Character Info

Twende kiboko!

–Beshte's catchphrase

Beshte is the son of Basi, one of Kion's friends, and a member of the Lion Guard. His specialty in the group is his strength. He is a supporting character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a major character in The Lion Guard.


Beshte has a stout body with thick legs, dark gray-purple toenails, and three dark spots on his back. His body color is that of a neutral gray, which becomes much paler across his chest and jawline. His inner ears are pale pink, and the area around his eyes is a lighter shade of his body color. He has a short tail.

His head has a small tuft of black hair which stands upright. His snout is large, with two teeth protruding out from his upper lips. His eye color is blue, with black eyebrows. The Mark of the Guard can be seen on the left hand side in a grey-cream color.


Beshte has been described as a happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic hippopotamus. He is the most genial character in the group, and is very kind, friendly, encouraging, and outgoing. He speaks with a surprisingly soft demeanor despite his size, and is happy to be part of the Lion Guard. When trouble is afoot, he shows tremendous strength and courage and does not hesitate to charge enemies.

He is a bit scatterbrained, and sometimes forgets things mid-conversation.[1] It doesn't take much for him to get quite temperamental and emotional, and he is easily moved by touching moments. He is noted to be extremely authoritative, trustworthy, and reliable in the sense that he doesn't make things up, and knows that he can count on the other members of the Lion Guard. [2] He is also very sympathetic and demonstrative towards the fears, worries, or troubles of others.[3]

Like Kion, Beshte despairs at the thought of letting his father down.[4]


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Returnoftheroar-0 (102)

Beshte's friends leap by

Beshte is passed by Kion and Bunga as the pair play together in the Pride Lands. Beshte has no problem letting them pass by leaping over his body. Later, when Kion is assembling the new Lion Guard, he chooses Beshte for his strength after watching him push a large boulder to the side to create a waterslide for his fellow hippos. Beshte joins Fuli, Ono, and Bunga and watches as Kion attempts to show them the Roar of the Elders.
Lion-guard-assemble (26)

Beshte the strongest

When Kion is only able to produce a small squeak, Beshte comments that it "didn't sound like a roar". Kion's father, Simba, soon arrives and sees that his son has not chosen a group of lions for the Guard. He scolds Kion in front of Beshte and the others, and Kion leaves to do some soul searching. Bunga begins to follow, but Beshte tells him that Kion wants to be alone.

Later, when hyenas are attacking the gazelles, Beshte watches with Fuli and Ono. He is confused as to why the hyenas are continuing the attack, seeing as they have already taken down enough gazelles to feed them all. Kion and Bunga arrive, and Kion explains it is up to Lion Guard is going to stop the hyenas.

The-final-battle (73)

Beshte charges through!

Beshte is doubtful, remembering what Simba said, but Kion reminds him of their talents, and Beshte agrees. Kion comes up with a plan to take down the hyenas, and Beshte and the others prove willing to join the Guard. Kion places his paw on each of their shoulders, marking them with the Mark of the Guard. Beshte then proceeds to use his strength to knock over the hyenas, whilst Ono takes down Mzingo and the others help tackle the hyenas with Beshte. At the end, Janja taunts Kion, which causes him to use the Roar of the Elders to frighten him and the other hyenas away as Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono watch in awe.

When the group make their way back to Simba, he sees that his son made the right decisions, and welcomes the new Lion Guard.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (58)

Beshte saves Bunga

After the Lion Guard stops Janja and his minions from causing trouble, Kion ends up falling into the river after briefly pursuing them. Bunga tries to dive after his friend, but the current is too strong, and Beshte jumps in to pull him out. Kion manages to climb to safety on the shore of the Outlands. After speaking over the river, Beshte and the rest of the Lion Guard then agree to meet him at Flat Ridge Rock, trusting that Bunga knows where it is as he claims to.

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (208)

Ono requests that Beshte wraps up his conversation

When Bunga admits that he doesn't really know where the rock is, the Guard tries asking some animals for direction. Beshte approaches a rhinoceros named Mbeya to ask him, explaining to the other members of the Guard that Mbeya knows the Pride Lands "like the back of his horn". However, after Beshte begins the conversation, the Lion Guard becomes impatient and requests that Beshte wraps it up. After doing so, Beshte recalls that he never did ask Mbeya for directions, and quickly goes back to ask him.

Never-judge-a-hyena-by-its-spots (502)

"Any friend of Kion's is a friend of mine!"

After following Mbeya's direction and traveling through the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard finally locates Flat Ridge Rock. Upon discovering Kion is not yet there, they go down into the Outlands where they encounter their leader, who is accompanied by a hyena named Jasiri. Though Fuli behaves quite hostilely at first, Kion explains that Jasiri is a friend. Beshte says that any friend of Kion's is a friend of his, and the Lion Guard leaves the Outlands reunited with Kion.

The Rise of Makuu

Rom- (71)

Beshte trying to get clean.

Beshte, along with the rest of the Lion Guard rescue a hyrax from a thorn bush. When Ushari eats it, Bunga saves him and throws Ushari away. To avoid being hit by him, Beshte moves to the side, but falls in a dirty lake and becomes sticky and dirty.

Rom- (100)

Beshte gets whistled at by the girl hippos.

He goes back home to the Big Springs. Beshte explains that the fish in his home eat the muck and dirt off the Hippos, including the food stuck in his teeth. His father, Basi, also mentions that when there are too many fish in the lake, the crocodiles come along and eat the fish, completing the Circle of Life. Bunga dives in, but the fish are repelled by his scent.

Mashindano (8)

Beshte watches the Mashindano

Pua then arrives, and asks Basi if the fish are ready. Basi explains that whilst there are more than last time, there are still not enough for him and his float. He invites them to return next week, and Pua agrees. One crocodile, however, is not happy when Pua tells them to move on for the day. Makuu feels that Pua is weak for not ignoring the hippos words, and challenges him to a Mashindano. When Beshte asks his father what it is, Basi explains that it is a fight which will determine the leader of the crocodiles. Pua accepts, and the event is set. Later in the day, Beshte then attends the Mashindano, and witnesses Pua's defeat.
Tromakuu- (26)


In The Lair of the Lion Guard, Beshte and the rest of the Guard are relaxing. Kiara suddenly appears with a worried expression on her face. After Beshte asks her what's wrong, she explains that Zazu has just informed her that a herd of giraffes have moved into the baboons' forest, and Simba is out hunting with Nala. With no one else to turn to, the Lion Guard quickly leap into action, with Ono scouting out the areas.

He soon reveals that all of the animals have shifted their homes (including Beshte's pod, with the apparent root of the problem being the crocodiles now living in Big Springs. Kiara then realises that when the crocodiles pushed the hippos out, they in turn caused the other animals to move about.

Tromakuu- (56)

Angry at Makuu

Beshte and the rest of the Lion Guard make their way over to speak with Makuu, who, after being told to leave, refuses, stating that they were there to stay unless Kion wanted to fight. Although the rest of the Lion Guard are up for a fight, Kion refuses, stating that not everything needs to be settled with a fight. Although Makuu's taunts almost cause Kion to lose it, he regains control and walks away, reminding his friends that his roar could easily kill all the fish there anyway. Kion suddenly gains an idea, and the crew find Pua.

Kion asks Pua to challenge Makuu to another Mashindano, though Pua refuses, telling him that sometimes you have to accept that you have been beaten, even if you don't like it. He gives Kion the advice to just back down, telling him that Makuu is still young and can learn. The Guard refuse to back down, and decide to return to Pride Rock for advice from Kion's father.

Tromakuu- (150)

An unhappy Beshte.

When they return, Kiara informs them that they're still out. In the meantime, the baboons have taken over Pride Rock, and Kiara's not sure what to do. Kion tells everyone to go back to the lair, and that he needs time to think. Beshte hopes he comes up with something soon, as a set of baboons have attached themselves to his body, playing around.

Kion returns to the lair, and tells everyone that if Makuu wants a fight, then he needs to know that the Lion Guard can bring him one. Beshte mentions that the Grove of Trees near the Big Springs has no one living there, and that he could use it there. Kion sends Bunga, Ono and Fuli off to check the area is still free from animals, whilst he and Beshte approach Makuu.

Kion and Beshte have approach Makuu, and start a conversation. Fuli, Ono and Bunga clear the way, and signal Beshte for the all clear.

Tromakuu- (1)

Beshte laughing with his friends.

Beshte confirms he's good to go, and Kion warns Makuu one more time, before using the Roar of the Elders on the trees to blast away all the leaves. Stunned, Makuu agrees that it's time to move on, and leaves Big Springs. The Guard later watch as everyone returns to their natural habitats. They laugh as Bunga's new hyrax friend has become attached to him.

Bunga the Wise

Bunga-the-wise-hd (16)

Holding up the tree

The Lion Guard are out in a storm, trying to save some baboons in a tree that is gradually breaking. They don't wish to come down since they're dry in the tree, but Beshte is struggling to keep the tree from tumbling down the nearby cliff edge. Kion has an idea, and Bunga leaps onto the tree and farts in their general direction. Most of the baboons then retreat back down, and Bunga drags the final baboon down to the ground, just as Beshte's strength gives in and the tree falls over the cliff.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (84)

Beshte shields his friends from the water

With the storm subsided, the Lion Guard decide to rest nearby. Kion leaves the group briefly to seek advice from his grandfather. When Kion returns to the Guard, he sees a large stream of water heading straight for them. He wakes them up, and asks Ono to check out what's going on. He informs him that Lake Kaziwa is too full, causing a leak which is getting worse. Bunga has the idea of blocking the water with rocks.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (123)

Rafiki arrives

Other animals arrive and compliment Bunga on his good idea. The Guard have their doubts, but Rafiki overhears this nearby, and mentions that honey badgers are the smartest animals, before his baobab fall from his hands. Bunga becomes excited, and runs off to tell his uncles, with Beshte and the Lion Guard chasing after him.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (155)

Deciding who goes down

Shortly after chasing him, they realise that they forgot the turtles. They turn them the right way up, and whilst Ono leaves to search for Bunga, Beshte, Fuli and Kion rush off to help the Porcupine Brothers. They push their log over to release the water contained within, with Beshte commenting on how cosy it must be in their log. The trio then set off to help Ushari and the other cobras. Unfortunately, only Bunga is small enough to get in the hole. Just then, Ono flies over, telling the gang to get to Hakuna Matata Falls.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (252)

Beshte waits outside

When they arrive, many animals have gathered together. Timon and Pumbaa explain that Bunga is giving out advice. Some animals start asking for help, and Bunga proceeds to give them terrible advice. Timon and Pumbaa quickly tell everyone to get back in line, refusing anymore freebies. An animal gives Timon a bug, and he's ready to let him in, until the Lion Guard tell him that they need to speak with Bunga. Annoyed, Timon allows them access, although Beshte is too big to fit through and instead waits outside.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (305)

Not the pink flowers!

After the Lion Guard have spoken with Bunga, they roam the Pride Lands. They see an ostrich with her head stuck in the ground, and help her out. They ask what she's doing, and she informs them that she's following Bunga's advice. Ono then sees some Brushbacks eating some pink flowers, and Beshte rushes over to destroy them. Once again, it turns out that they were following advice from Bunga. They then hear a distress call, and find an oryx trapped near a cliff. After rescuing him, it again turns out to be Bunga's bad advice, having told him the quickest way to the other side was to jump down

Just then, a herd of animals singing 'Make way for Bunga the Wise' grabs their attention. They run over to find out that Bunga is taking his advice all over the Pride Lands. As they're talking, the temporary dam bursts and the animals run. Kion tells the Lion Guard to follow him, as he rushes to save some nearby animals. At a junction point, Ono accidentally leads them down the path to a dead. The other animals look to Bunga for advice, but he confesses that Kion knows best. Kion tells everyone to get behind him, and performs the Roar of the Elders, which pushes the water back and out the other way, with rocks falling down to secure their safety.

Bunga-the-wise-hd (451)

Beshte relaxes with Ono

Shortly after, the animals and the Lion Guard are finally able to relax, near a waterfall that was created when Kion used his roar. Beshte is seen standing in the water with Ono perched atop his back.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (107)

Waiting for Ono

Beshte is first seen with the Lion Guard, waiting for Ono to arrive for morning to patrol. To the Guard's surprise, Ono flies straight over them, heading for Pride Rock. They go to investigate and discover that Ono is going to give Kiara the morning report, much to Kion's irritation.

Once Ono finishes his report, Kiara becomes concerned that the eland herd said to be moving along a path where several new beehives are being constructed will be stung by the bees. She sends the Lion Guard to move the eland herd. Kion, however, chooses to move the bees. This plan backfires, and the Lion Guard winds up desperately trying to outrun the bees. As a result, they crash right into the eland herd.

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (213)

After the bee attack

After the Lion Guard returns, stung and tired, to explain to Kiara what happened, she becomes irritated at her brother. She asks what became of the eland herd, and Beshte says he didn't think the elands liked them due to the fact that some were unwilling to listen to the Guard.

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (369)

'Til the Pride Lands end- Lion Guard defend!

Later, Kiara is led into a trap by Janja and Mzingo. Kion quickly informs the Lion Guard, and they rush to try and save her. Kion arrives first, but Janja doesn't back down until Beshte and the rest of the Guard charge into the Outlands as well, Beshte calling out his catchphrase. Janja quickly flees, and the Lion Guard is victorious.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (17)


The Lion Guard are out in the middle of a wildebeest stampede, trying to locate Janja and the hyenas. Ono is scouting above, and soon locates Cheezi and Chungu about to prey on a young wildebeest. He calls for Bunga and Beshte to sort out the problem, to which they do by charging at the hyenas. After Kion has taken care of Janja, Beshte watches as Ono is ordered to check that the hyenas actually leave the Pride Lands, and witnesses the egret fall.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (67)

Carrying Ono

Beshte carries Ono on his back to the Lair of the Lion Guard. He softly places Ono on a table, as Rafiki starts to patch Ono up. Beshte and the Guard soon notice the wonderful paintings on the wall, and the baboon explains that he paints all of the previous Lion Guards and their tales, and that he now has to paint in the new Lion Guard. However, after a remark is made, Ono rushes out, with Beshte and the Guard rushing to catch up.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (132)

Watching Ono

Ono shoots through the sky, and despite the Lion Guard's protest, he is adamant that he can fly (and see) just fine. He views the setting beneath him, but misses sight of an impending vulture, whom he crashes into. The Guard show concern for their friend, and Ono finally agrees to rest up for now.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (266)

Beshte forgets

Back in the Lair, Beshte comes charging through, disturbing Rafiki's meditating. Beshte explains that his friend Kulu's cousin overheard a buffalo talking about something his sister saw earlier in the day at the canyon near Chakula Plains. When asked what it was, he at first forgets, before telling them that she saw Janja and the hyenas at the edge, overlooking the plains. Kion knows Janja is up to something, and Beshte reminds him that the zebra herds are grazing there. Kion then orders the Lion Guard out, leaving Ono behind, much to his upset.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (339)

Beshte has an idea

The Guard finally arrive at the canyon, and, as they pass, the hyenas push the large stack of rocks in their path. The Guard are about to turn around and return to take the longer path, but Janja pushes a bigger rock nearby, which causes a minor landslide to block the other way. Beshte manages to hold up a steep rock, which the rest of the Guard hide under. Janja starts to taunt the Guard. Janja, Cheezi and Chungu then leave to cause mayhem with the zebra. With Kion unable to use the roar for safety reasons, Beshte chimes in, stating that he can probably move the rocks. He attempts to, but more rocks fall down and almost hit him. Ono then arrives, and Kion has an idea. He tells Ono to get the zebras to move out of the way, so that he can blast the rocks away.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (402)

Together again

Ono soon arrives and gives Kion the all-clear. As always, he tells his friends to get behind them, before using the Roar of the Elders to blast the rocks away. The rocks initially land on the hyenas, before they get swept away themselves. With the zebra safely away, Janja makes a retreat with Cheezi and Chungu, and the Guard are happy to have Ono back.
Eye-of-the-beholder-hd (414)

Admiring their painting

Meanwhile, Rafiki has finally finished his portrait. The Lion Guard watch as the pictures re-assemble together to form a pyramid-like structure. Rafiki closes by saying that this Lion Guard is better off together.

The Kupatana Celebration

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (19)

Happy for the compliment

Zazu is conducting a test run of the event song for Kupatana, with Basi aboard as one of the singers. Nearby, Simba compliments Beshte's father on his performance, to which Beshte is appreciative of. The Lion Guard are excited for the upcoming Kupatana. An animal cries and Ono flies up and sees a jackal pup in the Outlands being chased by Janja's Clan. Kion wishes they could help the Outlands too, though his father reminds him that Kupatana extends past the Pride Lands. With that in mind, Kion calls for his team, and together, they rush to the pup's aid.

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (91)

Meeting Dogo

After Kion has pinned Janja down, Beshte looks down from above, waiting on standby in case he is needed. Much to all of their surprise, Janja allows them to take the pup off his hands. The Lion Guard is confused, but the jackal pup, who reveals his name to be Dogo, is excited about being rescued. When questioned over his family, he claims to be alone, and asks if he can return to the Pride Lands with them, where he would be safe. They let him stay on a hillside, whilst they finish their morning patrol.

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (171)

Seeing Dogo

Having completed the morning patrol, Beshte and Bunga are strolling through the Pride Lands, greeting Ma Tembo and Mbuni as they pass. They also greet Dogo, who has fallen asleep in front of Muhanga's den, though soon realise that he can't stay there. Beshte wakes Dogo up, and informs him of the situation. Dogo happily runs off, though as Beshte and Bunga continue under the belief that he just got lost by mistake, they become shocked to see him in front of another den. Once again, they wake up 'Dogo' and the jackal pup scatters off. Continuing again, they find another jackal pup whom they also awaken, though suddenly a whole bunch of jackal pups pop up from everywhere. Suddenly, Muhanga and her mate Muhangus return to their den, angry at the jackal invasion. Beshte and Bunga try to keep the situation under control, but soon find themselves calling out for Kion's assistance.

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (330)

Mbeya saved

The three rush back to Beshte and Bunga and, upon noticing the jackal pups, Kion asks where Dogo is. Reirei then makes herself known, and introduces herself and Goigoi to the Lion Guard as his parents. After Dogo points out that that he only claimed to be alone and that Reirei was only being a good mother by following him, Ono flies up after hearing a cry for help and sees Mbeya stuck in a mud pit in Lake Matope. Beshte points out that they need to move, and Kion agrees. Beshte and the Guard leave to rescue Mbeya. After saving the rhino, the Lion Guard are filthy. A cry emerges in the distance, and the Guard return to see the other animals infuriated by Reirei and her family. Reirei claims it to be a misunderstanding, asking for another chance. Kion agrees, and he leads the Guard away to clean up.

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (465)

A happy ending

Beshte is present at the Kupatana event with the other animals. Shortly after Simba's speech, Reirei and her family attack. Kion calls the Guard together after asking the other animals to help them with the problem. Ono soon calls for Beshte, where the jackal pups are around the giraffes. As the pups run into him, Beshte uses his snout to catapult them in a neat pile, whilst the other animals glare down at them. Beshte watches as the jackal family are ultimately sent back to the Outlands, and he and the other animals begin to feast on the baobab fruit.

Fuli's New Family

Fulisnewfamily-p1 (18)

Helping the buffalo

The Lion Guard are rounding up some Buffaloes to dry ground. One buffalo becomes stuck in the mud, and Kion calls for Beshte and Bunga to sort it out. They do so, though the force of Beshte's push causes Bunga to fall far back and land in a bush. He leaps out after being bitten by something, and when the Lion Guard regroup, they discover it to be Ushari. Beshte questions why the cobra bit Bunga, to which Ushari replies that it was because he landed on his head. When Bunga offers them his behind for them to suck the poison out, they decide to try Rafiki instead.

When they arrive at Rafiki's Tree, Rafiki explains that Bunga is immune to snake poison. Timon and Pumbaa wish to celebrate, and invite Fuli back with them for a feast since she was the only one who hunted alone. Beshte and the rest of the Guard question their friendship with Fuli, and decide to invite her along whenever she is alone.

Fulisnewfamily-p1 (177)

Fuli is not interested

Later in the day, Beshte sees Fuli alone and calls over to her, startling the gazelle that she was hunting. He invites her back to his pod, and Fuli reluctantly agrees. She is hesitant to enter the water, though Beshte accidentally knocks a stone and she falls in. Another hippo raises her to the surface, though to Beshte's disappointment, Fuli still is uninterested in spending time with him. She runs off, telling him they'll do it another time.
Fulisnewfamily-p2 (175)

Twende kiboko!

Later still, Kion asks if anyone has seen Fuli. They all realise that Fuli is a loner, and that they're being better friends leaving her to her own devices. They decide to let her know this, and go searching for her. Ono eventually sees her and Bunga floating down the lava river, and tells them to hurry. Kion, Ono and Beshte arrive just in time as Beshte knocks over a dead tree for them to land on. The Lion Guard escape back to the Pride Lands.
Fulisnewfamily-p2 (210)

Group hug!

Safe and sound, they decide to cool off at the Watering Hole, but Kion remembers that Fuli likes to be alone and that it's okay if she'd rather not. Fuli explains that whilst she likes to be alone while hunting, she does in fact enjoy hanging out with them, and that she considers them her family. Beshte is moved by her words, and she allows them all to cuddle with her.

The Search for Utamu

The-search-for-utamu (28)

A worried Beshte

Ono scouts out a herd of buffalo and reports back to Beshte and the other members of the Guard. Beshte wonders aloud why the buffalo herd wandered so far from their usual grazing ground, but Bunga dismisses these worries. However, Ono soon realizes that the buffalo are standing on top of a geyser, and proceeds to explain what a geyser is. Beshte doubts Ono's words, but there is a sudden rumbling from the ground. Bunga mistakes this sound as Beshte's stomach, and Beshte replies that he doesn't think his stomach is the source. Ono says that the geyser is about to blow, and the Guard rushes into action. Fuli dashes ahead, quickly rounding up the buffalo, impressing Beshte and the others. They soon hear another cry for help from Ndefu Grove. Fuli once again races to the rescue, saving a trio of galagos that were about to fall out of a tree. Beshte compliments her, and they continue on their way.

The-search-for-utamu (156)

Listening to Fuli

As they walk, Bunga notices the amount of water that has collected by Mapema Rock. This excites him, and Beshte becomes rather eager to, but realizes that he does not know why. Bunga explains that it's the peak of the rainy season, and therefore time for the Utamu. In the middle of his explanation, he is interrupted by another cry for help, this time from a serval who had attempted to jump over Big Ravine. Fuli dashes off and saves the serval on her own. Beshte and the others go around the ravine, and Kion confronts Fuli, insisting that she rests. Fuli eventually concedes, and Beshte, Ono, and Kion decide to join Bunga on his search for the Utamu. While looking for the Utamu, Bunga suddenly stops, causing Beshte to bump into him. He apologizes to Bunga, who soon decides that they need to follow the dung to find the Utamu, explaining that the dung beetles always lead to the
The-search-for-utamu (177)

Peering at the dung beetle

grubs. Beshte bends down to greet the dung beetles, and they begin to slowly follow them. Beshte later asks Bunga what's so important about the Utamu, and Bunga tells him that the Utamu grubs were what led him to meet Timon and Pumbaa, something that Beshte reveals that he had always wondered. Bunga explains how he came to meet his uncles when he was young, and Beshte is touched by the beauty of the story. However, they soon discover that the dung beetles had left during the story, causing Beshte to wonder how they will find the Utamu.
The-search-for-utamu (342)

Saving Bunga

Bunga sights the tree that he had been searching for and runs off to get the Utamu. He begins the climb the tree, but it is rotten and brittle, and Beshte steadies the trunk to help. They soon need to leave, however, due to Ono spotting Mzingo and his vultures circling. Bunga tries to get the Utamu before leaving, but winds up falling from the tree. Ono pushes him safely onto Beshte's back, and Beshte makes sure that Bunga is okay.

When the Lion Guard goes to see what the vultures are up to, they discover that they are attacking Fuli. Beshte knocks a pair of vultures away from his friend, and the committee takes to the air, where they are blown away by Kion's roar. Fuli thanks them, but notices that Bunga looks disappointed, and asks what's wrong. Bunga explains that he failed to find the Utamu, but Beshte and Fuli assure him that Timon and Pumbaa won't mind.

The-search-for-utamu (419)

"That's nice."

The group heads over to Hakuna Matata Falls, where Bunga confesses to his uncles as the others watch. Timon and Pumbaa tell Bunga the real reason the celebrate Utamu, and Beshte quietly comments "That's nice". He watches as Bunga, Timon, and Pumbaa share a hug and eat the Utamu. 

Follow That Hippo!

Follow-that-hippo (41)

Meeting his fan

Beshte and the Guard head over to a group of animals who claim to have heard a warning about a hyena attack. However, it soon becomes apparent that this was nothing more than some young children playing 'Lion Guard'. One of these animals, an elephant named Mtoto, takes a huge interest in Beshte, as the rest of the group explain that he always takes his role. Mtoto approaches Beshte and, after a brief staredown, Beshte asks if he has any questions. Mtoto then starts throwing a barrage of questions towards the hippo, who isn't so sure that he really is Mtoto's 'hero' just yet. Mtoto asks them to join in their game of Lion Guard, to which Kambuni, Shauku, Gumba and Kwato become excited at. However, Kion politely declines, and he and the Guard walk away to do some training, much to the baby animals' disappointment. However, Mtoto wishes to hang out with Beshte, and he invites him to watch them train.
Follow-that-hippo (62)

Exchanging words

The two converse a little along the way, with Mtoto become increasingly excited. Beshte becomes embarrassed as Mtoto reveals that the only reason he likes the Lion Guard so much is because of him, though their conversation is soon halted as they catch up to the rest of the Guard, where Kion is briefing his team. Beshte arrives with Mtoto, and Kion explains that they were just about to run an obstacle course. Mtoto asks if he can join in and Kion agrees, telling Beshte to stay close to him. The first obstacle is the boulder course. The Guard all make it up the boulders, though Mtoto flops down on the first one. Beshte admits that he usually walks around them instead. The next course is to cross the water.
Follow-that-hippo (195)

"Your Hero Inside!"

Mtoto trips and fails, so Kion decides to try something different - a stealth course, where everyone is to sneak up on him without him noticing. Mtoto is confident that Beshte can do it, though the hippo has his doubts. As the others rush ahead, Beshte and Mtoto take it slow, until Mtoto sees a dirt path leading up a hill. Beshte doesn't hear his call, and the young elephant runs off towards it. Beshte soon realises he's gone and calls for the Lion Guard to help find him. Mtoto calls from the top of the hill, but trips again and falls down, landing on Bunga. Kion is glad that he's okay, but suggests that it's time for him to go home. Disappointedly, Mtoto understands and Beshte walks him home. On the way, Mtoto expresses his disappointment. Beshte hopes that by telling him to find the "Hero Inside", Mtoto will someday be a real member of the Guard. Beshte leaves him with his friends.
Follow-that-hippo (246)

Assuring the animals

As the Guard continue training and the youngsters continue playing, Beshte speaks with a few animals who have concerns about the hyenas. Thurston in particular is worried, since zebras taste the best of all the animals. Beshte reassures him that the Lion Guard will take care of them. Soon, Mtoto's friends find Beshte, and promise that it's an emergency. They explain that Mtoto is being chased by the hyenas, and Beshte swiftly moves into a nearby lake, vanishing underwater. This, however, means that Ono misses Beshte, and reports to Kion that Beshte is not in sight. Kion knows that something is up, and they set off to find him.
Follow-that-hippo (350)

Swimming away

The hyenas corner Mtoto near a lake, though Beshte arrives just in time. With Mtoto unable to swim, Beshte offers him a ride. The hyenas chase after them from the sides. Mtoto notices the hyenas passing them, and Beshte orders him to duck, as they pass underneath, causing Janja and Cheezi to knock heads. With Chungu in the way, Beshte bites onto a branch and knocks the remaining hyena away. However, despite being in easier water, he soon witnesses the crocodile float. Shortly after Ono sees them, Beshte and Mtoto go under using their 'stealth mode'. The crocodiles soon chase after them, but under Beshte's suggestion, Mtoto uses his trunk to suck up water and blast the crocodiles.
Follow-that-hippo (376)

"And you're mine."

The hyenas soon return, dead ahead of them. Just in time, Kion arrives with the Guard, and they knock the hyenas into the water. Beshte and Mtoto get on dry ground, glad to see them. Soon, the crocodiles chase after the hyenas, causing everyone to laugh. Back with Mtoto's friends, the young elephant tells them the tale of what happened. Happy with their work, Kion presents the youngsters with a special Mark of the Lion Guard. After receiving his, Mtoto moves over and once again calls Beshte his hero, and Beshte calls Mtoto his.

The Call of the Drongo

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (36)

The search for Makuu!

Beshte and the rest of the Guard are approached by a jerboa, a hare, and Muhangus the aardvark. Beshte listens, concerned, as the three animals report that Janja, Goigoi, and Makuu are nearby. Kion instructs Beshte and Bunga to go after Makuu, and Beshte nods. The jerboa leads him and Bunga to the place where she saw Makuu, but when Beshte and Bunga jump through the tall grass, there is nobody there. Confused, Beshte calls out a greeting, followed by Makuu's name. Bunga suggests that perhaps Makuu heard them and fled, and Beshte replies that he is gone, anyway. Hearing the jerboa cry, "Oh, no!", they go back and find that her lunch is gone. They all run back to Kion, and Beshte informs him that they did not find Makuu. The other Guard members announce that they had found no tracks, and Beshte asks Bunga if they had seen any. Bunga confirms that they did not, and the Guard discusses the situation.

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (85)

Hearing a noise

They are interrupted by the sound of laughter, and Janja's voice saying, "We got you now!" Beshte lifts his ear, listening, and declares that it sounds like Janja. Fuli leads the way towards the source of the sound, but instead of Janja, the Guard discovers Tamaa the drongo. Beshte tells Tamaa that Janja had sounded close, and Tamaa agrees and gestures with his wing. The Guard runs in the direction that Tamaa had pointed to, and Beshte mentions that it is a good thing Tamaa actually saw where the hyenas went. However, the Guard is stopped by Ono, who claims to have figured it out. They turn around and go back to Tamaa.
The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (128)

"But you did it to steal their food!"

Tamaa confesses to have mimicked Makuu, Janja, and Goigoi, but he asks what is the harm in his performance. Beshte angrily answers that he did it to steal their food, which Tamaa denies. He sings the song Bird of a Thousand Voices, at one point perching on Beshte's head. When he finishes singing and bows, Beshte exclaims, "Poa!". Kion tells Tamaa that what he is doing upsets the Circle of Life, and Tamaa acts guilty. Beshte sympathizes, and Tamaa's expression turns devious.
The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (213)

Beshte stops the hyenas!

The Guard finds out that the hyenas are chasing an impala herd, and leave Tamaa in order to help the impalas. Beshte uses his rear end to stop the hyenas, and they run away. Fuli notes that it was a close call, and Beshte agrees. He comments that they were so busy looking for fake crocodiles, jackals, and hyenas that they almost missed the real hyenas.
The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (414)

Beshte and the Guard in the Outlands

Beshte and the Guard arrive at the canyon with the hyenas, impalas, and Tamaa 

The Guard later finds out that Tamaa was imitating Kion, and telling the impalas to go to the Outlands. Beshte queries why Tamaa would do that, and Fuli responds that it sounds more like Janja to do that. They realize that Janja had forced Tamaa into it, and they all go to the Outlands. They rescue the impalas and Tamaa before returning to the safety of the Pride Lands.

Paintings and Predictions

Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (13)

Pushing the rock

The Guard find a gazelle whose foot is stuck under a rock. Kion asks Beshte to move the rock, which in turn allows Bunga to get the foot out. Beshte watches as Bunga and the gazelle nearly fall off the cliff and immediately begins to worry about his friends, though is relieved when they turn out to be fine after Kion's quick thinking. He listens to Ono warning them of an incoming storm, though it breaks out shortly after he has spoken.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (132)

Confronting "Lil' B"

Beshte follows the Guard back to the Lair, leaping into the watering hole and splashing Fuli by accident. However, soon Ono arrives with news that the zebras are rampaging, and he leaves with the Guard to investigate. Soon after he reaches the zebras, he talks with Bunga who has fears that the zebras will get hurt by a falling rock. He helps Bunga up so that the honey badger can leap onto the zebra herd, watching as the rock indeed falls off. After the herd has been calmed down, Beshte questions Bunga on how he knew, and Bunga leads him back to the Lair.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (227)

Beshte is in awe

Back in the Lair, Bunga grabs Rafiki's staff and shows Beshte the paintings, which move once the staff has been placed on them. He shows them the painting where the zebras run towards the rock which falls from the structure they saw earlier, and Beshte is amazed. Beshte soon locates a painting that looks remarkably like Kion in a tree, and Bunga uses the staff again. The painting of the lion begins to fall down, and Bunga stops it in fear. Beshte and Bunga decide to keep Kion away from trees, worried that he'll fall off one as shown in the painting.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (338)

Not so sure . . .

They try to explain their concern to Kion at Pride Rock, but Kion rejects the idea. Ono arrives once again, detailing a hyena attack on the zebra herd. The Guard rush out to the zebra's grounds, and the Guard are put in charge of Cheezi and Chungu whilst Kion takes down Janja. Beshte blocks the two hyenas with his side, and joins Kion, who has just been 'saved' by Bunga from falling off a tree. Bunga thinks that's the end of it, though Beshte is dubious, concerned that it may not have been the correct tree. Ono returns again to declare three zebras that have run to Maji Baridi Falls. Beshte and Bunga are worried, though hope that there aren't any trees.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (380)

A mistake!

They are horrified to see many trees. Soon, Fuli questions their strange behavior, and the pair explain everything. Bunga further explains that Kion won't believe them, and Beshte warns them that Kion is near a tree. Fuli rushes ahead to save Kion, though Bunga and Beshte trip and wind up falling nearby, which irritates Kion a little. Ono reports that he knows a shortcut to the Falls, but in an attempt to divert him from the trees, Bunga announces that he knows a shorter shortcut which the Guard take instead.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (429)

Whoops . . .

The Guard finds out that The shortcut turns out to be not so short, and Ono questions their behavior. Bunga, Fuli and Beshte explain, and Ono agrees to be on the lookout. They see Kion near a tree and all rush to save him, which once again angers Kion as they all end up throwing Kion off and landing in a heap by mistake. As Beshte moves himself off Fuli, he accidentally knocks a boulder off, which sends the zebras panicking into the water.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (473)


The Guard finds out that Beshte and the Guard are worried about Kion as he plans to perform the Roar of the Elders over a tree branch, but let him do so. The zebras are saved, and Thurston lands directly on top of Beshte. The Guard return to see Kion on his way back, though he trips and almost falls down. Beshte is horrified, though relieved to see that Kion is just fine.
Paintings-and-predictions-1080 (1)

Beshte laughs with his friends

Back at the Lair, Rafiki explains Bunga had been looking at the paintings wrong. Beshte listens as it is explained that the painting of Kion is in fact of Nala's Father, who fell off a tree when he was younger and was saved by the Lion Guard. At the end, Bunga is made to clean up, whilst Beshte, Rafiki and the Guard share a heartfelt laugh together at Bunga's expense.

The Mbali Fields Migration

The-mbali-fields-migration (12)

Questioning Ono

Ono joins Beshte and the rest of the Guard bearing news. When Beshte asks what the problem is, Ono explains that there's trouble with the zebras and the gazelles, as they're fighting each other. Beshte contradicts him, pointing out that zebras and gazelles don't fight. However, when Ono leads them to the herds, the Guard sees that they are indeed battling each other. Beshte realizes that he knows the herds, explaining to the Guard that the gazelles follow Swala and the zebras Muhimu, but that the two leaders are friends.
The-mbali-fields-migration (45)

Pushing through the herds

Kion decides to go the middle of the fighting, where Muhimu are Swala are, but the zebras are clustered tightly together. Beshte plows through them, clearing a path for Kion, Fuli, and Bunga. Kion stops the fight, and Muhimu and Swala reveal that they are fighting over the grazing grounds. Beshte points out that they're in the Pride Lands, asking if they can't just share. Ono, however, reports that there is hardly any grass left at all, and Beshte understands that the herds aren't truly mad at each other, they're simply hungry. To solve the problem, Kion goes to ask his father where a place with enough grass can be found.
The-mbali-fields-migration (205)


Later, Kion announces to the herds that the Guard will be leading them to Mbali fields. Muhimu calls out that she trusts him, and Beshte and the others cheer in agreement. The migration begins, and Beshte carries a young gazelle on his back for a short time during the song Trail to Hope. As the herds and the Guard stand at the edge of a steep slope, Muhimu spots Mbali Fields from a distance, and the sight of all that grass sends her racing forward, causing a stampede. Beshte and the Guard follow the herd, but the Pride Landers are stopped by a falling rock, which blocks their way. Beshte, Kion, Fuli, and Ono step forward and examine the boulder. Realizing that they'll have to go around the rock, Ono flies up and searches for another route. He descends and reports that he found one, which pleases Beshte, but Ono adds that it's through the Outlands. Just then, it begins to rain.
The-mbali-fields-migration (264)

Beshte assists some zebras

Soon, a flash flood rushes through the canyon. Beshte dives into the water and rescues a pair of panicky zebras, lifting them onto his back and pushing them onto the shore. Once the animals are all safe, Kion instructs Beshte, Fuli, and Ono to watch the herds, telling them that he'll be back. After he leaves, Beshte wonders aloud if he'll be okay. Kion returns, his determination renewed, and the Guard begins to lead the herds through the Outlands. However, Muhimu begins to give birth. Beshte is excited, and points out that a baby zebra is going to be very cute. Fuli, however, reminds him that there are predators everywhere in the Outlands, but Ono reports that Muhimu is nevertheless having her baby right then. Beshte says that they'll have to stay with her until she's had it, but Kion tells Beshte, Ono, and Fuli to take the herds to the new grazing grounds.
The-mbali-fields-migration (484)

Beshte and the others laugh at Mbali Fields

At Mbali Fields, once all of the Pride Landers have arrived safely, the Guard comments on the success of the migration, and Beshte remarks that they even added a member as he looks at Muhimu's Son. Beshte welcomes the young zebra to the Circle of Life, and shares a laugh with the rest of the Guard as Bunga plays with the baby zebra.

Bunga and the King

Bunga-and-the-king (83)

Beshte helps the antelope

Beshte and the Guard are helping out some antelopes that are stuck in the mud. Beshte pushes one out safely, but as Kion and Fuli are helping out another, they hear a loud crash. Ono reports that Simba appears to have fallen into a sinkhole, and Kion follows Ono to go check it out. Bunga hastens the remaining antelope to move, and Beshte assures his friend that he knows what to do before pushing the antelope out of the mud. Bunga thanks him, and the trio rushes away to help Kion.

Bunga-and-the-king (151)

Beshte sees the edge break away

Upon reaching the sinkhole, Bunga dives in. Beshte calls out his friend's nickname in fear, but thankfully, Bunga is unharmed. As the Guard tries to help Simba, Beshte steps forward, asking how deep the sinkhole is. This causes the cliff that everyone is standing on to crumble, and they are forced to flee from the edge. Kion orders them to stay away from the edge, and his mother agrees. Kion declares that it's bad enough that Simba and Bunga are stuck in the sinkhole, and Beshte points out that in the least, they have each other.

Bunga-and-the-king (255)

"I didn't hurt anybody, did I?"

The group hears another crash from the sinkhole, and Beshte once again cries out his nickname for Bunga before approaching the edge of the sinkhole. Simba reveals that they're both fine, and that Bunga had attempted and failed to climb out. Kion gets an idea and leads Beshte and the Guard away to find a tree. Beshte pushes the tree from the back as they return, planning to push it into the sinkhole so that Bunga and Simba can climb free. Simba announces that he and Bunga are ready, and Beshte calls out his catchphrase before shoving the log into the sinkhole. It crashes down, and Beshte runs over, asking if he hurt anybody. Thankfully, Simba and Bunga are fine, but the plan failed. However, Bunga finds a tunnel, and he and Simba enter, planning to meet the Guard in a series of caverns. Beshte objects, pointing out that hippos aren't exactly experts when it comes to tunnels, and Kion decides to seek out Timon's help.

Bunga-and-the-king (369)

Beshte explains Timon and Pumbaa's worries

In the caverns, Timon and Pumbaa both prove to be very upset and Simba and Bunga's situation, and they believe themselves to be lost in the caverns as well. Ono remarks that they aren't exactly inspiring confidence, and Beshte reminds him that they're just worried about Simba and Bunga. As the group moves through the caves, they hear the sound of Simba and Bunga's voices. Beshte and the others run forward, only to find that a gorge lies between themselves and Simba and Bunga. Beshte watches in surprise as Bunga rides on top of Simba as the king leaps the gorge. He quotes his father in saying that if you live long enough, you'll see everything.

Bunga-and-the-king (472)

Hakuna Matata

Beshte and the others reunite with Nala and Kiara, who had been watching the elephant's rainy season concert. He sings "Hakuna Matata" with the rest of the Guard and the royal family.

The Imaginary Okapi

The-imaginary-okapi (44)

Beshte is startled by Ajabu

In a game of hide-and-seek, Kion tells Beshte that he can come out of his hiding place; a pile of rocks. Beshte chuckles and remarks that his hiding place was good, and Ono notes that for someone of his size, he's a surprisingly good hider. Beshte thanks his friend, and it's now Fuli's turn to count. Beshte trots to a pile a bushes and dives into them, which proves to be sufficient enough, as Fuli walks by without noticing him, causing Beshte to giggle. A voice sounds behind him, and he cries out, leaping back and asking who's there. Ajabu reveals himself, informing Beshte that the hippo was standing on his hoof, and Beshte apologizes. Realizing that they haven't met before, Beshte cheerfully introduces himself, and Ajabu tells his name as well. Beshte cordially invites Ajabu out, remarking that he won't bite.

The-imaginary-okapi (96)

Beshte sings "Life in the Pride Lands"

Once Ajabu steps out, Beshte notes that he hasn't met anyone who looks like him, despite having met practically everyone in the Pride Lands. He believes Ajabu when the strange animal explains that he's not from around, and Beshte believes it. He tries to guess what Ajabu is, and Ajabu reveals that he's an okapi, an animal that Beshte has never met before. He asks why Ajabu was hiding in the bushes, and Ajabu states that hiding is what he does. Beshte asks why, and Ajabu tells him that it's the smartest thing for an okapi to do. He gasps suddenly, and Beshte looks around to see Twiga. He greets her, and she bids him a good morning. Beshte turns back to Ajabu only to find that he's hiding, and invites the okapi back out, informing him that Twiga is friendly. He continues to question Ajabu and discovers that he was driven out of his home by a leopard. He assures Ajabu that there's no need to hide, as there are no leopards in the Pride Lands, and sings "Life in the Pride Lands" as he gives Ajabu a tour of the place.

The-imaginary-okapi (223)

Beshte describes Ajabu

Once the tour is over, Beshte reminds Ajabu that there's plentiful food and no need to hide in the Pride Lands. Bunga and Ono arrive, and Beshte greets them, explaining the reason for his absence. He turns to show them Ajabu, only to find that his new friend as vanished. He informs them that Ajabu is new to the Pride Lands and that he is the only one who has seen him, and proceeds to describe Ajabu's strange appearance. They are puzzled by Beshte's description, but Beshte continues, adding that Ajabu is a nice guy. He tells Bunga that he's not the only one who can see Ajabu, but is the only one who has seen him. Ono doubts him, and Beshte protests. Bunga intervenes, telling Beshte that the Lion Guard needs them. The duo follows Ono back to the others.

The-imaginary-okapi (249)

"He's not imaginary!"

Back with the Guard, Beshte apologizes for his absence and asks what the problem is. He learns that there's a leopard in the Pride Lands, and becomes distressed, telling the others about his assurance to Ajabu. He informs Kion that Ajabu is his new friend, and Bunga expresses his belief that the leopard will only be going after "real" animals. Beshte insists that Ajabu is real, and proceeds to search for him in the bushes, calling his name. He begins to argue with Bunga again, but Kion breaks it up, reminding them that it's up to the Guard to catch the leopard. Beshte agrees, and the Guard goes to track the new predator.

The-imaginary-okapi (275)

Charging through the flamboyance

As they track Makucha, Beshte suddenly exclaims that he sees him. He leads the Guard through a flamboyance of flamingos, winding up with pink feathers all over his back. He halts and sighs, declaring that he was almost certain he saw him go the way the Guard did. Kion asks if he's sure it was the leopard, and Beshte explains that he thought he saw Ajabu. Fuli accuses him of making them chase his imaginary friend, and Beshte insists that he's not imaginary. Bunga and Ono back Fuli up, and Beshte is hurt, asking why they don't believe him. Bunga suggests that it's because Ajabu sounds so unbelievable. Beshte, his feelings wounded, turns and walks away silently.

The-imaginary-okapi (304)

Bunga and Ono approach the dejected Beshte

As Beshte sits on the edge of a hill, Bunga and Ono approach him. They apologize, and Beshte forgives them, knowing that Ajabu does look very different. He Bunga that they always were pals, and Kion and Fuli approach, reminding the three of them about the leopard and the fact that he's said to be hunting Ajabu. Beshte declares that they have to find him first, and leads the Guard rapidly forward. They soon hear the sound of panicky zebras, and spot Makucha stalking towards them. As they chase Makucha, Kion remarks that it's strange the leopard didn't hunt any of the zebras, and Beshte halts, realizing that it must be because Ajabu was hiding in the herd. He explains that Ajabu would blend in, and that leopards hunt okapis where Ajabu came from. Kion vows to keep Ajabu safe, and Beshte thanks him, knowing that his trust in the rest of the Guard was not misplaced.


Beshte roars

Ajabu suddenly runs by, and Beshte points him out. Ono and Bunga are shocked, and Beshte reminds them that they said they believed him. Bunga responds that they "really" believe him now, and Beshte groans, but is glad that they finally have seen Ajabu. However, Makucha has too. As the Guard follows, Ajabu kicks Makucha, causing Beshte to compliment his move. Ajabu trips, and Beshte knocks Makucha away from him to save him. He makes sure that Ajabu is okay, and as the rest of the Guard fights Ajabu, Beshte stands by the okapi's side. Ajabu compliments the group, and Beshte thanks him before charging and roaring at Makucha, causing the leopard to flee. Once he's gone, Beshte introduces the others to Ajabu. He warns the okapi against going back home, as Makucha will surely be waiting, and Kion decides to have his parents give Ajabu their blessing. Once they do so, Beshte welcomes his new friend to the Pride Lands. The Guard decides to play hide-and-seek with Ajabu to celebrate his being a Pride Lander, and Beshte chuckles when Ajabu vanishes immediately.

Too Many Termites

Too-many-termites (14)

"What's the kerbubble?"

Beshte and the rest of the Lion Guard are out late at night, when suddenly they are called over by Muhanga and Muhangus. They inform them that there are hyenas in their den. The Lion Guard approach the 'hyenas' and wait as Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to knock them back into the Outlands.

Too-many-termites (53)

Beshte observes a termite

The next day, Beshte is relaxing in the Lair of the Lion Guard with Bunga, Fuli and Kion. Bunga comments on the good job they did the previous night, though Beshte gives all the credit to Kion. After Bunga and Fuli talk, Beshte soon realises that the entire lair is filled with termites. Just then, Ono swoops in to announce a problem with the Mekundu bats. Concerned that trees will collapse, the Lion Guard rush out of the Lair, ready to help them.

Too-many-termites (91)

Looking down

They cross over a fallen tree across Big Ravine, which breaks just after Beshte passes by. Confused, they peer down at the broken log, with the Guard commenting that it had previously held all of them, including Beshte. With time of the essence, they make their way over to the Mekundu Cliffs and investigate the tree. Kion notices it falling down, and the group start calling the bats. When they don't awaken, Bunga decides to venture in and spook them out personally. The bats fly out, smashing into Ono as they pass. He lands on Beshte's snout, cautiously peering around. Moments later, the tree collapses on Bunga, worrying the rest of the Guard. Bunga soon pops up, continuing to eat the termites from within the tree wreckage. They soon speculate that the trees are being eaten by termites, and wonder why there are so many.

Too-many-termites (156)

Consulting Simba

Kion leads the group back to his father, who knows exactly why the Lion Guard are there, and urges them to visit the aardwolves. Simba explains that the aardwolves are shy, and usually keep to themselves, but also control the termite population. After asking where they live, Simba informs them that they usually hang around aardvark dens. Simba also mentions that they look similar to hyenas, which causes the Guard concern. Guiltily, Kion confesses to his father that he accidentally kicked them out. The Guard agree that it was all their fault, despite Kion's belief that it was his own. Simba isn't too concerned, and Kion soon leads the Guard away.

Too-many-termites (182)

Aardwolf tracking

Having picked up their scent from the dens, the Lion Guard sniff out the aardwolves. Unbeknownst to them, Mjomba's Pack overhear Bunga's suggestion of 'sneak up on them' and Beshte's suggestion of 'surround them' when Fuli asks what they will do when they find them. Frightened, the aardwolves scatter, whilst Mjomba stays behind after seeing a bug nearby. Bunga manages to locate the aardwolves regardless, though they soon speed away, with not even Fuli managing to catch up to them. Beshte is worried that they're running away, unable to comprehend why they would run from the good guys. It's soon ascertained that they're frightened of the Guard because of the Roar being used on them.

Too-many-termites (440)

"Sorry, Little B. Nothing personal."

Just then, Ono spots a stray aardwolf nearby, running towards a cliff. Bunga manages to save him, and Kion attempts to persuade him to return home. With even Beshte agreeing that he looks like a hyena, Mjomba is still hesitant. When promised many termites, he changes his mind, and the Guard follow him to where he believes his pack will be.

They soon locate the den where the rest of Mjomba's Pack are hiding. When Bunga rushes forward to get them out, Beshte blocks him, apologising and stating that it's nothing personal. He then watches as Kion sends Mjomba in instead, and waits outside for the signal.

Too-many-termites (498)

Breaking in

When no signal comes and the den becomes blocked with a large rock, Ono states that there are jackals inside. With no time to lose, Beshte uses his strength to push the rock out of the way, and proceeds to guide the aardwolves out with Fuli and Ono whilst Kion and Bunga take care of Reirei and Goigoi. After doing so, Beshte and the Guard guide Mjomba's Pack back to the Pride Lands, safe and sound.

Too-many-termites (550)


Back in the Lair of the Lion Guard, Bunga is feeling depressed at the lack of termites. Beshte senses it almost immediately. However, when Ono delivers a gift of termites as a thank you from the aardwolves, the honey badger cheers up. Beshte and the rest of the Guard share a hearty laugh at Bunga's sudden turnaround.

The Trouble With Galagos

The-trouble-with-galagos (10)

Beshte is impressed!

At Hakuna Matata Falls, the Lion Guard are happily relaxing, whilst Bunga performs a few dives for them. Suddenly, a group of galagos cry for help and one galago, Laini, leaps onto Kion's muzzle and pleads for his help herself. Beshte approaches Laini and asks her what's wrong, to which she replies that a leopard has moved into their tree that he wants to eat them. Beshte promises her that they would never allow the leopard to eat them, and Fuli once again mistakes his words. Just then, a cry for help emerges nearby. Ono scans the area and reveals a giraffe is stuck in a tree. Kion drags the Guard away, promising Laini that they will take care of the leopard soon.

The-trouble-with-galagos (82)

Meeting up again with the galagos

They rush to the scene, where Shingo has his neck trapped in the tree. Beshte waits for Bunga to help the giraffe get free, when the galagos make a return. When asked why they did not stay, Laini tells them how they heard a 'pfft' sound, followed by an awful smell. Bunga comments that it was likely his uncle Pumbaa, to which Ono agrees with. Beshte adds that Pumbaa would never hurt them, and despite Kion telling them to go back, the galagos insist on joining the Lion Guard.

The-trouble-with-galagos (150)

Listening to Badili

Back at the galagos' tree, the Lion Guard spot the sleeping leopard. The galagos are told to wait behind whilst they deal with the leopard. The Lion Guard approach the tree, and Kion orders the Guard to surround it for when the leopard wakes up. Kion gives the go ahead, and startles the leopard, who drops down to the ground, growling intimidatingly at the Lion Guard. As the Guard approach, the leopard becomes jittery and wails loudly, pleading with the Guard not to hurt him. He explains that he thought they were baboons, since they were chasing him in his dream. He then introduces himself as Badili, the big, friendly leopard. The new face explains that he didn't mean to scare them away and that he had nowhere else to go. His real home is in Mirihi Forest, where Ono recognises is way out in the Back Lands. Whilst Badili seems adamant about staying in the tree, he ultimately succumbs to the Lion Guard's demands of returning home. Beshte offers to walk them there, and Badili answers again with a feigned euphoria. The Lion Guard escort Badili to the forest, although Kion becomes suspicious of the leopard's constant excuses. Once he leaves, Kion and the Guard follow him discreetly.

They spy through a bush, and soon find the problem. Another leopard leaps down and frightens Badili, and Beshte is quick to notice that Mapigano is not a nice leopard. After realising that Badili is too frightened to stand up for himself, the Guard approach the intruder. Beshte claims Badili to be their friend, and the Guard force Mapigano to run back into the forest. Badili is grateful for their assistance, and thanks the Guard before they leave.

The-trouble-with-galagos (285)

Thinking of galagos

Soon, the Guard are back to their patrol, with Ono confirming that Embamba Canyon is clear. Fuli is glad they don't have to deal with them anymore, even though Beshte and Bunga agree that they were cute. Soon, the galagos return and frightfully exclaim that the leopard has returned. The Lion Guard leave the canyon and approach the sleeping leopard in their tree, and, after a couple of failed calls, Beshte bashes against the tree, catching Badili on his back as he falls.

The-trouble-with-galagos (300)

'Helping' Badili down

Badili is glad to see the Lion Guard, and when asked what happened, he reveals that Mapigano returned. It is decided that running out Mapigano was the wrong thing to do, and that they need to teach Badili how to stand up for himself. Beshte states that he will teach him how to be strong, whilst the rest of the Guard inform Badili what they can do for him as well. Badili eventually comes around to the idea, and his training commences. As they try to find his roar, Beshte pushes a large boulder off a cliff. He gesticulates Badili towards a smaller rock, but Badili is unable to move it. Later, after more training, the leopard finally manages to push it off, which excites Beshte. Soon, Badili finds his roar, and the Guard cheer for him.

Soon after, Badili is making his way back home with the Guard, who go over what he's going to do. Beshte asks what he will do if Mapigano calls him a bad name, and Badili responds confidently, telling Beshte that he'll tell Mapigano his name and for him to use it. Then, Badili marches forward, leaving the Guard to spy from a bush nearby.

The-trouble-with-galagos (491)

Proud of Badili

Badili begins by mimicking Beshte's earlier move - bashing the tree to wake up Mapigano. Beshte is impressed, and keeps watching. However, the leopard soon starts to crack when Mapigano uses his bullying tactics. Beshte is disheartened when Badili allows the other leopard to call him a bad name, but Badili eventually manages to regain his composure, exciting Beshte again. Sure enough, Badili pulls through and drives Mapigano out. The Lion Guard congratulate Badili, who is grateful for their help. The Guard then leave, allowing Badili to settle in his home.

The-trouble-with-galagos (512)

Laughing together

Back at Hakuna Matata Falls, Kion, Fuli, Beshte and On are relaxing much like they were earlier. Suddenly, Laini appears again, with mention that someone is in their tree again. The Guard return to their tree, only to find Bunga nestled with three galagos, snoring away. He leaps down the tree and grabs Laini, giving her a hug. When the hug is too tight, Laini comments that maybe the leopard wasn't so bad after all, causing the rest of the Guard to laugh happily.

Janja's New Crew

Janjas-new-crew (3)

Beshte enjoys the mud

The Lion Guard is traipsing through mud after a rainstorm the previous night. Beshte is pleased about this, as he enjoys the feeling of mud under his feet. Janja the hyena suddenly slides down a muddy slope, bumping into Beshte, who glares down at him. Janja and his crew are soon forced away by Kion. As they continue on their way, a mudslide sweeps across one of the trails that they're checking. Fuli deems it unsafe, causing Beshte to point out that it is the primary path from Big Springs to Mekundu Cliffs. Kion assigns Beshte and Fuli to work with him to remove the debris from the trail. Fuli agrees, leaping into the mud, and Beshte encourages her spirit.

Janjas-new-crew (224)

Beshte prepares to rescue the animals

Beshte is soon pushing the last tree off of the trail, and Kion compliments his work. Bunga arrives, disheveled and covered in mud, and Beshte asks what happened to him. Bunga informs him that it was a zebra, and tries to tell Beshte something amusing that a giraffe said, puzzling the hippo. Ono interrupts, reporting two animals in danger. The Guard races to their aid, with Beshte charging ahead on Kion's orders and blocking the unfortunate creatures' path, managing to withstand the pressure of a mudslide by bracing himself against a rock. Once the animals are safe, they reveal themselves as Cheezi and Chungu.

Janjas-new-crew (266)

"You know, Kion, I don't see these two causing any trouble."

The duo explain to the Lion Guard that Janja drove them out of the Outlands. Kion is reluctant to allow them to stay in the Pride Lands, but Beshte feels that they won't cause trouble. When Kion states that letting them stay would be the nice thing to do, Beshte nods in agreement. The two hyenas are permitted to stay, and the Guard goes back to their patrol. Ono is quick to report a herd of stampeding antelope, and they rush to the scene. Though the manage to halt the herd, Beshte is curious, noting that he never spotted anyone chasing after them. Kion declares that it's the Guard's fault, and Beshte protests that he would never start a stampede. Kion explains that he caught the scent of hyena, so it was likely Cheezi and Chungu.

Janjas-new-crew (481)

"I love a happy ending."

The Lion Guard seeks out the two hyenas, only to find them fast asleep. Beshte inquires if Kion still believes that they started the stampede. Upon being awakened, Cheezi and Chungu deny having done so. Everyone then hears Janja's voice shouting, and the Guard heads over to check things out. They find him stuck on a ledge beneath them, and he blames the new hyenas that he had chosen for his crew. Ono flies up and spots them chasing after an oryx herd. The Lion Guard quickly puts a stop to this before returning to Janja. They deduct that they must get him off of the ledge, and Beshte remarks that this may not be easy. However, they find that the ledge has fallen, taking all three hyenas with it. Beshte asks if they're okay, and they reveal themselves, dazed but unharmed, and make their way back to the Outlands together. Beshte declares that he loves a happy ending.


Baboons (43)

Blocking Mzingo

Beshte and the Lion Guard are out on patrol. All is pretty clear, aside from an impending rainstorm which Ono reports. He suddenly notices Mzingo's Committee circling nearby. Concerned, Kion orders Ono to lead the way, and he and the Guard run off to see what's happening. They discover a Baby Baboon that is being pursued by Mzingo, Mwoga and another one of his Committee members. They dive down, but Beshte shields the Baby Baboon from Mzingo. Mzingo calls for his Committee to retreat, leaving the Baby Baboon safe with the Guard near a river. Suddenly, the rainstorm commences, and a wave of water pushes the Baby Baboon into the river and washes him downstream. Fuli races after him whilst Beshte and the Guard try to catch up.<p>
Baboons (98)

Noticing Kiara

Beshte and the Guard soon catch up to Fuli, who has rescued the Baby Baboon. Beshte comments on how cute the nuzzling Baby Baboon is with his affection towards her for saving him. Kiara then makes her presence known on a nearby island and eventually explains what happened, and that the rainstorm took away the path to the mainland, trapping her, Tiifu and Zuri on the island. Kion tells her not to worry as the Lion Guard will save them, whilst Fuli takes the Baby Baboon home.

Baboons (396)

Forming a bridge

Beshte and the Lion Guard consider their options, and Kion soon suggests that they make a bridge. A short while later, Beshte pushes a tree over to create a bridge for the trapped lioness cubs. However, after falling, the water washes it away and more of the island floats away with it. After hearing how Kiara had a similar idea involving a boulder, Kion suggests that they combine the ideas together. Beshte is quick to get on board, and he and Bunga get ready to push a nearby boulder into the water. They become distracted when Kiara's friends fall into the water, but are relieved when Kiara saves them. Beshte quickly gets behind the boulder again and, when the signal is given, pushes with all his might along with the rest of the Guard members present. They succeed in knocking the boulder over, and Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri knock a tree down which forms a suitable bridge. When safe on the mainland, Kiara comments that the job was everyone's doing.

Baboons (492)

"That sure looks like fun."

Later, the Lion Guard watch The Royal Buffalo Wallow event that Kiara was attending from a nearby cliff. After the buffaloes dart into the mud and start to wallow, Beshte happily comments that it looks like fun. Fuli then joins them, and confirms that the mission has been completed, and Beshte is pleased to see her back safely.

Beware the Zimwi

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (38)

Beshte reveals himself

Beshte approaches the Guard after his bellowing frightens some younger animals. He creeps out of some nearby tall grass, apologising to everyone for the noise. Fuli asks why he's bellowing so late at night, and the hippo explains that he has an audition with The Bellow Fellows in the morning. If he passes the audition, he will be allowed to bellow with them. He also confesses that he is nervous about bellowing in front of them. Rafiki becomes slightly agitated, since the attention has left his story in favor of Beshte's. He is called back, and Beshte joins in as Rafiki sings a tale about a terrifying beast known as the Zimwi. At the end, the youngsters become frightened but Kion is certain that it's just a story. Rafiki does not confirm or deny this, and ushers the children away.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (121)

Spooked by the wind

The children, including Mtoto, are still frightened, and turn to Kion for reassurance. Kion once again asserts his belief, even turning to Beshte, Ono, Fuli and Bunga for their support. Beshte agrees with Kion, but a howling wind spooks him slightly. When Kion suggests that the young animals spend the night together, Beshte comments that it sounds fun, and suggests that they do the same. They all agree, and Beshte starts to bellow again which startles the youngsters once more, and Beshte apologises before continuing. Bunga comments that one of his bellows sounded just like his uncle Pumbaa.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (155)


The Lion Guard sleep near the waterfall in Hakuna Matata Falls until they are awoken by Young Rhino who, along with a hare and Mtoto, claim to have seen the Zimwi. Timon and Pumbaa then interrupt, with Timon claiming to have seen the Zimwi himself. He then changes his story and claims that his ma's cousin's friend knows an ox that was eaten by the Zimwi instead. Since their story frightens the youngsters again, Kion and the Guard decide to go in search of the Zimwi themselves.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (224)

Beshte greets the genets

Along the way, Beshte remains neutral on the truth of the Zimwi, despite Kion's sureness that it doesn't exist. They come to the entrance of a forest, and some small creatures dash past them. The Guard race down to locate the unknown animals, and they turn out to be genets. Beshte then questions what they're doing, and they tell the Guard that they're on their way home. However, Bunga brings up the Zimwi and frightens them away, leaving Beshte disappointed in his friend's behavior.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (262)

"Well, hopefully Kion's right and it's just a story after all."

The Guard then enter a forest which at first appears quiet enough, until Thurston barges through. Once he has calmed, Bunga assumes that he has been spooked by the Zimwi, but Thurston is rather disgusted at the idea that he would be worried about the Zimwi and, when questioned by Beshte, comments that it's just a story. He soon remembers that it was the genets that frightened him, and he runs away in a panic.

When more bellowing occurs a short while later, they turn around to see Beshte still practicing. Kion once again declares there to be no Zimwi, and they move forward, with Ono not sure what's scarier - Beshte or the Zimwi.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (339)

Beshte looks into the bushes

Soon, they approach a canyon. Before they enter, several eyes in a nearby bush peer towards the Lion Guard. The Guard surround the bushes and, just as they're about to attack, some gazelles leap out, frightened and begging the Guard not to hurt them. They assume that these are the creatures they've been looking for, and Beshte asks them what they're hiding from. They reveal it to be the Zimwi, and eventually direct their attention to a shadow in the canyons before leaping back into the bush. This time, even Kion loses his confidence as he watches the shadow escape into the canyon. Together, they cautiously walk into the ravine, where Kion comments that it leads to a dead end.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (337)

"Let's go, Little B!"

As they get closer to the figure, the moon becomes enshrouded by clouds, and thunder booms in the distance. They see the tall figure in the darkness up close and cry out "Zimwi" in fear. All but Bunga retreat back the way they came, though Beshte returns and scoops him up using his snout. On their way back, the Lion Guard startle the gazelles, who begin to stampede around the small area. Kion quickly devises a plan, and asks Beshte to make a clearing for the gazelles to run through. He does so, and the gazelles run through it, where they leave them to wear themselves out. Disappointed, they realise that they caused that problem because of their own fears, but decide that it's okay to be scared, and that they're the Lion Guard - they can overcome their fear to take on the Zimwi.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (443)

"Wait. What?"

They return to the Zimwi who makes soft noises, before rolling off a tall mound. The Guard rush in, but halt when the Zimwi asks them not to hurt them, and watch with slight fear as the Zimwi separates into two creatures. It is revealed that it was two porcupines that were huddled together, and that gave the illusion of a much more frightening creature. Beshte is disappointed with himself for being spooked by them, but Kion tells him not to worry, since everyone was spooked by Rafiki's story. It's then revealed that their body was nothing more than a termite mound, which the porcupines explain that they ran up when the Lion Guard chased them.

Beware-the-zimwi-hd (476)

Beshte is now a Bellow Fellow

The next morning, Beshte prepares for his audition. The Bellow Fellows emerge from the water and take their place on some rocks nearby in Big Springs. Fuli asks Beshte if these are the hippos that he needs to bellow for, and Beshte confirms it, though also adds that he's still scared. Kion reminds him that he stood up to the Zimwi, despite not knowing that it wasn't real, which gives Beshte the confidence boost he needed. He approaches the three hippos and, after a brief pause, starts to bellow. The Lion Guard are worried, though when Beshte finishes, much to his own surprise, the Bellow Fellows announce that they love it, and that he's free to start bellowing with them whenever he wants to. Beshte then asks them if he can do it now, and they begin to bellow together.

Lions of the Outlands

Lions-of-the-outlands (326)

Hearing the tale

Bunga enters The Lair of the Lion Guard, causing Beshte to tell him he's just in time for a race between Ono and Fuli. He holds the vine that serves as a finish line as his friends compete. Bunga eventually suggests that he tries racing Fuli, but Beshte denies. When Kion is brought up, Bunga explains to the group that he went to the Outlands with Jasiri. Beshte inquires why Jasiri was in the Pride Lands, and Bunga informs them that she took Kion to speak with some lions in the Outlands. Rafiki tells the Guard that the lions in the Outlands are the Outsiders. Beshte is surprised to hear that the Outsiders were loyal only to Scar. The Guard resolves to rescue their friend, and sets off for the Outlands.

Lions-of-the-outlands (524)

Beshte takes on the Outsiders

On their way, they run into Jasiri, who informs them that Kion joined Zira and her family. Beshte is startled by this, and states that they've heard about Zira. They hurry to the defense of their friend and attack the Outsiders threatening him, with Beshte calling his catchphrase as he tosses the lionesses away. They defeat the Outsiders successfully, allowing Jasiri's clan to reclaim a watering hole that the lions had taken. At the watering hole, Beshte stands with his friends.

Never Roar Again

Never-roar-again-hd (102)

The ground shakes

The Lion Guard drives Janja's clan out of the Pride Lands. However, the clan is quick to trespass again, and Beshte notes that it seems they aren't giving up this day. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to fend the hyenas away from Nala, and the ground begins to shake after, causing Beshte to stutter as he asks what the kerbubble is. Kion's Roar comes rushing back, and the group flees. Once it's over, Beshte finds Kion and Nala and asks if they're hurt. Nala confirms that they are, and Kion returns the question to the Guard. Beshte responds positively. Ono, however, has lost all of his crest feathers, though he hasn't realized it yet. Beshte stares at him and suggests to the others that he might not notice.

Never-roar-again-hd (194)

"Stand Up, Stand Out"

In The Lair of the Lion Guard, Beshte encourages Ono's optimistic outlook over his lost feathers. When Ono becomes dejected, Beshte tells him that his head just looks smooth, similar to a hippo's rear end. Seeing that Ono is still not happy, Beshte, Fuli, and Bunga perform "Stand Up, Stand Out" to convince him to be proud of his difference. Zazu flies in, reporting that the giraffes' watering hole has been blocked. Ono is uncertain about going with the Guard to help, but Beshte insists that he must, as he's the keenest of sight. Ono agrees to go, and the Guard heads out.

Never-roar-again-hd (277)

"Twende kiboko!"

At the watering hole, Beshte is glad to see that the giraffes are all waiting patiently. Kion requests that he move one rock blocking the watering hole, believing it will open up the whole thing, though Beshte is less certain. He eventually complies, bracing himself against the ground and using his backside to push the rocks. The plan is successful, and Beshte thanks Kion when the cub compliments his work. The group is then alerted to a klipspringer stranded on a rock in a river. As Beshte points out, he's too afraid to move. The hippo remarks that the water is too fast for him, so on Kion's request, he pushes a dead tree over, forming a bridge. The rotten wood breaks under Kion's weight, and when the rest of the Guard try to help, it shatters entirely. They swim to shore and see that the klipspringer is safe.

Never-roar-again-hd (444)

Beshte battles the crocodiles

Back at the Lair, Beshte watches Bunga fix a headdress for Ono, and comments that it's a whole new look. Fuli enters and reports that Makuu has taken over The Flood Plains, startling Beshte, who states that animals depend on those plains. They go to The Flood Plains, where Beshte is confident that he and Bunga can handle the rest of the crocodiles if Fuli takes on Makuu. He charges into the water and rolls over a few crocodiles. Eventually, Bunga and Fuli are on Beshte's back in the water, surrounded by crocodiles. Kion and Nala arrive, and when Nala is pulled into the water, Kion finds a new way to use his Roar as Beshte watches in awe. Once the crocodiles are taken care of, Beshte approaches Kion, agreeing that the Roar was un-Bunga-lievable. Upon seeing several egrets that have rid themselves of some of their feathers, Beshte comments that Ono has started a trend.

The Lost Gorillas

Beshte watches Bunga as he carefully removes Zazu from a beehive. When he is free, he explains to the Lion Guard that the pangolins are spraying, so the Guard leave to discover the problem.

The-lost-gorillas (52)

Beshte has never seen them before

The Lion Guard arrive on the scene, and are amazed by what they see. Two gorillas are holding a pangolin each, having a staredown. The gorillas, named Majinuni and Hafifu, start squeezing the animals under their armpits, causing them to spray. Beshte has no idea what they are, despite knowing every animal in the Pride Lands. Kion manages to get them to drop the pangolins, and the pair seem excited when Beshte and the rest of the Guard approach.

The-lost-gorillas (121)

Bunga farts

They discover that they're looking for King 'Zimba'. When they realise that they mean Simba, the pair ask if they know him. Bunga also explains how Kion is Simba's son. Both gorillas question if Kion is a lion and a prince and become excited, informing them how they are both princes themselves. This confuses Bunga, thinking that they meant that they are lions. Beshte is quick to correct him, while Fuli leads Kion back to the Guard in disbelief that anyone would send such a pair.

The-lost-gorillas (144)


After the gorillas throw Ushari at a baobab tree having mistaken him for a stick, they shrug off Kion's anger with a quick 'Kuishi ni Kucheka'. Since the Guard do not understand it, they start to sing about it, but Kion cuts them off with the offer of taking him back to his father. Along the way, Bunga is grabbed by Hafifu, and he farts in Beshte's face, annoying him. They arrive back at Pride Rock and learn that the gorillas have forgotten the message, so Simba tasks the Lion Guard with sending them home to the Theluji Mountains safely.

They approach the mountain base, where the gorillas have forgotten the way home. They enter a forest to see if it rings any bells, but it does not. Beshte notices a chameleon and considers asking it, but it changes color before him which intrigues him. After Ono explains about how chameleons work, the two gorillas chase after it for a game of 'chameleon hide and seek'

The-lost-gorillas (225)

Searching for the princes

The Guard lose sight of the gorillas, and the princes themselves cannot see the Guard. Hafifu and Majinuni decide to turn their problem into a game, so that when Kion shouts 'Kuishi', they will respond with 'Ni Kucheka'. The Guard think they can hear them and wander off in one direction, but, instead of standing still, the two gorillas start to move about. Kion calls to them since the game isn't working and they change the game to 'forest hog chase'. Majinuni explains that they will snort like forest hogs while the Guard chase them. Beshte isn't entirely sure what they sound like until the pair start snorting. Ono manages to see trees that are shaking up ahead in a foggy area, and the Guard run towards them.

The-lost-gorillas (266)

Arriving in time to help

The Lion Guard enter the fog, but start to hear deeper snorts coming from behind them. It turns out that to be a real forest hog that rushes past them. Beshte wonders why it's so mad, but Ono speculates that it's because they believe the gorillas to be real forest hogs encroaching upon its territory. Kion is able to pin it down and, when he sees the rest of the Guard as well, he backs down and leaves. The gorillas are revealed to be fine, but when they are asked to continue, they try to get chased by the forest hog again. Beshte asks if there's anything wrong and the pair reluctantly confess that their father has never seen them as prince material, so they agreed to deliver the message to prove that he was wrong. However, since they forgot the message, they were worried about what he would say to them upon their return. After Kion assures them it will be okay, they agree to continue.

The-lost-gorillas (318)

Enjoying the snow

The Lion Guard follow the two brothers over a cliff, and are inquisitive of the snow. Beshte leaps into it and is amazed by the substance. The gorilla princes finally convince them to enjoy themselves and, once Kion calls out Kuishi Ni Kucheka, they have a brief respite to enjoy their newfound fun. Beshte slides down a path, though is quickly hit by Bunga who chooses the same slide. They laugh about it, and Beshte is soon throwing himself into more snow. When the princes engage in a snowball fight, Beshte blocks his friends using his body.

The-lost-gorillas (399)

Worried about Kion!

When it's finally time to continue, Kion slides down the mountain by slipping accidentally. The Guard are fearful, but Hafifu and Majinuni save Kion themselves. When they finally reach King Sokwe, he is furious at his sons for the trouble they have caused. Beshte hopes that they won't be scolded too badly. Much to his relief, the King dumps a snowball on their heads whilst exclaiming Kuishi ni Kucheka and laughing. He explains how he heard about they saved Kion, which made him proud. After being reminded of the message, King Sokwe decides that Bunga's souvenir snowball will be 'perfect'.

The-lost-gorillas (506)

Mission complete!

Back at Pride Rock, Kion explains what happened on their journey and Simba demands to hear the message. Although hesitant, Kion does so, and Bunga leaps forward and dumps a snowball on his head whilst exclaiming Kuishi ni Kucheka. Beshte and the Guard worry at first, but Simba starts to laugh, claiming that nobody delivers a peace message like King Sokwe. Simba shakes the snow off his head, and the Guard laugh together.

The Trail to Udugu

The-trail-to-udugu (168)

Beshte questions the King's choice

When Kion explains how he will be taking the trail to Udugu with his mother and sister, Beshte hears how his father, Simba, will be leading the Guard in his absence. After listening to Bunga explain how things will be easy, Simba arrives and Beshte bows accordingly. They then set off to do the morning patrol. Shortly after they begin, Beshte starts to wonder about how smoothly things will go when Simba refuses to take the path his son normally takes. He follows regardless. <p>
The-trail-to-udugu (248)

Sliding down the cliff

Soon, they encounter an impending mudslide near the ostriches' nest, and that the eggs will slide off the cliffs if they are not saved. Simba explains that he will move the nearby log so that it will divert the mud away from the nest and orders the rest of the Guard to stick together and follow him by leaping from rock to rock. Beshte worryingly comments that Kion usually goes right through the mud, but Fuli reminds him who is in charge. Reluctantly, Beshte follows the rest of the Guard. However, the hippo slips on one of the rocks and starts to slide down the mud, crashing into Bunga, Ono and Fuli along the way. He knocks the log away, exposing the eggs to the mud. The Guard act quickly, with Beshte carefully grabbing two eggs in his mouth while everyone else grabs an egg each. With the eggs saved, Simba declares the mission a success, and Beshte responds tepidly.

The-trail-to-udugu (381)

Beshte wonders if they should warn Simba

Later, the Guard notice another problem. Swala's herd are trying to get up some rocks to reach higher ground, but the rocks are unstable. Simba once again orders them away, but Beshte asks if they should remind Simba that gazelles spook easily. Bunga is adamant that he knows what he's doing, and the Guard follow. The gazelles soon become spooked by the impending crowd and gallop up the rocks, prompting Simba to run faster. He orders the Guard to run faster too, but they lag behind a little. Ono then notices the rocks are falling and calls for them to stop before rushing away under Fuli's instruction to warn Simba. When Beshte and the Guard arrive, they discover that Simba has gotten his tail stuck under a rock.

The-trail-to-udugu (524)

Beshte comments on how great they are as a team

Beshte promises they'll get him out of his predicament. Just then, they hear some noises up above which turns out to be the gazelles stampeding towards the ostrich eggs. Simba orders the Guard to leave him behind and to save the ostrich eggs. Suddenly, more of the unstable rocks give way, but Fuli is able to save Bunga thanks to Ono's warning. Bunga thanks Fuli, but Fuli tells him to thank Ono, and Beshte comments on what a great team they are. Noticing their teamwork, Simba realises that their team works differently, and asks what Kion would have them do if he were there. Fuli tells him that they would split up. Ono and herself would go after the herd, and Beshte and Bunga would stay to free him. Simba then declares those to be his orders. Before that happens, Simba speaks the beginning of their catchphrase after Bunga reminds him of their catchphrase: "Till the Pride Lands end", and the Guard finish it with 'Lion Guard defend' as always.

The-trail-to-udugu (586)

Beshte is pleased to hear praise

Bunga assures Simba that he will be fine, though warns Beshte not to roll the boulder the wrong way or it'll squish Simba. Simba reminds Bunga that he can hear him, and Bunga asks Beshte if he knew that. After Beshte admits that he knew he could hear them, he successfully removes the boulder. The commotion causes the remaining boulders to collapse, and the trio run. When Fuli and Ono re-join them, Simba admits that everything worked out because they did things their own way, and that Kion would be proud of them. He also adds that he himself is proud of them, and Beshte smiles proudly with his friends.

Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (55)

"He sounds poa, Ono."

Beshte, Bunga, Kion and Fuli notice a flock of birds flying overhead. Mtoto notices Beshte and greets him to the watering hole, and Beshte returns the greeting before turning his attention back to the birds. They follow them to a clearing, where Ono calls for them having secured a place up front. Wondering what for, they walk down to him. Ono explains how Hadithi, the legendary eagle is returning to the Pride Lands. When they don't know who he is, Ono proceeds to educate them on his idol, and Beshte agrees that he sounds 'poa'. <p>
Onos-idol (213)

Beshte questions the 'special leaves'.

When Hadithi arrives, Ono meets him up close and personal thanks to one of Bunga's antics. Since Ono considers himself to be his biggest fan, Hadithi sings Hadithi the Hero as a way of showing him just how many fans he has, while Beshte and the others watch. Once it finishes, Simba and Nala greet and praise Hadithi, inviting him back for a Royal Mud Print Ceremony in his honor. Hadithi asks if The Traditional Ceremonial Nest will be supplied, and Ono excitedly tells him that the Lion Guard will do it for him, though the Guard aren't sure they can. When the King and Queen leave, Hadithi thanks the Guard for their kind offer, asking if they know how to get proper leaves. Beshte questions this, and Hadithi reveals that they must be obtained from the tallest tree in the land. The Guard eventually agree to get them, with Beshte sharing some concern.

Onos-idol (272)

Hearing of the bigger tree

When Hadithi and Ono leave, Beshte compliments Kion for letting Ono leave with Hadithi. When Fuli becomes annoyed at what they're doing for someone they don't know when they have more important things to do, Beshte reminds her that he's Ono's biggest hero. They continue to find a tall tree but, after Bunga leaps up, it turns out that there's another tree that's even taller. The Guard set off for the correct tree.

Onos-idol (322)

Complimenting Mtoto

Later, at the ceremonial area and having collected the leaves, Beshte guides Bunga across. He overhears Mtoto nearby who, along with Young Rhino, are denied a place up front. Mtoto agrees to find someplace else and walks away, prompting praise from Beshte. Mtoto turns to him, stating that he doesn't mind, because he's still Mtoto's number one hero. A short while later, the event begins, though Hadithi turns up alone, assuring them that Ono will be along shortly. Beshte cheers with the other animals as Simba praises him in front of the animals. But when Hadithi tries to place his talons in the mud he becomes overrun with guilt, and admits that he's not hero, with a real hero bird in trouble. The Lion Guard follow him at his request.

Onos-idol (483)

Beshte takes action

They arrive at a cliff, where Beshte notices that Ono is trapped, with Cheezi and Chungu fast approaching. With Fuli taking care of them, Beshte assists Kion and Bunga with Janja by pushing a large boulder over two cliffs so that the klipspringers that Janja is hunting can get to safety. Beshte then allows a 'poa' to escape his mouth while he watches as Ono and Hadithi start swooping around the hyenas, dizzying them in the process. The hyenas then slip and fall into the water below.

Later that night, Beshte watches with the other animals as Ono is given the honor of the Royal Mud Print Ceremony.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (5)
Beshte is seen making the Hippo Lanes with his father, Basi and telling Beshte that it's always been a hippo's tradition to do so and that it will be his turn to do them. Then, suddenly the two hippos a cry for help and rush to the scene, pushing through the reeds to save Young Rhino who's been ensnared by them and stalked by Makuu. He tells the crocodile leader that the Flood Plains is a safety zone after a rainstorm, soon Makuu is ready to pick a fight two against one until Basi arrives telling him that Beshte is right and the crocodiles slink away.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (86)
After they assure Young Rhino that the crocodiles are gone Beshte asked the calf what happened. He told the hippos that he was trying to cross the Flood Plains and got caught in the reeds, Basi added on, "You should have waited." But Young Rhino said he was in a hurry knowing that Basi was right he apologized. Then, Beshte and his father work together to untangle Young Rhino but he gets startled by a flock of egrets and accidently thrusts his horn into Basi injuring him. With Young Rhino freed he goes on his way promising to wait. Kion, Bunga and Fuli arrive on the scene to investigate the problem, but Beshte tells them that it's been taking care of. Basi then, says that it shouldn't be long now until the Hippo Lanes are done. But as soon Beshte's father tries to finish the job before another rainstorm comes, he stumbles on his bad leg and he passes the responsibly onto his son believing that he could do it.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (192)

As Beshte is making the Hippo Lanes he comes across Laini who needs an escort to Ndefu Grove to which he happily agrees to. Along the way, he comes across a Female Weaver, Young Aardvark and Chura who exchange compliments and disagreements about Beshte's strength but he assures them they have nothing to worry about and explains the purpose of the Hippo Lanes during the Makin' Hippo Lanes. Then, has he was making the Lanes he is greeted by Ono, who tells him to take a look back at his work but his happiness is turned into shock when all the detours he took didn't make the Lanes straight and true at all. Then, Beshte knew how to fix the problem and goes to tell his father what happened while sending Ono with a message to Kion about not letting anyone in the Hippo Lanes.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (385)

Basi asking Beshte to finish the lane

In the midst, of Beshte telling his father his mistake and added on that he let him down but Basi assured him that he let Beshte down by leaving him alone. With their mistakes resolved Beshte and his father make a new lane wide enough for the whole herd to walk through. During the process of making the lane Basi became tired and told Beshte to go on ahead finishing the lane. Just as Beshte makes to the end of the lane he discovers his father isn't there so he goes back to look him. He finds Makuu sneaking up behind Basi and tells the crocodiles to back off and with Beshte's quick thinking the two create a new lane that leads Makuu's Float into Bupu's Herd leaving Makuu and his float too injured to fight back so they retreat.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (487)

Basi never doubting Beshte

Later, with Bupu's Herd safely grazing on the other side, Basi and Beshte watch the other animals move through the new Hippo Lane. The rest of the Lion Guard approach, complimenting them on their work. Bunga exclaims that everyone loves the new Hippo Lane, and even Ono admits that Beshte was good at making them after all. Beshte thanks Ono for his words, and Basi ends by saying that he never had any doubt.

Ono the Tickbird

Ono-the-tickbird (34)

Beshte speaks to Kifaru

Beshte and the Lion Guard are following Ono through a ruined Nyani Grove. Ono exclaims that a rhino is headed for the baboons' tree, which they discover that the rhino has crashed into, and the baboons are scarpering away. They approach the rhino, named Kifaru, who reacts irritably to Kion's order to stop shaking the tree. Beshte asks him what the problem is, and he softens at his presence, answering that he's stuck. Beshte reassures him that the Lion Guard will get him out, to which he is grateful for. With Beshte pushing the tree one way, Ono watching his horn and the others moving Kifaru the other way, they are able to pull Kifaru loose. Once free, Kifaru thanks the Guard for their assistance. <p>
Ono-the-tickbird (67)

Hearing the rhino's answer

When asked why he's causing trouble, the rhino reveals that he was unaware that he was, despite the baboons' cries and the masses of logs on the floor. He starts to move forward but almost swipes Bunga and Fuli with his horn. After apologising he heads straight for a tree. When the Guard question his behavior, Ono notices that his tickbird is missing.

Ono-the-tickbird (109)

Bunga's suggestion

Ono swoops down and inquires about his tickbird. With a hefty sigh, Kifaru mentions Mwenzi. Beshte recalls how they were such good friends and were always together, but the rhino informs them that Mwenzi left him for no reason. Ono then realises why he's been acting so strangely, and proceeds to tell the Guard how rhinos have poor eyesight and that, for that reason, rhinos will often pair up with tickbirds, who will guide them and warn them of dangers they can't see. After Kifaru sings about his friendship with Mwenzi, Beshte concludes that he didn't mean to cause all the trouble. Kifaru apologises again and explains how he was trying to get to the Tamasha, an event where the rhinos gather near Lake Matope to spar in the mud. As he is speaking, he walks away tearfully.The Guard decide to reunite him with Mwenzi, and Bunga offers to be his temporary tickbird. Reluctantly, Beshte bids them both farewell.

Ono-the-tickbird (150)

Leaving to find Mwenzi

Just after Beshte announces how sure he is that Bunga will do a good job, Ono spots a problem. He immediately flies towards Kifaru, who is heading for a cliff. With one leg over the edge, Ono orders Kifaru to move back slowly and Kifaru obeys. After seeing how well Kifaru listened to Ono, the Lion Guard then decide to appoint him the task of being Kifaru's tickbird, much to his dismay. Beshte promises that he knows just what Mwenzi looks like, so he doesn't have to worry. Once Kion and Fuli gain Mwenzi's scent, the Guard race off to find Mwenzi, leaving Ono with Kifaru.

Ono-the-tickbird (213)

A bird swoops by

Kion and Fuli continue tracking the scent, with Beshte and Bunga following behind. With Bunga's observation, the Guard conclude that they've been in circles. But they discover Mwenzi's scent on a nearby tree. Bunga leaps onto the branches in the hopes of finding him but to no avail. He notices a bird in the distance and asks if it's Mwenzi, and Kion also asks Beshte the same question. But despite his calls, the bird does not respond to the hippo, leaving him wondering if it is Beshte or if he's just ignoring him. They devise a plan to check.

Ono-the-tickbird (228)

Beshte fools Mwenzi

Speaking loudly, Beshte pretends to be a rhino looking for a tickbird to clear his back. As expected, Mwenzi arrives, only to discover no insects. Once Beshte reveals himself, Mwenzi questions Beshte on why he was pretending to be a rhino until Bunga captures him, prompting Mwenzi to ask what the Lion Guard want with him. The Guard then inform him about Kifaru's accidental damage, and that he needs to return to him. Mwenzi then tells them the reason he left was because Kifaru was blaming him for being late to the Tamasha, even when it was always his fault. Beshte informs him that he's lost without him, not just because of his poor eyesight. Kion suggests that Mwenzi himself is not doing so well either, and the tickbird agrees that he's used to looking after Kifaru. After a bit of encouragement and being told that Kifaru misses him, he agrees to speak with him.

Ono-the-tickbird (321)

Setting Kifaru on the right track

When the Guard return with the tickbird in tow, Mwenzi overhears Kifaru praising Ono, which upsets him greatly. He swoops over and declares that he's leaving Kifaru forever. In fear of being Kifaru's tickbird, Ono orders the rest of the Guard to take care of Kifaru while he speaks with Mwenzi. With the rhino clearly depressed, the Lion Guard decide to cheer Kifaru up by guiding him to Tamasha. Although Kifaru starts to wander the wrong way, the Guard quickly set him back on track.

Ono-the-tickbird (390)

Getting Kifaru to Tamasha

The Lion Guard finally guide Kifaru to the Tamasha, with Beshte pushing him in the right direction. But before he can join in, Ono swoops down and exclaims that Mwenzi is in trouble. Kifaru, still annoyed with him, claims not to care, until Ono mentions that Makuu is involved. Kifaru then shows immediate concern, and rushes off to save him. He crashes through several trees in his rush, but Ono confirms that he is at least going the right way. The Lion Guard decide that they need to go with him, and hurry after the rhino.

Ono-the-tickbird (447)

Dealing with the crocodiles

As they arrive on the scene, they discover that Kifaru has got his horn stuck in a tree, and Makuu's float is ready to attack. When they see the Lion Guard, they change their direction. While the rest of the Guard tackle a crocodile each, Beshte forcefully ejects two from the area. Once Kifaru breaks loose thanks to Mwenzi, he assists the remaining Guard members, and the crocodiles leave the area. Beshte then watches happily as the friends reunite.

Ono-the-tickbird (501)

Beshte's comment

The Lion Guard then join Kifaru and Mwenzi at the Tamasha. They are happy to see everyone enjoying themselves, and Beshte comments that it must be nice to have a friend with you all the time. Bunga then asks if Ono would like to be his tickbird, to which Ono declines, claiming that his tickbird days are over. The Guard then share a hearty laugh together.

Babysitter Bunga

Babysitter-bunga (93)


The Lion Guard discover that jackals are attacking Muhimu's herd. They soon get to work, with Beshte joining Kion and Fuli in taking down the older jackals. Beshte charges one of them, knocking them back. Once all the jackals have been gathered, the Lion Guard make sure they leave promptly. However, Muhimu is still shaken up by the even, prompting Beshte to suggest that she take a bit of time out for herself. As much as she loves the idea she hesitates, not knowing what to do with her son. Noticing how much he enjoys being around Bunga, she asks if he will take care of him, which he accepts. Beshte and the Lion Guard then return to the lair. <p>
Babysitter-bunga (239)

Beshte rolls back

Back in the lair, Ono voices his concern over Bunga's absence. Although Fuli tries to joke about his worries, Beshte chastises her, and Ono points out that they do rely on Bunga since he's the best climber. With fears that they might not be able to rescue someone from a tree or other high place, Kion decides that they need to practise to be on the safe side. He locates a rock on a high ledge, and asks who wishes to get it down. After Fuli and Ono fail, Beshte decides to give it a try, missing Kion's warning. After the hippo walk up the wall, he tumbles down, forming a ball and eventually smashing into Ono. Kion declares the training to be over, and the squashed egret is happy about the announcement.

Babysitter-bunga (515)

Beshte helps out Goigoi

Later that day, the Lion Guard are out checking the trees in case any animals need their help there. Fuli admits that she looks forward to Bunga's return, and Kion suggests checking up on them at the falls. But when they hear a jackal nearby, they have no choice but to turn around and investigate the source of the calls. They find Goigoi, upside down in a ditch having been chasing nothing. Beshte offers help, but only once they find out where Reirei has gone. When they finally discover that his family are at the falls, Beshte holds true to his words, and plucks him out by the tail before joining the rest of the Lion Guard as they race to the falls.

There, they find out that the situation has been dealt with, albeit with an increase of children in Bunga's care. After the jackals run home again, the parents arrive to pick up their children. After seeing that Bunga taught them self defense whilst in his care, Muhimu declares him the best babysitter ever, much to the Lion Guard's slight disbelief.

The Savannah Summit

The-savannah-summit (20)

Beshte checks on his friends

The Lion Guard (plus Mtoto) play a game of baobab ball, until Kion and Bunga fall on a ledge which collapses. After Beshte checks that they're okay, they realise that it's probably due to the incoming dry season. Their game continues with Mtoto racing away with the fruit wrapped up in his trunk, until he hears a message from his mother. The Lion Guard become interested in hearing more things from Mtoto using his infrasound, and Mtoto hears a few animals on their way to Pride Rock. Kion explains to his friends that it must be due to his father's Savannah Summit. But Mtoto then hears a crocodile, and the Lion Guard dash away, certain that it's Makuu about to spoil the event.

The-savannah-summit (212)

Beshte steps in

It turns out to be a false alarm, since Simba invited him personally. The Lion Guard are invited to the event to help keep the peace between the animals. On their way to Mizimu Grove, Beshte assists a baby sable antelope along the way. But once they arrive, Makuu has moved to the watering hole, and the Lion Guard race off to find him arguing with Bupu. Beshte stands between the pair of animals, warning them both to calm down. Once the Guard have dealt with it, Mtoto is asked to keep his ears open for anything suspicious.

The-savannah-summit (263)

Talking to Twiga

It doesn't take Mtoto long to track down the Lion Guard, having heard Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga speaking about Makuu. When they reach the pair, they become nervous, not wishing to speak of Makuu. As they leave, Beshte and the Guard speak of how strange it all seemed, with Kion certain that it's down to Makuu. When they hear Zazu cry for help, the Lion Guard swiftly head over, only to find another misunderstanding, this time between Mbeya and Big Baboon. Once again, Beshte stands between the pair and tries to calm them down. After doing so, Mtoto calls them having heard more from Makuu, and the Lion Guard rush off back to Pride Rock. But it turns out that Makuu and Bupu were merely trying to work out a deal. Angry at their lack of trust, Makuu leaves, refusing to deal with them anymore. After Simba scolds his son, Beshte allows him to leave for a while.

The-savannah-summit (416)

Beshte grabs Makuu

A short while later, they locate Kion again, having heard more worrying news from Mtoto. But this time, Kion wishes to work everything out before leaping to a conclusion. He eventually realises that Makuu was the target, not the enemy. Knowing that the plot takes place at sundown, the Lion Guard head off and find Makuu, who at first refuses to accept their offer of help. But when the crocodile falls into a concealed pit, Beshte is quick to act and grabs him by the tail, calling for his friends to help. The Guard quickly work together to save him, pulling him back to safety. After catching a strange scent, Fuli and the Guard discover rotting fruit at the bottom of the pit. Kion then devises a plan to find out who caused the trick in the first place.

The-savannah-summit (509)

The Lion Guard laugh

At the summit, Beshte watches as Kion announces that Makuu passed away in the pit, causing Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga to come clean. They worry at first that the summit is ruined, but Makuu surprises them by claiming it to be worthy of a crocodile. Kion then joins his friends, just in time for Mtoto to hear his mother calling him. After he leaves, Bunga tells his friends that he's glad that he doesn't have Mtoto's ability. Fuli then comments that he would pretty silly with ears that big, causing the Guard to laugh.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Beshte and the Lion Guard are enjoying a quiet day on patrol, when a sable antelope starts to gather animals before rushing off with them. Curious, they stop Ma Tembo who also follows them, but she does not tell them where she is heading, and just that she can't stop. Seeing that there are more animals heading her way, the Lion Guard decide to see what they are running to.

The-traveling-baboon-show (152)

Dancing Beshte

They arrive at a sausage tree, where the animals have gathered underneath. Trying to work out what's going on, Beshte confronts Mbeya to find out more, who was told that the animals had to see the baboons there. When a few baboons pop out of the tree, they introduce themselves as Uroho, Mwevi and Mwizi, who are part of The Traveling Baboon Show. The Guard are still a little confused, but watch as the group put on a performance. Beshte particularly enjoys himself there, bobbing along to the beat.

The-traveling-baboon-show (206)

Speaking to Uroho

Once the show is over, the Lion Guard decide to introduce themselves. When Bunga mentions Kion's relation to the royal family, Beshte also steps in to explain how he's also the leader of the Lion Guard, their group. The baboons suddenly become nervous and informs them that they need to rest up for the next show. The Lion Guard decide that they should probably return to their patrol anyway.

The-traveling-baboon-show (273)

Beshte wants to watch the show again

No sooner have they left, when they hear Ma Tembo calling for their help. When they reach her, she and several other animals are gathered near an empty patch of land. She and Mbeya explain how the tree had plenty of leaves and grass just that morning, and Thurston reiterates their words. When the animals leave to let the Lion Guard work, they notice that everything has been taken. Beshte even notices that the grass has been cleanly eaten as well. After they hear a commotion, Ono reports that it's just another baboon show. Bunga and Beshte are eager to watch it again, but Kion wishes to find out the culprit first. Hearing a lot of animals over there, Bunga tries to persuade Kion into investigating in case their culprit is there. He eventually agrees, and Beshte joins Bunga as the pair race away to watch the show.

The-traveling-baboon-show (363)

The thieves are discovered!

When Kion and Fuli join him, Beshte directs them to Bunga, who managed to get a part on the show. After joining the rest of the Lion Guard, Uroho moves on to the magic act. As the act comes to a close, Ono swoops down with news of who the thieves are. Before he can impart this information, he is grabbed by a baboon and thrown around. Believing it to be all in fun, Beshte cheers him on, until Ono finally manages to break free and tell his friends that the baboons are the thieves. Bunga is distraught by what he hears, although Beshte has to confess that it doesn't look good for them. Kion asks Beshte to shake the tree and he does so, causing a large pile of food to fall to the ground. With their true intentions uncovered, the baboons start to run.

The-traveling-baboon-show (391)

"Just say you're sorry!"

The Lion Guard chase them across the Pride Lands, where Beshte chases Uroho. He asks him to apologise but the baboon refuses, and continues running. During their escape, the baboons startle a herd of sable antelopes, causing two of them to fall into a river. Once the antelopes have been saved, Ono explains how they ran into the Outlands, Kion announces that it's no longer their problem now that they have left the Pride Lands.

Back in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard discuss the baboons a little further. When Ono spots the baboons being chased in the Outlands, Kion is hesitant to let the Guard save them since it isn't their territory, but Ono points out that they wouldn't be in the Outlands in the first place if it wasn't for them. They decide that it's their responsibility to save them, and head on in.

The-traveling-baboon-show (600)

Beshte defeats Chungu

Once Ono has located them, the Lion Guard approach the hyenas. Janja explains how they were trying to steal from them, and Beshte questions if that's really a reason that they deserve to be eaten, to which Chungu states that it makes sense to him. The Lion Guard charge the hyenas, with Beshte charging Chungu in particular. It doesn't take long for the Guard to win, and the hyenas retreat. Feeling bad over what they have done, Uroho asks if they can make it up to them, and Kion has an idea.

Back in the Pride Lands, Beshte watches as Uroho hands out food to a queue of Pride Landers with the promise of a show as well. After Ono is grabbed to be part of the act, Beshte continues watching the show.

Ono and the Egg

Ono-and-the-egg (68)

Helping Ono and the hyrax

Beshte and the Guard notice a stampede of hyraxes while on patrol, which Beshte considers to be a 'stampede of cuteness'. They learn that the stampede has been caused by a harrier hawk circling above. The hawk, named Mpishi, grabs a hyrax but is thwarted by Ono before she can chow down. With Ono unable to keep the hyrax afloat, Beshte calls for him to drop him, and he'll catch him instead. He does as instructed, and both hyrax and egret land on Beshte's back, the latter collapsing in exhaustion. Once the Guard have seen that the hawk returns home, they offer to walk Ono back to his nest.

Ono-and-the-egg (136)

Bunga calls to Ono

After they wish him farewell, the egret lets out a sharp cry, causing them to return. They discover an egg in Ono's nest, and Bunga gets excited about Ono becoming a mother. Beshte points out that he wouldn't be a mother, and Bunga realises that he'll be a dad, which Ono denies, since it's not his egg. After identifies it as a hamerkop egg, the Guard task themselves with finding the mother while Ono waits behind and takes care of the egg. After Fuli and Kion obtain her scent, they race away.

Ono-and-the-egg (238)

Beshte stops the mud

As a storm starts to brew, they notice a mudslide near the aardvark dens. With a herd of red rock hares hiding away in the dens, the Lion Guard quickly round up all of the hares, only to notice one hare still left inside. Kion takes it upon himself to rescue her, and is ultimately smothered by the thick mud. Beshte starts to worry, but Kion manages to break through, and places the hare with the rest of her family, before they return to their original task of tracking down the hamerkop mother.

Ono-and-the-egg (326)

Kulinda explains

With the storm cleared in their area, the Lion Guard are able to find the hamerkop nest, with Bunga offering to check it out first. Although at first they are unable to find her, the mother, soon flutters down to the nest, and Beshte recognizes her as Kulinda. After finishing the nest and explaining to them that her nest wasn't ready back when she left the egg in Ono's care, she begins to panic in case something has happened to her egg, but calms down when Beshte informs her that the Guard are only there to guide her back. Relieved, she follows them back.

Ono-and-the-egg (479)

The reunited parent and child

Soon, Kulinda and the Lion Guard have made their way over to Ono's nest. Kulinda is horrified to find that the egg has hatched, but the baby is missing. She starts crying out, and soon, her baby returns to her. They start dancing which enchants the Guard, until Ono arrives, calling out for 'his' baby, which shocks them a little. After a while, Ono informs the mother how the hatchling likes to chase insects, but during his talk, she wanders away from them. Ono notices her near the river edge and, despite Fuli's speed, she is unable to catch him in time. They start racing down the river. Before the hatchling falls off the waterfall, Mpishi returns and swipes her away. Angry at her return, Kion and the Guard follow the birds from below.

Ono-and-the-egg (619)

A charming moment

The Guard become frustrated when they learn that Mwoga is assisting Mpishi, yet they are unable to help. After Bunga uses a tree to leap on the vulture's back, Mwoga falls to the ground, and Kion agrees with his suggestion of returning to the Outlands.
Eventually, Ono and Kulinda manage to save the youngster, and return to the ground, where Kulinda announces that she will name her daughter after Ono - Ona. Ono, Kulinda and Ona then start to use a bonding dance, which Beshte finds to be adorable.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

The-rise-of-scar (17)

Beshte saves some hares

Beshte follows the guard during their Morning Patrol, saving a group of hares from a falling tree, helping his fellow hippos out of the mud and directing the crocodiles to their hibernation cave. They are alerted by Ono that Ma Tembo and the elephants are under attack and the Guard rush off to help. As soon as they arrive and see what the hyenas have caused, they devise a plan. Kion leads Bunga and Ono into chasing the hyenas out of the herd while Fuli rounds them up and Beshte sends them flying. With everyone agreeing, they move in on the plan and Beshte rams into the hyenas. When the hyenas are beaten Kion tells them to leave to which they do. <p>
The-rise-of-scar (171)

Checking on Ma Tembo

After their ordeal, he is glad to see that Ma Tembo and the herd are alright, and they are thanked by her for their help. Beshte and the Guard still couldn't believe that Janja would try something like that, but Ma Tembo understands because during the dry season there's less food to go around, especially in the Outlands. They leave Ma Tembo to find a new water source and, while Ono to keeps an eye on the herd in case the hyenas return, Beshte heads back to the lair with Bunga and Fuli.

The-rise-of-scar (255)

"Twende kiboko."

Soon, Beshte is alerted by Ono that the hyenas are back; this time they are after the baboons too and he follows Bunga and Fuli to help while Ono gets Kion. Once there, he follows Kion's plan to lead the hyenas to a dead end, while slamming into the hyenas to slow them down. When Kion arrives, he uses the Roar to blast the hyenas away. Although Beshte wishes they could help, they understand that they cannot do so as it is a task for Ma Tembo alone, and the Lion Guard return to the Lair.

The-rise-of-scar (640)

Meeting Makini

At Pride Rock, Beshte is seen with the rest of the guard in the lair as Rafiki introduces his new apprentice, Makini. After she declares Beshte to be the strongest, the hippo begins to wonder why Rafiki needs an apprentice, asking if is was okay. Rafiki replies he is, much to his relief. When demonstrating her ability to make paintings move, Makini asks about hearing the bad lions of the past. Rafiki explains how the Good Lions of the Past are seen in the sky, their voices are in the wind and Kion makes them appear every time he roars. As for the Bad Lions of the Past, Rafiki explains that they are summoned through fire and once that's done the Bakora Staff (when thrown into the source of the fire) can be used to talk to evil lions as well including Scar to which Beshte and the others find scary.

The-rise-of-scar (1049)

Hearing the bad news

Later, the Guard are alerted by Makini that Janja and the hyenas took Kiara, and Kion leads the Guard away. They find out by Ono that the hyenas are taking Kiara to the Outlands and Kion figures out that Janja wants something from him or his dad. They plan to let Kion lure the hyenas away, while the others save Kiara. Beshte follows Fuli and Bunga as Ono scouts them another route without being spotted by the hyenas and once he does Ono alerts the others that Kion's plan didn't work exactly, and that only Janja left the clan to speak with him.

The-rise-of-scar (1137)

Saving Kiara

Understanding that they have to do things the hard way, Fuli commands Bunga and Ono to take out the hyenas with her and after that, Beshte will topple a big rock on top of the steam vents to seal off the geysers. Their plan works and, when Kiara announces that she burnt her paws on the vents, Beshte offers to take her home on his back. They rescue Kiara and start to leave the Outlands but as they do the volcano erupts. They find a bridge that leads out and Fuli tells Beshte to go first, but bridge collapses after he and Kiara reach the other side. Seeing the predicament, Bunga hops on Fuli's back and she jumps over the lava flow, and they all make it back to the Pride Lands. After Kiara has thanked them for their help, Beshte walks her home.

Soon, Beshte and the Guard meet up with Ma Tembo again who is still searching for water. After Makini calls for the animals to be quiet, Ma Tembo finds the water source and the Guard helps with the digging until the spring water comes out. Beshte watches with joy as the Pride Landers drink.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (30)

Easing the antelopes

While trying to stop a herd of Sable Antelopes, Ono guides them into a dead end canyon and Fuli herds them in, unaware that the canyon is also where Makuu's Float are resting. The stampede causes the cave to tremble, and wakes up the entire float. Bunga makes a remark regarding the crocodile's anger, but Beshte understands their point of view. Although angry, Makuu is willing to listen. One member, Kiburi, is not so willing, and Fuli warns him to take it easy. In an effort to stop the rising tension, Kion suggests speaking with his father. Makuu follows the Guard to Pride Rock, but not before ordering his float to stay put.

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (123)

Beshte notices the worried egret

When speaking with the King, Ono starts to worry that they're talking about him, since he was the reason for their rude awakening in the first place. Beshte assures him that he's not in trouble, but Ono's mind is still not put at ease. Kion suggests that Ono checks for water to help out and he does as instructed, but reports back that the crocodiles have moved in to various watering holes across the Pride Lands. Makuu assures Simba that they are defying a direct order, and Simba sends the Lion Guard to deal with them while he and Makuu finish their negotiations.

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (196)

Trying to calm Kiburi

After stopping the crocodiles, they are led to their new watering hole, and Beshte tries to assure Ono that everything is okay. But Kiburi is still angry, since the only available watering hole is too small for all of them. Beshte tries to assure Kiburi as well, by pointing out how good of a spot it is. Still unhappy with the situation and how his leader is handling things, Kiburi challenges Makuu to a Mashindano for leadership, much to everyone's surprise.

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (357)

Stopping the crocs

When the Mashindano begins, Kiburi fights against Makuu while Beshte watches. Ono, disliking the violence, flies up only to see the three crocodiles leaving the fight. He reports back to Kion, and the Lion Guard leave silently. The egret notices that they're about to ambush Simba from behind and relays the information to the rest of the Guard. Before the crocodiles can attack, the Lion Guard subdue them. Hearing the commotion behind him, Simba wanders over, and soon realizes what they were up to. When they return to the fight, they hear Kiburi tap out and claim that his crocs have taken down Simba. After Makuu banishes him from the float as per the rules of the fight, Simba banishes him and his followers from the Pride Lands completely.

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (531)

The new crocodile way

Back with Makuu's float, Ono is still feeling guilty, despite Beshte trying once again to reassure the egret that everyone knows that it was all an accident. Regardless, Ono approaches Makuu and issues a formal apology for waking them in the first place. Much to his surprise, Makuu forgives him. When Simba asks if this is the new crocodile way, Makuu tells them that maybe it is, while Beshte watches him return to his new watering hole.

Swept Away

Swept-away (21)

Examining Thurston's hooves

Thurston's Herd are stuck in the mud, and the Lion Guard soon arrive to help them. After looking at Thurston's hooves, Beshte reminds Kion that they need to get the zebras out quickly, before the sun dries up the mud too much and they become even more stuck. The lion cub decides that all they need is a dark cloud and, upon locating one, he uses the Roar of the Elders to make it rain. The rain loosens the mud, and Thurston is able to get loose. <p>
Swept-away (104)

Beshte is swept away

After Beshte comments on how thirsty the ground is, they soon realize that the water will come flooding out of the riverbed in the distance. Quickly, Kion orders Beshte to block the water while he and the rest of the Guard free the other zebras. Beshte does as commanded, but just as the last zebras make their escape, the hippo is swept away by the fast flowing current. Although he is able to escape injury, Beshte is swept into the Outlands, along with the rest of the water. Although at first excited about the 'craziest water slide ever', he soon notices the Outlands Volcano in the distance and starts to hurry back, following the path he came from.

Swept-away (177)

"Gotta look on the bright side!"

Beshte very soon starts to feel the pressure of the heat. Needing shade, he makes a detour through the Outlands, choosing to Look on the Bright Side and enjoying the scenery in the Outlands while taking the long path back home and using various rocks to hide under. He is unaware that he is being followed by a few members of Shupavu's Group, including Shupavu herself.

Swept-away (207)

Beshte meets the skinks

While taking shelter under a rock, Shupavu makes herself known to Beshte, questioning his presence in the Outlands. Beshte responds warmly that he's just looking for shade on his way back to the Pride Lands, and a Male Skink jokes that they could use him for shade as well. A female skink offers to help find more shade, prompting Beshte to quote his father on how you can make friends anywhere. Shupavu and her friends then lead Beshte away to find more shade.

Swept-away (301)

Beshte worries about Rocky Plateau

With Shupavu and the female skink still guiding Beshte to shady areas, the hippo tells them how the Pride Lands are just beyond Rocky Plateau, whilst voicing his concerns that he won't make it across without getting burned. The male skink arrives back and happily tells him that he's found a shortcut that will keep him in the shade. With Beshte commenting on how lucky he was to have found them, the group start to move into the cave, led by the skinks.

Swept-away (371)

Beshte squeezes through

The skinks continue leading Beshte further into the cave until they arrive at a dead end. Beshte walks on ahead and calls to the skinks, believing to have taken a wrong turn, but hears Janja, Cheezi and Chungu call to him from above. The hippo warns the skinks to leave, just as the hyenas push a large boulder down, blocking the exit. The skinks escape by slithering into the small openings, leaving Beshte with the hyenas, who continue dropping large rocks into the small alcove.

Swept-away (421)

The path is blocked

When he has a moment, Beshte tries to charge the rock blocking the exit, but the hyenas cave him in further before he has a chance. His cry of Twende Kiboko is heard by the Guard just outside, and the excited yet worried hippo explains the situation with the hyenas still pushing rocks down on him from up above. Ono knows exactly where the opening to Rocky Plateau is, and the Guard race off to deal with the hyenas, leaving Beshte to dodge the continuous rocks from the hyenas above.

Swept-away (533)

Up on Rocky Plateau

Chungu asks Beshte if he can stop moving, and Beshte declines, dodging another rock. When Fuli calls out from above for him to move, Beshte starts to push the rocks away, with no hyenas able to cause him anymore problems. When a final, large rock is pushed in by mistake, the Guard fear for their friend. Much to their relief, Beshte arrives with them at the top, having finally cleared a pathway up to them. He assures a worried Bunga that he's still there.

Swept-away (564)

Beshte is home

Back in the Pride Lands, Kion apologizes to a sunburnt Beshte for causing the problem in the first place. Beshte tells him not to worry, since he was only trying to help. Bunga expresses his joy in seeing the hyenas go flying, and tries to place a comforting paw on Beshte, but the hippo cries out in pain, having received sunburn from his time spent in the Outlands. When Beshte notices a mud pool, he quickly leaps into it, spraying his friends with mud. With Fuli mildly annoyed at being covered in mud, the Guard share a hearty laugh together.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Rafikis-new-neighbors (13)

Creating a trench

When a raging fire threatening to burn the Pride Lands sweeps across the dry plains, the Lion Guard are quick to deal with it. Kion orders Fuli, Bunga and Beshte to keep digging while Ono keeps an eye on Thurston's Herd from above. They focus on getting the fire to die down first, but when the flames start to grow, Kion commands Beshte to create a new trench, but after he does so, the fire starts to encroach upon his trench. Kion's warning reaches the hippo in the nick of time, and the fires settle around the trench. <p>
Rafikis-new-neighbors (132)

Beshte questions Rafiki

But the Guard notice that some zebras are still stampeding, and rush off to settle them. After they do so, the Guard learn from Thurston that dry lightning was the cause of the fire. With Ono leading them home, they discover Rafiki meditating on a tree nearby. They find out that a group of three noisy animals have moved in next to him. The Guard decide to see what they can do.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (152)

Beshte shows concern

When they arrive, they see Makini, Chama and Mzaha cheering Furaha as he beats his bug eating record. After Bunga leaves to join them, Beshte greets the three animals by name and asks why they aren't with their herds. They discover from Chama that they were kicked out of their herds, but they aren't sure why. Beshte is sure that their groups are missing them, and the Guard offer to take them home. After Ono lands, the Guard are given an animal to return home, with Kion and Bunga leading Chama away.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (185)

Beshte speaks with Tumbili

Beshte and Ono take Furaha home, assuring him that his troop probably misses him, though the monkey wonders if they'll be happier than when they saw him leave. When they reach his leader, Tumbili, Beshte explains how they were living next to Rafiki's Tree. Tumbili tries to explain the monkey way to Beshte, but he is unable to let the happy hippo down. He thanks him for bringing Furaha back with a sigh. Beshte and Ono make their leave, unaware that Furaha is already agitating his fellow troop members.

The Guard regroup, but Ono soon notices more dry lightning in the distance. Ono suggests they check the watering holes first, since it isn't safe to be near water during a storm. The Lion Guard race away.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (440)

Beshte makes a safe path

In an enclosed watering hole, Zito and two hippos enjoy a drink of water. The Lion Guard arrive to lead them to safety after explaining how dry lightning works. But before they can leave, a lightning strike sets fire to the surrounding plains, and no way out. When they notice that Rafiki's Tree is on fire, the group work even harder to get out. With Kion's command, Beshte pushes a rock over which sets a path out, and Kion uses his Roar to douse the fire, before the Lion Guard rush to help their other friends.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (482)

Putting out the fire

They find Rafiki and Makini safe, and discover Chama, Mzaha and Furaha working to stop the fire. They quickly assist them in their efforts, with Beshte helping Mzaha by creating another trench. After the fire has been put out, Rafiki thanks both the Lion Guard and the trio of friends, and offers his three saviors the opportunity to live next to his tree, if they can be a bit quieter. They politely decline, having found a place for their family to live near Big Springs. Beshte is moved by their loyalty to one another. And instead of moving next door, they are invited to Makini's Painting Ceremony.

At the ceremony, Beshte watches Makini

paint a picture of the Royal Family, where he is amazed by her skills.

Rescue in the Outlands

Rescue-in-the-outlands (29)

Hearing trouble

On a clear day in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard try to stop a herd of buffaloes from stampeding. But Tsetse Flies pester them continuously, making their efforts difficult. When Ono mentions that they dislike the water, Kion orders him to find the nearest watering hole. He does so, and they lead them there, forcing Thurston's Herd to move. Shortly after landing in the water, they hear a cry for help from Mbeya, who has become the flies' latest victim. The Lion Guard race off to assist him.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (87)

Beshte assists Mbeya

They find Mbeya stuck in a ditch, upside down and struggling to get loose. Beshte walks down, and starts to push him out of the ditch. After Beshte helps him get out, he reveals that he was rolling in the dirt to get the flies off, but instead rolled into the stream bed by accident. The Lion Guard escort Mbeya back to the watering hole, with Bunga snacking on some of the flies along the way.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (206)

"Flies, go away!"

As the Lion Guard reach the watering hole, the flies continue to annoy them. Beshte speaks out loud about how he wishes he could just tell them to go away and, to his surprise, they leave. But it turns out to be a pure coincidence, since the zebras appear looking for a new watering hole. Ono remembers that the flies don't like the stripes on zebras for some reason. This gives Kion an idea, and he and the Lion Guard decide to escort zebras - and Mbeya- to a new watering hole. With the zebras at their side, the flies do not return to them.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (294)

Beshte listens to Thurston's tales

With Mbeya and the zebras settled in a new watering hole, the Guard listen to Thurston as he reveals to them how he gained his stripes. Although Beshte is impressed, the rest of the Guard aren't quite so thrilled, and Ono even chooses to leave. But suddenly, Madoa appears in the Pride Lands. They hear from her that Jasiri, Tunu and Wema are in trouble, and that Janja and his clan have trapped them in a vent. The Lion Guard leave, but not before recruiting Thurston to help clear the air of flies.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (387)

Rushing into action

When in the Outlands, they notice that the flies are no longer in the area, and allow Thurston to leave. Once he has left, Kion suggests that Madoa leave as well, to keep the rest of her clan safe. She thanks the Guard and takes her leave. Ono then gets the vent in sight, but warns them of the hyenas. Just as they bound away, Thurston returns, asking for directions home again. They angrily direct him to the Pride Lands and leave, but Thurston gets confused and follows them again, believing it to be the path home.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (503)

Beshte waits to see if the plan worked

The Guard call out to Janja's clan and, after a quick exchange of words, the two groups engage in combat. After dealing with the hyenas, Kion checks up on Jasiri. Ono calls for Kion to watch out for a stray hyena, but Beshte knocks him away before he can attack the cub. Kion notices the slanted rock he had stood on, and orders Beshte to get it while the rest of them fight Janja's clan again.

Beshte knocks the rock down to the ground, and warns Jasiri of the incoming splash. With her shielding the cubs, he pushes the rock into the vent. As the platform rises, Jasiri tells the cubs to get ready. When close enough, the three hop onto the still rising platform.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (550)

Beshte is annoyed at Thurston's panicking

With the hyenas losing the battle again, all but Janja choose to retreat. Janja isn't bothered since Jasiri is still absent, but when she and the cubs arrive, he leaves, warning Jasiri that it isn't over. Jasiri thanks the Lion Guard for their help, but is still worried that Janja was out for something more than just her turf. After Thurston panics over Jasiri's presence, Jasiri soon decides that it's time to go, and the cubs thank the Lion Guard as they leave. The Lion Guard then make their way home, with Thurston in tow.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (581)

The flies return

Back in the Pride Lands, the Guard thank Thurston for his help, praising him for his efforts. But Thurston takes their words the wrong way, and believes that they are inviting him to be a member of the Lion Guard. Before they can correct him, he announces his new status to his herd. They decide not to correct him, since they won't be hanging around with them. But the flies return, prompting all but Bunga to ask the zebras if they can hang out.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

The-ukumbusho-tradition (12)

The Guard entering Mizimu Grove

, Ma Tembo is ordering her herd around in preparation for the upcoming Ukumbusho celebration. As they prepare, the Lion Guard enter the grove, followed shortly by Makini. While Makini prepares the paint for the event, Ma Tembo speaks with the Lion Guard, asking if they are ready. While Kion is enthusiastic, Beshte and the rest of the Lion Guard lack his spark, though agree nonetheless. After Ma Tembo directs them to a place where they can rehearse, Mtoto and his mother notice Beshte nearby. Mtoto races over to inform his hero that he will be playing the strongest elephant, while his mother takes the role of bravest.
The-ukumbusho-tradition (74)

Beshte, Bunga, and Ono in costume

As Ma Tembo approaches the Lion Guard as they practise, Timon and Pumbaa arrive to help, though Ma Tembo suddenly remembers that previous Lion Guards have always been lions. Although the Guard can't do anything about this, Makini offers to paint them to look like lions, and soon does so.

After Kion assures his friends that they look great in their new setup, Timon and Pumbaa step in to assist the Lion Guard with their lines. The Lion Guard then resume practicing a scene involving the Branch of Peace, but Timon becomes frustrated as it prevents Beshte and Fuli from clearly speaking. Pumbaa suggests declining the branch during the show, but Kion disagrees, since it is vital to the show.

Soon, Simba arrives with his family, and the event begins, with the Guard singing "May There Be Peace", and telling
The-ukumbusho-tradition (197)

Beshte, and the guard preforming "Peace in the Pridelands

the tale of Askari, the first Lion Guard leader, and how he brought peace between the elephants and lions, agreeing to protect each other and everyone who obeys the Circle of Life. The event runs smoothly, until a swarm of bees suddenly arrive, chasing the elephants away.

With everyone trying to avoid being stomped on, Kion leads the Lion Guard away to stop the elephants from causing accidental damage. Unable to calm them, they question another group of elephants who have stopped stampeding along the way. They realise that the bees are after the pollen from the paint.

The-ukumbusho-tradition (326)

"Sehemu Pass? But that path is too narrow for elephants"

After getting Fuli to move Vuruga Vuruga's Herd, they notice Mtoto spraying dirt onto the bees. Beshte is disappointed that it doesn't work, but Kion suggests getting Fuli to direct Mtoto's spurts onto his paint and she does so, causing the bees to leave. Mtoto thanks Beshte for saving him (much to Fuli's chagrin), and Ono quickly locates the elephants heading towards Sehemu Pass. Since the elephants will get stuck there, the Guard follow Ono's shortcut to beat the herd to the pass. Beshte watches as Mtoto sprays Ma Tembo when she gets stuck, and the
The-ukumbusho-tradition (407)

"Great Job Mtoto"

bees disappear. Beshte gives Ma Tembo a gentle nudge out so that the same spraying technique can be used on Johari and Zito as they arrive. When Mtoto notices his mother is missing, Ono quickly locates her near Mapango Cliffs, and Bunga saves her while Beshte and the others watch from below.

They return to Mizimu Grove, where Kion suggests that the show is continued but without the paint. After Simba suggests seeing it as a new tradition, Ma Tembo agrees, and the show resumes.

The Bite of Kenge

The Lion Guard notice Janja's clan stealing some Tikiti Melons intended for the elephants during the dry season. Fuli races ahead, taking a melon back from Cheezi and luring Chungu into Beshte's body. After saving them, they agree to keep an eye on them for a while.

As they wait, Ono notices a scuffle by the watering hole, and the Lion Guard take off. When they arrive, a monitor lizard, named Kenge, is causing havoc. He willingly engages in combat, striking Fuli and Kion. This makes Beshte cautious, but he is bitten on the leg nonetheless. Soon, Beshte complains that he's not feeling so good, before collapsing on the ground. After Bunga frightens Kenge away, Ono explains how their legs have been paralysed from the poison, but assures them that it will wear off, although he doesn't know when. Ono then flies away to get help from Rafiki.

When Ono returns, it turns out that Rafiki is away, so Makini arrives to help. Before she can get started, Ono notices that Kenge and the hyenas are working together. Ono and Bunga are sent to stop them while Makini gathers Ponya Flowers to heal Beshte, Fuli and Kion faster.

She does so by creating a flower crown for the wounded members of the Guard, suggesting that they wear, smell and eat the flowers since she isn't entirely sure how they are supposed to use them. But when Ono and Bunga return, they discover that Ono's wing was bitten. Although Beshte tries to be positive by saying that his legs feel a bit better, they ask Makini to go with Bunga to save the melons. After a bit of persuasion from Beshte, she agrees.

Once their legs have healed, the other Guard members meet up with them at Embamba Canyon. Kion uses his Roar of the Elders to send Kenge and the hyenas flying back home, impressing Beshte. With the danger gone, the Guard start rolling the melons back home.


English Dusan Brown
French Arnaud Laurent
German Lukas Berglund
Portuguese Vasco Magalhães
Spanish Iván Sánchez







left - sneak peek, right - final

  • In the very first animated sneak peek[5], Beshte is shown with a notch in his left ear. This notch disappears during the last frames, and has been fixed in the final. Despite this, his notch still appears randomly during some parts of the movie and the series.[6]
    • In much of his earlier artwork, including the final clipart, Beshte is also shown with the same notch.
  • In early previews, Beshte appeared even more different, with only a few strands of hair on his head, and a blue paw marking.
  • Beshte's catchphrase, Twende kiboko, means "Let's go hippo" in Swahili.[7]
  • Beshte is occasionally referred to as "Big B" by Bunga.
  • Beshte claims that he knows everyone in the Pride Lands.[8]
  • As seen on a number of occasions, Beshte wiggles his ears when he's happy.
  • Beshte's secondary catchphrase, Poa, means "cool" in Swahili.


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  2. The Imaginary Okapi
  3. Let Sleeping Crocs Lie
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  6. Mistakes in The Lion Guard
  7. Behind the Scenes
  8. The Rise of Makuu
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