REIREI: (SNIFFING) Ah... I love the smell of zebras in the morning. (LAUGHING) Smells like breakfast. Dogo, Kijana, this is a perfect opportunity for you to try out what we've been practicing.

DOGO: You mean, luring the little one away from the herd.

KIJANA: 'Cause they're young and easy to trick.

REIREI: That's right. Chase 'em, charm 'em...

GOIGOI: And then, chomp 'em.

REIREI: (LAUGHS) Yes. We'll scare the herd. You two find yourselves a little one. Let's go.



KION: Smell that, Fuli.

FULI:  (SNIFFS) Yeah. And it doesn't smell good.

BUNGA: Don't look at me, I'm back here.

FULI: It's not you, Bunga. It's jackals.

KION: Ono.

ONO: I'll see what I can see. Hmm. Hapana. It's jackals, all right. They're attacking the zebras.

KION: Then, we need to move. Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!


MUHIMU: (GASPS) Panic and run! Panic and run!



MUHIMU: Panic and run, Hamu! Panic and run!

HAMU: (PANTING) I am panicking. But you're running too fast.

REIREI: See that little one, kiddies. You know what to do.

KIJANA: We sure do.

DOGO: Yes, Mom. Hey, wait up. Wait for me.

ONO: Oh, no. The jackals have separated Hamu from the rest of the herd!

BUNGA: Hamu! Those stinkin' Jackals.

KION: Bunga, you and Ono, go help Hamu.

ONO: Affirmative.

BUNGA: Zuka Zama.

KION: Fuli, Beshte, let's go help the rest of the zebras.

DOGO: Hey, wait up. Wait for me.

HAMU: You? You're a jackal.

DOGO: Yeah, but I'm a friendly jackal. I just wanna play.

HAMU: Yeah. You do?

DOGO: Come on. We can play tag.

HAMU: I do like tag.

GOIGOI: (PANTING) Oh, slow down so I can eat you.

FULIi: Huwezi. Hyah! (SCOFFS) Now, who's slowing down?

GOIGOI: Uh, not the zebras.


BESHTE: Twende Kiboko.


DOGO: Let's play surprise-tag! You stand still, and close your eyes.

ONO: Hamu! Behind you!

DOGO: Lion Guard? No! Don't spoil the surprise.

BUNGA: Zuka Zama. Ha!


Hamu: What kind of game is this?

DOGO: It's the last game you'll ever play, Zebra.

Ono: Oh, no, you don't.


HAMU: I don't think you play tag with your teeth.

DOGO: Jackals do.

BUNGA: Kick him, Hamu! Kick him!

HAMU: Oh, yeah! Tag...


HAMU:'re it!

BUNGA: Good guys, two. Jackals, nothing.



KION: Give it up, Reirei! You're the last one standing.



KION: Well, not anymore.

MUHIMU: (GASPS) Where's Hamu? Hamu! Hamu!

HAMU: Right here, Mom.


HAMU: Bunga saved me.

BUNGA: Nah, you saved yourself.

HAMU: Bunga told me to kick, and I did.

REIREI: Did you hear that, Kion? That little zebra attacked my son.

KION: Don't worry, Reirei. You'll be safe from these vicious zebras once you're back in the Outlands.

REIREI: No justice for jackals, I guess. All right, kiddies, let's go. (SIGHS) Goigoi!

GOIGOI: Coming, hun! Thought you just said, kiddies.

KION: Great job, everyone!

MUHIMU: Lion Guard, wait!

KION: Muhimu, what's wrong?

MUHIMU: You can't just go. We've been attacked.

FULI: But the jackals are gone now. You're fine.

ONO: No need to panic or run.

MUHIMU: Yes, I know, but I...I'm still sort of shaken up.

BESHTE: You just need to relax, Muhimu. Take some time for yourself.

MUHIMU: (SIGHS) Well, I'd love to, but what would I do with Hamu?


MUHIMU: Maybe Hamu can stay with Bunga. They really get along together.

BUNGA: Stay with me?

HAMU: Stay with Bunga? That sounds great!

KION: What do you think, Bunga? You okay keeping an eye on Hamu for a little while?

BUNGA: Sure, why not?

HAMU: Yay!


MUHIMU: Oh, thank you. I can relax now knowing that my little one is with someone so responsible.

BUNGA:: Hamu! You wanna dive off Hakuna Matata Falls?

HAMU: Yeah.

FULI. Did she say, "responsible"?

ONO: Uh, Kion, I was wondering...

KION: What is it Ono?

ONO: Well, I'm a bit concerned about Bunga being away.

KION: Ono, it's fine. Bunga will do great with Hamu.

ONO: I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about us. We do depend on Bunga.

FULI: For funny smells, bad jokes?

BESHTE: Fuli, you know Bunga is the bravest.

ONO: And he's the best climber. What if we need to rescue someone from a tree or some other high place, while he's gone?

KION: You're right, Ono. We should practice what we do. Come on. See that rock up there? Let's pretend it's a trapped animal. Who wants to try to get it down?

FULI: Kion, you know cheetahs don't climb.

KION: Give it a try.


ONO: You're right, cheetahs can't climb.

FULI: I didn't say that. I said we don't climb.

ONO: And now we know why.


ONO: (CLEARS THROAT) Yes, well, I can't climb either. But I can fly to the rescue. Hello, little animal in danger. Allow me to help you out. (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS)

KION: Ono, you okay?

ONO: Mmm. Affirmative.

BESHTE: Hey, I bet I could pick up that rock. Twende Kiboko.

KION: Wait, Beshte!

BESHTE: Uh-oh. Whoa!


KION: Okay. Maybe that's enough climbing practice for now.

ONO: Good!


TWIGA: Juhudi, stop running! Juhudi, don't splash in the mud.




TWIGA: Juhudi, look out for that Hyrax!


TWIGA: Juhudi!


TWIGA: Oh... Forget it. Excuse me. Excuse me. (SIGHS) Finally. Ah! You look relaxed, Muhimu. Where's your boy?

MUHIMU: Bunga's watching Hamu, so I can have some me time.

TWIGA: Bunga the honey badger, from the Lion Guard?


TWIGA: Juhudi!


TWIGA: I told you not to play with the porcupine. (SIGHS) Think he'd take Juhudi, too?

BUNGA: This time, use your front hooves to break through the water.

HAMU: Got it.

BOTH: Zuka Zama!



TWIGA: Bunga, would you mind watching our kids, too?

HAMU: Ooh, can you Bunga? Can you?

BUNGA: Hmm, I don't know. More kids, bigger splashes, more noise.

TWIGA: I understand if it's too much trouble.

BUNGA: You kidding? It sounds great! Come on, kids, jump in.

KIDS: Yay!


TWIGA: Okay, well, we'll be back before sunset.

BUNGA: Whenever!

HAMU: Now what, Bunga?

JUHUDI: Yeah, is there anything else to do?

BUNGA: You kidding? Hakuna Matata Falls is filled with fun stuff to do. As long as you know how to... Teke, Ruka, and Teleza.

JUHUDI: Teke, Ruka, and Teleza?

BUNGA: Yeah, Teke, kick!





HAMU: Right back at you, Bunga! Teke!

BUNGA: Good job, everybody! Now, come on. Ruka, jump!

ALL: Ruka!


Bunga: That was great. Now, Teleza! Slide!

ALL: Teleza! Yay.


BUNGA: See, if you can kick, jump, and slide, you can do anything! I'll show ya!

¶ Get up, everyone It's time for us to play

¶ I'll show you something new that we can do all day

¶ It's simple and it's fun

¶ It's kinda like a game

¶ Just watch what I do

¶ Then you do the same

¶ Teke ¶ Everybody, kick

¶ Ruka ¶ Everybody, jump

¶ Teleza ¶ Everybody, slide

¶ Yeah ¶ Kick, jump, slide

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ That's the way to go Now you're in the groove

¶ Who needs a fancy dance When we can shake and move

¶ It's simple and it's fun

¶ It's kinda like a game

¶ Just watch what I do

¶ Then you do the same

¶ Teke ¶ Everybody, kick

¶ Ruka/i> <i> ¶ Everybody, jump

¶ Teleza ¶ Everybody, slide

¶ Yeah ¶ Kick, jump, slide

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza ¶ Bring it down

(ALL WHOOPING) ¶ Here we go

¶ Oh, oh, oh


¶ Come on, that's right

¶ Yeah, you got it

¶ Let's go

¶ It's simple and it's fun

¶ It's kinda like a game

¶ Just watch what I do

¶ Then you do the same

¶ Teke ¶ Everybody, kick

¶ Ruka ¶ Everybody, jump

¶ Teleza ¶ Everybody, slide

¶ Yeah ¶ Kick, jump, slide

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Come on ¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Yeah, and you kick, and you jump, and you slide

¶ Kick, jump, slide

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza

¶ Teke, Ruka, Teleza ¶


REIREI: Okay, kiddies. Find the little one and move it away from the pack


KIJANA: Uh. None of them are little, Mom.

GOIGOI: That's okay. I'll be the little one. You can chase me.

REIREI: (LAUGHING) Isn't your daddy sweet? Not smart, but sweet. Now run him down, like you're gonna eat him.




DOGO: How'd we do, Mom?

REIREI: Real good, kids. Good enough that I think it's time to go back to the Pride Lands.

KIJANA: But what about the Lion Guard?

REIREI: Leave that to me. I'll come up with a plan to keep them out of our way.

GOIGOI: Is it over? Uh, next time, can I be the big one and someone else be the little one?


TWIGA: Ooh. I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my life.

MUHIMU: Mm-hmm. Oh, have you tried this grass over here?

TWIGA: No. Is it good?

MUHIMU: Amazing! Try it.

TWIGA: Mmm. You're right. So good. Almost as good as Acacia.

REIREI: (SOFTLY) Let's move on. Nothing here but tough old animals.

MUHIMU: Mmm, think we should go pick up the little ones?

REIREI: Little ones?

TWIGA: Why? They're all having fun at Hakuna Matata Falls. Let them play.

REIREI: You hear that? A bunch of little ones at Hakuna Matata Falls. It's just what you need. One final test to show you know your stuff.

GOIGOI: Little ones. (SLURPING) Yum.

REIREI: Not so fast. Remember I said, I'd come up with a plan for the Lion Guard?

GOIGOI: You did?

REIREI: You think of something to distract the Lion Guard. The rest of us will go after the little ones.

GOIGOI: But I'm hungry too.

REIREI: Don't worry, we'll save you a tidbit. Come on, kiddies.

GOIGOI: Huh. Reirei thinks I can think of something. Well, I'm gonna do her proud. (GROANS) I hope.

ONO: Nobody in any of those trees.

FULI: Good. I've had enough climbing for one day.

KION: Guys, it never hurts to try new things.

ONO: It does, when Beshte lands on you.

BESHTE: At least now we know, I'm not good at climbing.

FULI: Never thought I'd say it but, I'll be glad to have Bunga back.

KION: Hey, let's go see how he's doing with Hamu at Hakuna Matata Falls.

BESHTE: Poa, I'm sure they're having fun.

GOIGOI: Hakuna Matata Falls? But that's where they're not supposed to go. (GROANS) Think Goigoi, think! Think like you've never thunk before.


KION: You hear that?

BESHTE: Sounded like a jackal to me.

FULI: And it came from back there.

KION: Till the Pride Lands' end,

ALL: Lion Guard, defend!

GOIGOI; (GROANING) Yeah, I got their attention.

BUNGA: Ruka Zuka Zama.


JUHNDI: Me next, my turn.

HAMU: Okay. Get ready. Ruka! (WATER SPLASHING)


REIREI: Too perfect.

KIJANA: What about Bunga?

REIREI: You young'uns just leave him to me. You all hungry? Me too. And it looks like there's plenty of young ones to go around.

DOGO: We're gonna save some for Dad. Right, Mom?

REIREI: Sure we are, sugar. Sure we are.


ONO: Goigoi, what are you doing?

GOIGOI; Ono! I'm... I'm a chasing antelope. It's gonna take the whole Lion Guard to stop me.

ONO; Hmm.

GOIGOI: (GOIGOI BARKING) (LAUGHING) Wait till Reirei hears about...(SCREAMING)

KION: Ono, what did you see?

ONO: Well, it's Goigoi.

BESHTE: Who's he chasing?

ONO: But that's the thing. He isn't.

GOIGOI: (SCREAMING) Help! (MUFFLED) Howdy, Kion. Fancy meeting you here.

KION: What are you up to, Goigoi?

GOIGOI: Oh, you know, just chasing antelope.

ONO: No antelope. I checked.

GOIGOI: Really? Huh. Sure fooled me.

FULI: That part, I believe.

BESHTE: Don't worry. We'll get you out of there.

GOIGOI; You mean it? You'll lend me a paw or a wing or something?

KION: Sure. But first, you tell us where Reirei and the rest of your family are.

GOIGOI: Oh. I don't know if I could do that. I'd be in big trouble.

FULI: You're upside down in a hole, surrounded by the Lion Guard. How could things get worse?

GOIGOI: Reirei could get mad at me.

BESHTE: That would be worse.

GOIGOI: You guys gotta help me. I'm getting kind of dizzy.

KION: Just give it up, Goigoi.

GOIGOI: (GRUNTING) Fine. Fine. They're at Hakuna Matata Falls.

KION: Heyvi kabisa! We've gotta help Bunga and Hamu.

GOIGOI: What about me? You gotta just... Huh? (GRUNTS) Uh. Thanks. If Reirei asks, you didn't hear it from me.

BUNGA: Ready for this? A triple somersault into the water, from upside down.

ALL: Ooh!

REIREI: Sorry to spoil your fun, but we've been waiting a really long time to eat and we just can't wait anymore.

BUNGA: Get out of here, Reirei. One more step and you'll regret it.

REIREI: (LAUGHING) Oh, really? You think you can defend all these little morsels by yourself?

BUNGA Better believe it. I'm the bravest in the Pride Lands.


BUNGA: Get outta here, kids.(SHOUTING) Run!


HAMU: Bunga? They're all around us.

BUNGA: Teke, kids. Take!





BUNGA: Yes! Now, run.


BUNGA: Scatter.

HAMU: You heard Bunga. Scatter!

DOGO: You can't get away from us that easy. We've been practicing.

REIREI: They have, you know. (GRUNTING) Your little ones don't stand a chance.

BUNGA: Don't count on it, Reirei. Juhudi. Teke, Teke.



MALE JACKAL: I can't see.

KIJANA: Me, neither.


JUHUDI: We're right here, come and get us.


BUNGA: Whoo-hoo. Yes, way to go, kids.

REIREI: (GRUNTING) You think that's enough to stop my young'uns? They've trained for this.

BUNGA: Not too well, I guess.


BUNGA: Little monkey! Teleza!

LITTLE MONKEY: Got it. Teleza!




BUNGA: Great job.


BUNGA: Hamu!

HAMU: It's okay. I know what I'm doing.

DOGO: Almost got ya. (SNARLS)

HAMU: Ruka.



HAMU: And that's how we do it in Hakuna Matata Falls.

BUNGA: That's it, Reirei. My kids beat your jackals.

REIREI: What? But that's impossible. They're just little kids.

BUNGA: Brave little kids.

HAMU: Yeah. Brave like Bunga.

BUNGA: Ready, kids?

TOGETHER: Zuka Zama.



KION: Bunga, Hamu, are you all right?

BUNGA: Oh, hey guys.

ONO: They look fine to me.

FULI: But there's a lot more kids here, than just Hamu. What happened?

BUNGA: I guess, word spread about what an un-Bunga-lievable babysitter I am.

REIREI: Kion, look what these horrible little animals did to me and my babies.

FULI: Nice!

REIREI: You have to save us.

KION: I think we can help you, Reirei. As long as you promise not to come after anymore Pride Lands kids again.

REIREI: Fine. Come along, kids. I don't care to stay where we're not welcome.

HAMU; Good, 'cause we don't want you here.

KIJANA: Can we go, Mom? Now, please?

REIREI: Yes. Run, kids. Run.


KION: You and the kids did a great job, Bunga.

BUNGA: Nothing to it.

TWIGA: Here they are, all our little ones. How was your day, dear?

JUHUDI: It was great!

BUNGA: You should've seen these guys. They fought off a whole pack of hungry jackals.

ALL: (GASPING) Jackals?

HAMU: It was easy. We did Teke Ruka and Teleza.

JUHUDI: Just like Bunga taught us.

MUHIMU: You taught our kids to defend themselves?

BUNGA: Yeah, of course.

MUHIMU: You're the best babysitter, ever!

FULI: Seriously?


BUNGA: What can I say? I knew it all along.