Big Ravine is a location in the Pride Lands.


As its name suggests, Big Ravine is a large ravine. There are a couple of acacia trees near the edge of it on either side as well as several large rocks on one side only, and it has barren rock at the bottom. The walls of the ravine are composed of stone that appears slightly reddish at some angles. There are many crevices in it, and it chips away rather easily. Falling down the ravine would be a very long drop.


The Search for Utamu

After hearing a cry for help, Ono seeks out a serval who has attempted to leap across Big Ravine with poor results. Fuli dashes over to Big Ravine ahead of the Guard to save him as he tries helplessly to claw himself up to the other side.
The-search-for-utamu (116)

Fuli dashes over to Big Ravine

She leaps over it herself, landing beneath the serval, and pushes him safely (despite almost getting kicked by the petrified serval's back paws) onto the edge of the ravine. Afterwards, the serval thanks her for her assistance, and Fuli manages to pull herself up to safety on the other side. The Lion Guard soon rejoin her by taking the long way around, all impressed by her work (save for Kion, who shows concern).

Too Many Termites

On their way to check on the Mekundu Bats, the Lion Guard rush over a long log to reach the other side. They soon discover that termites have been feasting on it, and the log collapses.

The Wisdom of Kongwe

It's seen briefly during the song The Faster I go when Fuli explains how she sees things when she's going faster

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