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Baobab Ball is a sport played by animals in the Pride Lands. It is a game played by Bunga and his best friend Kion.



Baobab Ball is a game in which a baobab fruit is passed between players. It can evolve into a competition of another nature, as Bunga and Kion are known to wrestle over the fruit on occasion rather than pass it back and forth.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Returnoftheroar-0 (23)

Wrestling for the fruit

Baobab Ball is first introduced by Kion, who interrupts Kiara's morning lesson with their father, Simba. He and Bunga begin a heated game of Baobab Ball, until Simba tells them to take their game elsewhere. Leaving Simba and Kiara in peace, Bunga and Kion chase each other across the Pride Lands, tossing the fruit back and forth. A friendly giraffe even gets involved, but the game eventually ends when the baobab fruit rolls into the Outlands.

Lions of the Outlands

Lions-of-the-outlands (6)

Bunga aims for the fruit

Bunga and Kion are playing Baobab Ball, wrestling for the ball until Bunga is able to take it. He holds it above his head and teases his friend, but their game is interrupted by Jasiri. As Kion and Jasiri set off, Bunga deems himself the winner of the match.


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