*This episode was first aired in Korea on January 30th[1], nearly two months before the US release.
  • This is the third episode that first aired in a country other than the USA.
  • There are 17 known mistakes in this episode.
  • Beshte's quote, "My first time making the Hippo Lanes; what a big day!" was first used in the Protectors of the Pridelands video game, over a year before the episode was aired.
  • Right after she jumps on Beshte's back, Laini begins to sing the tune of Makin' Hippo Lanes, even though Beshte hadn't sung it yet.
  • The episode had 1,173,000 viewers.[2]
  • Basi's ending quote, "I never had any doubt," is the same thing Simba said to his cubs at the very end of Can't Wait to be Queen.
  • Chura's name was revealed in this episode.


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