An Enemy In Trouble is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 10 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are two paths for the reader to choose from and both lead to the same outcome.


The Lion Guard is approached by Goigoi in the Pride Lands. Before they run him out, Goigoi pleads with the Lion Guard to help him. Kion asks him what's wrong, and Goigoi explains how he, another jackal and his mate Reirei were looking for food near the river. When Reirei was walking across a log which connected the two sides it snapped with Reirei still on it. With the current pulling her away and the other jackals completely at a loss (since Reirei normally gives them the orders), prompting them to turn to the Guard for help.

Although Bunga is hesitant to help their enemy, Kion shares the opposite view. He reminds Bunga that the Guard helps anyone in danger, and asks Goigoi where she would be. Goigoi replies that she's probably far downstream by this point. Ono assures Kion that he can safely locate her with his keen eyesight, but Beshte confidently exclaims that he knows every branch of the river better than anyone else.

Beshte's path

Kion informs Goigoi that Beshte will lead them to Reirei, and Goigoi offers to show them where he last saw her. After doing so, Beshte proclaims it to be the 'worst spot ever', since the river branches off into a labyrinthine swamp. When Kion asks if Beshte knows where she is, Beshte confesses that does not, but he'll look for her and guide her to safety.

Ono's path

With Kion declaring to everyone that Ono's keen eyesight has never failed them, Beshte asks Ono to lead the way and they will follow. Soon, Ono locates Reirei, but she has wound up in the same part of the swamp where Makuu and his float live. Ono then guides Reirei around the crocodiles to safety.


With Beshte pushing Reirei's log to shore, Goigoi and the other jackal are relieved to see their leader safe. Reirei scolds the hippo for pushing, since she doesn't want to fall in and get drenched. When disembarking, Fuli notices the jackal is visibly angry. She comments about this to Kion, who agrees and asks her what's wrong. He asks if they were glad they saved her, and she confesses that she is very grateful for it. She then adds that she isn't angry with the Lion Guard - she's angry with the rest of the 'fools' in her family. She then charges towards the two other jackals, asking why they asked their enemies for help. Goigoi assures her that they did it for her, while Kion once again reaffirms that the Guard helps anyone. Bunga then adds that it includes those that aren't particularly friendly as well, while the jackals run from the enraged Reirei.

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