when they think before they speak. (GROANS) But if they do not, whoo-hoo-hoo! Total disaster! (LAUGHS) Hmm, where'd everyone go? Eh? (MUMBLING A SONG)

KION: Bunga! Bunga, wait up!

VOICE: Um, a little help here?

BESHTE: Uh-oh.


KION: Oh, we forgot to flip the turtles. Sorry about that.

MALE TURTLE: Oh, thank you.

BESHTE: Phew. There you go, little guy. Well, the turtles are all flipped.

FULI: We forget anything else?

KION: Argh. The porcupine brothers. Though that'd be easier if we had Bunga to help. Ono, go find Bunga. (HUMMING)

ONO: Affirmative.


KION: There you go, you guys. See you next time.


FULI: Every storm it's the same thing. You'd think they'd just move.

BESHTE: They like it here. It's cozy.

FULI: Yeah, but how cozy do you really want to be when you're a porcupine?

PORCUPINE: Ow, watch those quills!

KION: Okay, who wants to crawl in and make sure Ushari and the cobras aren't stuck in the mud?

BESHTE: Don't look at me.

FULI: (SIGHS) It's times like this we really need Bunga.

KION: Yeah, but he's...

ONO: Everyone! You gotta see what's going on at Hakuna Matata Falls!


KION: Hevi kabisa! What is all this?

THURSTON: Rafiki said he's the wisest...

SHINGO: Of all the animals...

MALE MONGOOSE: the whole Pride Lands.

MBUNI: Oh. Amazing.

TIMON: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast, kids.

PUMBAA: If you want to see him, you've got to wait in line!

KION: See who?

TIMON AND PUMBAA: Bunga the Wise.

PUMBAA: The Sage of Hakuna Matata Falls.

ALL: The what?

FULI: Seriously?


TIMON AND PUMBAA: ♪ There's one honey badger ♪ Who's as smart as can be

TIMON: ♪ He's smarter than Pumbaa

PUMBAA: ♪ He's smarter than me?

TIMON: ♪ It may sound kooky but it came from Rafiki

PUMBAA: ♪ He's one smart cookie

TIMON: ♪ He's amazingly geeky

TIMON AND PUMBAA: ♪ His IQ's off the charts

♪ He outthinks the best of us

PUMBAA: ♪ But he's also got heart

TIMON AND PUMBAA: ♪ So he'll think for the rest of us

♪ So

♪ Step right up Meet Bunga the Wise

♪ The wisest of all and he loves to advise

♪ If you're feeling down, don't know what to do

♪ Let Bunga the Wise

♪ Do your thinking for you

TIMON: ♪ Kid, that's a cue

PUMBAA: ♪ Come on, Bunga, you know what to do

BUNGA: ♪ Guess who?

♪ So step right up

♪ Meet Bunga the Wise

♪ The wisest of all

And I love to advise

♪ If you're feeling down, don't know what to do

♪ Let Bunga the Wise

♪ Do your thinking for you

♪ Go on, ask any questions, I'll tell you my thoughts

♪ Those stripes don't suit you I'd change it to spots

♪ That beard, it looks out

You gnus ought to shave 'em

♪ Give me your grubs

I'll be sure to save 'em

TIMON: ♪ He can solve almost any problem conceivable

BUNGA: ♪ I got so much wisdom, it's un-Bunga-lievable


♪ So step right up

Meet Bunga the Wise

♪ The wisest of all

And I love to advise

♪ If you're feeling down, don't know what to do

♪ Let Bunga the Wise do your thinking for you

ALL: ♪ Step right up

Meet Bunga the Wise

♪ The wisest of all

And he loves to advice

♪ If you're feeling down, don't know what to do

♪ Let Bunga the Wise

♪ Bunga the Wise

♪ Bunga the Wise

ALL: ♪ Do your thinking for you ♪


BUNGA: Thank you. Thank you very much. Nice of you to drop by.

SHINGO: (GRUNTS) Bunga the Wise, everyone thinks I'm stuck up because my head's so high up in the sky. What do I do?

BUNGA: Simple. Tie a knot in your neck.

MBUNI: Bunga the Wise, how can I keep from being scared whenever I see a hyena?

BUNGA: That's easy. Just... (WHISPERING)

MBUNI: Mmm-hmm. Mmm. Thanks.

THURSTON: Mmm, Bunga the Wise, suppose I see a pile of rocks with a leak in it. Where do I find a stick?

BUNGA: Just climb up a tree and grab one. Trees are full of sticks.

TIMON: All right, all right. Everyone back in line. No more freebies.

PUMBAA: Don't worry. You'll all get your turn eventually!

TIMON: Come on, kid, er, I mean, Your Sage-iness.

BUNGA: Uh, okay. Talk you all soon!



TIMON: (GULPS) Ah. You're too kind.

PUMBAA: Now, if you'll follow me...

KION: Hey! Bunga!

PUMBAA: Uh-oh.

TIMON: Whoa. Whoa. What part of "wait in line" did you kids not understand?

FULI: Give me a break, Timon. We need to talk to Bunga.

PUMBAA: (CLEARS THROAT) It's Bunga the Wise.

BUNGA: Oh, hi, you guys. I didn't see you there. Come on in.

TIMON: Fine then. But make it fast. We got lots of folks here waiting their turn!

BESHTE: Okay, I'll just be out here.

KION: Bunga, what's going on?

FULI: Are you seriously giving all of those animals advice?

BUNGA: That's right. You heard Rafiki. I'm super-smart.

ONO: Hello?

BUNGA: Remember? I had that great idea to stop the lake from flooding.

KION: I guess.

BUNGA: So, then, I had an even better idea. I could share my great ideas. I can help everyone in the Pride Lands by telling them what to do. Ow.

FULI: Seriously?

KION: Bunga, you already help the Pride Lands. You're on the Lion Guard. You're the Pride Lands' bravest!

BUNGA: But I'm also the smartest! It's difficult being so gifted.

KION: Bunga...

TIMON: Okay, okay. Time's up. Folks outside ain't gettin' any smarter.

BUNGA: Thanks for coming, you guys! Next time make an appointment! Ow.

FULI: If you ask me, Bunga's the one animal in the Pride Lands who should not be giving advice.

BESHTE: Why's that, Fuli? He did figure out how to keep the lake from flooding.

FULI: Yeah, he did.

KION: But I just got a bad feeling about all this. Hevi kabisa!


BESHTE: I didn't think ostriches really did that.

ONO: They don't.

KION: And I don't think that one likes it very much. Come on.


MBUNI: (GASPS) Oh. Thank you. Hard to breathe down there. (SPITS)

ONO: Ugh.


ONO: Watch where you're spitting. (GROANS) Tall birds.


KION: Are you okay?

MBUNI: I am now. (COUGHS) Thanks.

FULI: So why'd you stick your head in the sand in the first place?

MBUNI: Bunga the Wise said it was the best way to avoid seeing hyenas. And he's the smartest animal there it.


KION: Don't say it.

ONO: (GASPS) Hapana! Those pink flowers will make them sick.

KION: Bushbucks! Stop!

BESHTE: I got 'em. (GRUNTS)

MALE BUSHBUCK: Hey! Our flowers!

BESHTE: You shouldn't eat these.

KION: These flowers will make you sick.

MALE BUSHBUCK: But Bunga the Wise said pink flowers were the tastiest. And he's the smartest animal there is.

KION: I know what you're thinking.

VOICE: Help!

FULI: Uh, now what?

VOICE: Help!

KION: Hang on! We'll help you out.

MALE ORYX: Please. I don't like high places.

KION: Fuli, pick a horn. Beshte, you say when.

ONO: Don't worry. They hardly ever drop anybody.

MALE ORYX: Hardly ever? Oh.



MALE ORYX: (GASPING) Thank you so much.

KION: How'd you get trapped down there?

FULI: It wasn't advice from Bunga the Wise, was it?

MALE ORYX: Why, yes, it was. I asked him about the fastest way across the canyon. And he just said to jump.

KION: Okay, go ahead and say it.

FULI: I told you Bunga shouldn't be handing out advice!

KION: Yeah. We've got to tell him to stop.

BESHTE: Do we have to stand in line again?

ONO: I don't think so. Look!

ANIMALS: ♪ Bunga, Bunga Ho, make way, make way

♪ He's the wisest we know

♪ Make way for Bunga the Wise

♪ Make way for Bunga the Wise

♪ Bunga, Bunga, hey, Bungy, Bunga, ho

♪ Make way, make way, he's the wisest we know ♪


BUNGA: Catchy! I like it!

FULI: Now I've seen everything.

KION: Oh, come on.

BUNGA: Oh, hi, guys. Don't stop.

KION: Bunga, what are you doing?

PUMBAA: Bunga's advice is so popular we decided to take it on the road.

TIMON: Bunga the Wise "The Pride Lands Tour"!

BUNGA: I advise you to come along with us.

BESHTE: Sounds like fun.

ONO: Sounds like trouble.

KION: Bunga, you've got to stop this. We've got enough to do trying to deal with the rainstorm. Your bad advice is making things worse.

BUNGA: (GASPS) Me? Bad advice?




MALE MONGOOSE: Rafiki said Bunga was smart.

BUNGA: You see, Kion? Everyone loves my advice. They wouldn't know what to do without it. Am I right?


SHINGO: That's right.

THURSTON: We're clueless.

PUMBAA: And Bunga gives good advice.

TIMON: You said it, Pumbaa. He's even given the Lion Guard advice. Anybody remember a little thing called the dam?

SHINGO: Yes! Whoo!

PUMBAA: Love it!

TIMON: That's right! His idea. His advice. Problem solved. The End.


TIMON: And now I have some advice. Run!


KION: We've gotta move those animals to safety. Lion Guard, follow me!



PUMBAA: Run Bunga, run!

TIMON: Don't be a mook, kid! Head for the hills!

BUNGA: But, I'm a member of the Lion Guard. I can't let my friends down. Hey guys! Wait for me!

KION: Split up!

BUNGA: You can stop fanning me now!

KION: Everyone, follow me! Now!

BESHTE: Zebras, stay close to each other and follow Kion. Twende kiboko!


FULI: Got ya.

KION: Hurry! Into the canyon!

BUNGA: Ah! Come on, kid! Run! Take my advice! Don't look back!


KION: Ono! Which way?

ONO: Oh, no. Left! Go left!

KION: This way, everybody! To the left!

ONO: A dead end! Oh, no! Kion!


BUFFALOES: Oh, no. Look out!


BESHTE: Kion, the walls are too steep to climb. What do we do?

THURSTON: Don't ask Kion. Ask Bunga the Wise.

MTOTO: Bunga the Wise!

YOUNG HEDGEHOG: What do we do?

THURSTON: Tell us.

BUNGA: Uh... I don't know. Kion's the one who always knows what to do with this kinda stuff. Right, Kion?

KION: Right. But it's not exactly quick and easy. Now, everyone! Get behind me!

ONO: He means it! Get behind him! Get behind him!



FULI: (SIGHS) I like this view.

KION: Me, too.

BESHTE: Yeah. This is a great place to rest up after a rain storm.

ONO: Until the next one.

TIMON: Oh. Mmm-hmm. (EXHALES)

BUNGA: (MUMBLING A TUNE) That spot with the flowers, it looks like the perfect place to bask in the sun.

RAFIKI: I would not lie there, if I were you.

BUNGA: Pfft. Come on, Rafiki. I can tell the best spots to bask. I'm the smartest animal around. You said so yourself.

RAFIKI: You did not hear everything I said. Honey badgers are only smartest when they think things through.

BUNGA: Think things through? Uh. Guess I'm not so wise after all. Oh, well. I can live with that.

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