Aardvarks are mammals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.

Muhanga the aardvark.


Aardvarks are mammals with coarse brown fur, long ears, and elongated heads. Their tails, underbellies, and parts of their faces are paler than the rest of them.They have sharp front claws that they use to burrow and find food. The front feet have four toes each, and the back feet have five toes each.


In the Real World

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals that spend the day in their burrows and the nights searching for food. Aardvarks eat termites and ants, and will use their strong claws to dig into a termite mound and their long, sticky tongues to catch and eat them. They will also eat Cucumis humifructus, also known as the aardvark cucumber. Aardvark females usually give birth to one cub a year.

In The Lion Guard

It is noted that one of the aardwolves' favorite places to sleep is empty aardvark dens.


The Lion Guard

The two aardvarks Muhanga and Muhangus are mates and serve as minor characters in The Lion Guard. They appear occasionally throughout the series.

Too Many Termites

A pack of aardwolves take up residence in an aardvark den. Believing them to be hyenas, their inhabitants have the Lion Guard drive them away. Later, Simba informs the Guard that aardwolves like to sleep in aardvark dens.


  • In Afrikaans "aard" means "earth" and "vark" means pig.

Notable Aardvarks in The Lion Guard

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